Saturday, September 29, 2018

Reason #33, Why I Love You and the Travel Journal Tutorial

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Here we are with reason #33 already.  I've got some tips and a video of our new Travel Journal using the Adventure Awaits collaboration from The Cherry, Made By Keuntje and Throwing Some Scraps Around as well as an important announcement.

"You are so easy to love." is today's quote.  If you don't like our journaling, you can always use our blank cards.  Some of us are using the blank cards to write on and crop in our pictures for the other side.  I'd love to see what you're doing with these freebies!  Share them here or in our group.
I made a really, really fun Travel Journal using our Adventure AwaitsCollection in the Scrappy Sisters shop.  It's amazing how much better a page or printable can turn out when you use the correct settings on your printer and GOOD paper.  I used hp professional photo paper 200 /200g.
This kind of scrapbooking might be very appealing to you if time is of the essence.  I used the templates in the collection and it scrapped up so fast.  Let me show you a few images.  I bet you have some great city trip or vacation pics that would look awesome in this book.

Just look at that close up.  What a great, realistic feel and you see what I've got for binding?!  How incredibility easy is that?  This way you can add or take out pages really easily.
Let's go through the steps so you can see how quick and easy it is to make an album like this Travel Journal.
Scrap up those templates from the collection.  You can see the preview, in the bottom, middle...I've got loads of photo spots in these templates.

I've provided this folded look shadow to give your digital pages a realistic effect, but if you are going to print and actually fold the page, then ya won't need it.  Though, I did just leave it on my book.  I also switched up my templates for extra pages.
I took this template because I wanted that left page again.  Well, similar.  Let me show you.

I deleted all of the layers of the right side the page except that blue ring.  Then...selected all of the layers from the left side.

Then duplicated the layers from the left...

I ditched a few of the word bit spots and now I've got another, different page!

This is how one of the pages look digitally.
I always print from my computer's "preview".  It never comes out right in PSE, for some reason.  I love all of the settings my printer has, too.  Check it out.  I'll walk you through.
I open the document or page I want to print, in "preview" and choose "print".

Then I choose what settings I want.  Choose something like "best" or "fine" or do a test and see if you can even see a difference.  I can also choose what kind of paper type as well as how thick it is.  I always recommend using a paper with shine or gloss.  This paper isn't that shiny, but the results are super.

Once you've printed it out (make sure it's the way/size you want it.). I can see exactly how it is going to come out in my window and make changes right in this program if necessary.  Perfection!  You can see it in the example above.
After printing, cut out any excess paper you don't want around your page, fold and voila!
Here's my page fresh out of the printer, basking in the autumnal sun.  Hehehe...

I just cut off the edges of only two sides.  I often like to have the white border.

I have a nice square look to my page.  I folded this page this way...

I folded this page the other way, giving my book a cover both front and back.

Adhere your pages back to back if you like.  This way you won't have the plain white pages in your book.  It'd look pretty cool if you adhered your pages to coordinating colored paper, too.  You could journal there as well or stick a few more pictures or memorabilia.

My rigid paper glued to yet another piece of paper makes a very rigid book!

The rubber bands I used were about 6 inches long and they fit like magic.  I've seen colored ones on the internet, too!
I have a quirky page through videoif you want to SEE and hear me go through the book.   Be warned!  Hehehe...I spent many a year behind the camera and on stage so the video is...not... boring?  Hehehe...My husband accused me of filming after an aperitif!  Not this time, Honey.  Hehehe...
If you are totally into hybrid, then check out our newest printable scrapbooking kit, School Rules.  It's a class act!

This blog and the old blog is full of fabulous digital, hybrid as well as traditional projects and freebies.  (You can find the old blog over>>> there, at the top.)

We will definitely see you back next week for Digital Scrapbooking Weekend.  It's going to be absolutely amazing!
Did you hit us up yesterday?  No?!  Then jump back there grab the fabulous freebiesand check out our inspiration and new Canadian inspired scrapbooking pack.
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