Thursday, September 13, 2018

2 New Packs of Scrapbooking Templates and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got quite some page inspiration, today.  I'm showing off two new packs of templates as well as some products from other designers in DigiLand.  I've also got a new freebie for you.

How about a new collection?!  I've got so many school pictures that still need scrapping and of course, I can use these digital goodies for other projects, too.  Just look at all you get in this collection.  A capitalized alphabet, an add on with more papers and elements, a pack of twelve journal cards, great for your Project Life pages, your journals, planners or just hand them out when needed.  They are very inspiring.  There are a pack of 4 templates as well as a Free With Purchase template.  These templates are so pretty they pose as quick pages.  Simply insert your pictures and you've scrapped!
See the few changes I made to my templates.  I was able to scrap three pages in just over 30 minutes!  Give it a try with our kit and templates and keep it in mind for future pages.

For the first page, I've added a few papers to the background along with the fencing and a touch of fun scatter.  A few stars a date and my pics and that's it!

A couple of fun papers were added and literal substitutions like the branches, apples, books...Just a touch more embellishments and my pic and voila!  Scrapped in minutes.

Scrappy Sister Rochelle mentioned that she loved the embellishments from the template so much she didn't want to change them. I told her, "Don't bother!"  There are no rules when it comes to art, right?!  If it feels right, go with it.  I demonstrated her idea for this page, above.   I added only a few more goodies from the kit and the alpha.  The frames certainly add impact and I've left the journaling on the templates that make it very easy to change.
Let's see what my team has done...

Here's a page using the template and a gorgeous collectionfrom none other than Aimee Harrison.  There is a birthday party going on over there and the prices are INSANE!!!
Now I realize that there are a lot of spots to fill.  None of my team worked with this one and I can't help but to notice, that single photo pages seem to be a favourite.  I started out a traditional scrapper and rarely did single photo pages.  My clients whose albums I make, certainly are not huge fans of single photo layouts since they are paying per page and if you'r printing your albums, that can add up.  It's essential then, to get multiple photos on those pages.
What gems I found!  Now, much older, but still as cute and still seem to get along and even have precious moments.  These two couldn't be more polar.  Guess which one is the outgoing, crazy one?  Hehehe...The other has the skills to chill and does not like attention at all.  The beauty of opposites is the leveling of energy.  I think that's how it's supposed to be.  It's what makes things work.  So, if you've been in a long relationship, you might find yourself quite different than your partner.  I know I am, too.  Thank goodness!  I couldn't handle another me!  Hehehe...

These journal cards make awesome printables!

I've designed another pack of floral themed, multilayered templates for you, too.  Check out Bloom.

Here are pages from my team, using Bloom.

This page might look familiar.  It's mine and I used it to show off my free template from the previous Love For Layout Templates blog train.  I've used it as my inspiration for the rest of the templates in Bloom.  Mmm...I just love flowers.
My heart is just so happy when I scroll through all of these gorgeous pages.  I hope they brighten your day, too

Speaking of gorgeous pages...How about my scrappy sister's page with Stay Magicaltemplates?!  OMG!!!  Like for real! Ngoc is just amazing.  Remember this template and the collection?  No?  You can check it out in my Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio.
I've got printable badges, planners and 4 fabulous templates that coordinate with Made By Keuntje'sgoodies.

Speaking of Made By Keuntje, she's got out some new shadow styles for you.

Have you played with Key Lim Digi Designs FREE kit in the forum at Gingerscraps?  I have!  I got to scrap a rare pic of my mom and my oldest son.  What a visit it was!
I published several free downloads this week on my page.  If you're not following, you need to change that.  Especially, if you love freebies.  I post nearly every single day!  I also post about things that help with daily life and things that make you smile.
I promised you a new freebie, today.  You could also consider it a tiny glimpse at something coming in the very near future.  No more clues!  Hehehe...
I've made another Frickie!  So funny now I totally remember what I called it.  On the preview I put Quickie!  BUAH!  Hehehe...Frickie was I coined a freebie that was a quick page and or frame.  See the many ways you can use them?  Shrink them up for a Frame cluster. Use as is for a quick page or size to your desire and make a poster or card.  Just as long as it is for your own personal use.

Enjoy all of the new goodies and consider following us on InstagramPinterestand or our scrap-a-licious groupon FB.  We have a hoot over there!

Thank you so much for hanging with the Cherries!

Happy scrapping!