Friday, March 9, 2018

New Digital Templates, Unicorns, Magic and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top .

We are sticking with our scrappy schedule of Traditional Tuesday, Freebie Friday and Hybrid Saturday.  We're just in a new spot, where we can offer our readers a lot more.  I'm so glad you're joining us.

As usual, I've got something new in the shop, pages and pages of scrapbooking and template inspiration, several other new digital products from Throwing Some Scraps Around, LouCee Creation and Kim Cameron Designs as well as a few freebies.

At The Cherry, we like to mix it up a little.  Ok, maybe we shake the crap out of it sometimes.  Hehehe...You Are Special, certainly should have you looking at digital templates in a whole other way.  Think off of the page with cards, posters, invitations, banners or planners, for just a start!  Get creative with photo spots and or masks on these templates.  Templates are to get you kick started.  It's your job to make them totally awesome and totally yours.
Aren't you curious to see what I and my team have designed with these?
Tammy totally blew my mind by inserting a photo in the head of the unicorn.  I never would have thought of that.  She's using goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

Dana is using goodies from JoCee and she's designed a lovely backdrop for a card, title page or poster.

Hilary also designed a poster and clipped in papers instead of a photo.  She used the Stay Magical collection from Made By Keuntje.

Carol scrapped up her pretty kitty in a very modern, glittery heaven.

Rachelle made such a lovely page.  She used a kit from Fayette.

The next couple of designs are mine.  See what I mean about the photo spots?  Easy as pie.  Copy the background page, drag it to whatever layer you need it on, shape it to your desired size and clip in your pic.  Use journal cards, too.  This again is with Stay Magical.

You can very quickly and easily use these templates for cards or invitations.  Print out on rigid paper and use the other side for your information.  Or decrease the size of your finished template and place it on your background to make a card that opens either on the side or bottom.  Place to the right for a side opening card and the bottom of the background for a card that opens at the bottom.  I better make a video for that!  Hehehe...

Are the wheels turning?  Do you know what you want to make with the new templates?  I'm putting these templates in the shopfor a song because I really want you to play with digital templates in a different way.  It's always good to challenge yourself and play outside of your comfort zone.
If you are digging the looks of Stay Magical, this is our contribution to the collection.  A set of printableswith 3 sheets, 4 pretty awesometemplatesand these uber creative stacked badges.  We've got some quick pages, too.  Plop in your pics and you've scrapped.

This is most of the Stay Magical collection.  The printables and quick pages can be purchased separately at Kreative Design Studio.
Let's see what other new goodies are out today.
My gal Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around has a great, new scrapbooking kit out, You Make Me Crazy.  Boy, do I have plenty of pics for this one.  It was so hard to choose!  Hehehe...This kit is designed so well, my pages pretty much designed themselves. I love when that happens.  You're perusing the goodies and the pages just jump right into your brain.

My hubs has no problem hamming it up for the camera.  Especially, after a couple glasses of wine and quite possibly, his best #1 steak made on the smoker.  With a slight grudge, he allowed me to post this one.  Hehehe...

Next up is LouCee Creations gorgeous new collection, Come Rain Or Shine.  Her goodies and the colour palette are so fantastic.  We had a bit too much rain and snow this winter at our place in Germany.  The Mosel river was all of the way up to the street.  This is nothing new to the friendliest villagers.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Grab another Bitburg and carry on.  Hehehe...
Here's a freebie using Jodi's new kit.

Here are two more freebies you can find around DigiLand.

On to LouCee Creations new lovelies...

I had this vision when I saw these two, cute umbrellas.  After a bit of playing, I designed this smashing title art.  If you don't know how to make the layered titling, check out this tutorial.

Lou had a freebie in her latest newsletter.

Last time I looked, Kim Cameron's new Charming Overlays were just one dollar.

It must be the template maker in me, but I designed something completely different with them and realised just how versatile these overlays are.  Take a look.

There are new challenges up in our Cherry groupwhich I think you'll love as well as in Kim Cameron's fan club.  Pop over and join us in our scrappy communities.  This was a previous freebie for newsletter subscribers and I thought I'd give it for a limited time for March's challenge in The Cherry group.

Don't forget our 52 Reasons challenge we've got going on right here, on the blog.  We just posted reason #4 on Tuesday.  Get the free downloads and get scrappy this weekend.

Thank you so much for checking out our new home.  I hope you make it yours.