Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Reason #17, Free Printable for Mini Scrapbooking Album

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.

I'm presently on retreat in our vacation home in Germany awoken very early, 6 a.m. by the helicopter that goes around spraying all of the grape vines on the steep mountains.  Ugh!  What were the chances that they would be doing that while I'm here?  Hehehe...I'll just think about all of that lovely wine and deal.

Here's another new card and we are on #17, already.  Once again, I apologize for the out of date preview.  I'll be fixing it all up and getting busy with this album in the summer, when things kind of slow down.  Though, the kids around 24/7 isn't really slowing down, is it?  I would guess that many of you are already with children who are out of school?  We've got nearly a month to go.  I've got all of the links for #1-27 and the blank cards, here.

I designed the cards to be a standard deck of playing cards size, which really isn't that big.  You can always make them any size you wish and use your very own journaling if you like.

I thought I'd show off a few other printable projects we've done.  Like this really fun, pocket style mini album I made for my mum.  I used our Choose Joyjournal cards and used them as pockets to hold more pics of my boys.

I just love making mini albums.  There is so much you can do and you can finish them in an afternoon sometimes which really is appealing to me, too.  This was a super bright and fun mini using the Stay Magicalcollection that is rainbow and unicorn inspired.

I stumbled across this really fun, summer mini I made.  The image is linked up to the full tutorial and theFREE printable.  Might be a fun project to keep the kids busy this summer?
Here's an example of one of our printable kits.  Print out the sheets as much as you like or even set up nifty clusters in your software and print those out.  Make sure ya use good paper and set your settings for the best results.

There is a lot of versatility with them.

Go big on your clusters or print them out in a smaller format if you desire.

We've got so many ideas for DAD.  Visit the last post we published and see a few of our favorite projects and get the free downloads and tutorials for them.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry and happy scrapping!