Thursday, October 4, 2018

Digital Scrapbooking Day Scrap-A-Ganza

Welcome scrappers, to The Cherry On Top.

We are celebrating Digital Scrapbooking Day all weekend long at The Cherry and I'm thrilled to have you join us.  Today's blog, like every DSD weekend is full of epic scrapbooking goodies of all kinds.  Free ones, deeply discounted ones and of course, all gorgeous.
I've got dozens of announcements, links to even more fabulous freebies and scrap-a-licious inspiration.  Grab a cup or glass of something lovely, sit back and slowly scroll through all of this scrappy goodness.  Most importantly, enjoy this very special weekend!

I've got a brand new pack of digital scrapbooking templates in the Scrappy Sisters shop, today and it too is on sale for 50% Off.  Take a look at some of the pages from me and my awesome team.  You'll see they are not just for fall and they have a great crafty feel to them.

The Kit Cart has a totally awesome kit out today, too.  How fun is this?!  It won't be in her shopfor long so you HAVE to grab it ASAP. It's a very special edition and you won't want to miss out.  No worries, her prices are unbelievable.  Totally Cherry if you know what I mean.  (Wink, wink)
Check out her amazing deals and this FREEBIE, too!

You know I've got my favourite designers.  LouCee Creations' kits can often have a lovely, cozy crafty feel to feel them. I just love that.  She's got several new personal and commercial use goodies in her shops around DigiLand.  Of course there are freebies and sales to enjoy as well.  I scrapped this fun page and the one above, with the new templates, Thank-Fall.  Just look at these adorable critters.  So darn, cute!  My boy, too.

I told you these templates were not just for autumn.  I scrapped up the hubs and I with Aimee Harrison's delicious Java collection.  That deep blue and wood is beyond fab.

Oh, look!  These two collections will coordinate really well together.  Below, is also a collection from Aimee Harrison Designs and it isFREE!!!  You better get over to GingerScraps fast if you don't want to miss a part of it.  It's available in the daily download so you'll have to do a bit of work to get it all, but how worth it?!  I scrapped up a really old piece from my kitchen.  It's over 100 years old.  I know I'll regret it one day, but I actually still use it.

Here are a few pages from my talented team using the new templates, Thank-Fall.

Check out what's new in the Scrappy Sisters shop.  Make sure it isn't already in your scrappy stash, though.  I've had them in the Kreative Design Studio for awhile.

I chose some of the most popular templates from Kreative Design Studio.  They certainly are favorites of mine and I'll bet that you will love them, too.  Let me show you just a couple of pages.  There is a lot more in the gallery in the shop.
Up In The Air Templates

Above, we have Magical Memories and below, Entitled templates.

Below is You Lift Me Up.

The Choose Joy templates were really popular.  Instead of putting all of these tiny pictures in, I went large.  This page got a lot of attention and it will look awesome traditionally, too.

I've got several packs of "basic" kinds of templates.  This one is The Basics for more simple, multiple photo templates, check out the Kreative Design Studio.  Simple PagesProject Simple and More Project Simple

I'm going to go back to goodies from Aimee Harrison.  This is theJava collection, again and one of the best pics my hubs has ever taken.  isn't he a beauty?!

There will be Flash Sales across DigiLand.  I think they've already started at Oscrapsand the Digital Scrapbooking Studiois having them as well.  Dollar Deals, Baby!!!

Don't forget the Daily Download so you can get the entire collection for FREE.  It's so beautiful!

Here are some recent freebies from Aimee.  You can find them in her newsletter.  She's also got some on her blog which is all linked up for you on these two previews.

I scrapped up a sweet pic of JJ playing in the water in the Mosel River in Germany and I used some free stuff from Aimee.  Part of it is a Free With Purchase and the other part is from a fabulous blog hop from the Studio.  Keep scrolling to see the amazing collection.

[caption id="attachment_1414" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Digital Scrapbooking collection[/caption]
Awesome, right?!  And all FREE!  So many reasons to love DSD!
LouCee Creations has a lot going on this weekend as well.  Take a peek at some of the fabulous deals.

I played with all THREE of them.  They are TOO cute!  There was my one from the start with my pumpkin template.  Then my fuzzy doggy right before his hair cut.  It was his last day for his puppy coat.  It's so much curlier now.

I'm wondering if you remember this template?  Moon and Starshas been in the Kreative Design shop for awhile and I still love it.  It's so much fun going back through your templates and scrapping them, again with different goodies or changing them up so they look completely different.  This sticky note effect is great.

All of those gorgeous kits for just $5!?  That's nuts!  Wonderful Day, While You Were Sleeping and Woodland Frolic are all available atGingerscraps.  Lou also has Commercial Use Products that you can find in my favourite Commercial Use shop, SugarHillCo.  This deal below, is insane.  Pop over to Lou's page to see more.

Next up is Kim Cameron Designs.  Wow!  She's mega busy as well.  With her upcoming Zombie Run, amazing Commercial and Personal Use deals in her shop at Daisies and Dimplesand the Studio.  I used her template and kit, After Midnight.  Another decent picture taken by me a few years ago.  I still have not decorated for fall yet.  Yikes!

I'm getting one of the many amazing deals in Kim's shop.  This one right here.  I'm designing a huge sports collection and I needed a few goodies found in this super deal.  So much for so little!  Go see for yourself.

You just know we will be partying at the Scrappy Sister spots.  I'll be hosting one of the many challenges in our scrap-a-licious group.  See what other things are going on.

You read that right!  A FREE collaboration.  All of us Scrappy Sisters have contributed to this gorgeous collection and I added a few more pieces around my social spots and for my newsletterrecipients, they are receiving these extra elements and papers shown below. I'll offer them again, next week in case you are STILL not signed up for the newsletter.  The journal cards can be found right here and the word bits are in my scrap-tastic group on FB.

You'll have to hit up theScrappy Sister's blogto get this collection.  I scrapped myself with a lot of it, but it's just the touch of the iceberg.  There are templates and a lot more goodies in there.  Click herefor today's exclusive freebie.  It won't last long.  I'll be packaging up all of these goodies and getting them in the shop.

key Lime Digi Design holds a special place in my heart.  Sandy's goodies just sing to me.  They are so uniquely beautiful.  She spends so much time on her exquisite designs and you can totally see that.  Grab this stunning, new collection at her shop at Gingerscraps.

I used a fabulous template from Bits N' Pieces.  It's FREEin our Scrappy Sisters collaboration that you can find on the blog,there.

How gorgeous are these FREE border clusters?!  That one the middle might look familiar.  I designed it.  Hehehe...Sign up for Sandy's newsletterand these will soon arrive in your mail box.  Yay!

Jodi, Dagi and Dana got together and made a fall inspired collaboration.  Check out the page I made with it and my I'm Torn templates.

This blog and my old one, is full of freebies if you STILL didn't get enough, today!  Hehehe...I'll tell you, right now that tomorrow I'm back with a fantastic FREE digital template blog train. Whoo hoo!  So climb aboard tomorrow and grab the October edition of a Love For Layout Templates.  If you missed the last one, there might still be a few live.  Check out Jodi's list.

Leave me some love before you go.  It gets lonely here and it's an awesome way to say thanks for all of the free stuff.  Share our social spots with your other scrappy sisters.  I'll bet they'll love it here.
Happy scrapping and have what's sure to be an amazing weekend!