Friday, October 19, 2018

Which Reason Are WE On?! 52 Reasons Mini, Why I Love You

Hey Cherry fans, sorry bout the mix up last week.  I was tooting my own horn for being so far ahead and it looks like I got way too far ahead!  Hehehe...No worries.  I'll have everything all worked and waiting for your download, today.  I cannot promise that it won't happen again.  I'll tell ya something, it's one way to get some comments!  Hehehehe...

Click here for Reason 34and here for Reason 35and next week, we'll have the next full sheet ready for you.  So if you know you won't have time to get to these cards until then, wait it out and get all of those cards at once.  I think it's easier that way, but if you really want to stay caught up, then download now.

I am not even going to begin with trying to explain just how confused I am right now!  hehehe...Ah well, we'll get it all figured out in the end.
I've got this really, super, super fun project on my table and today, I'm going scrapping with a friend to work on it further.  I'll show ya my progress and I'll have all kinds of tutorials to show you how I did it.
I'm going to take this digital page and...

turn it into a hybrid page!  I'm so excited to see how it works.  Just wish I had an awesome cutting machine to cut out all of these pieces.  A scrappy sister tried it with her Cricut and it worked perfectly.  My friend has a Brother Scan and Cut, but she doesn't know how to make a png work with it.  However, I've been chatting with other Brother users and they are able to work with png images I've designed for them.  Hopefully, I'll be back with more on that, too.
The kit is from The Kit Card Designs.  You can find it here.  When I went to Jamie's shop to get the link, it was on sale!  If you are loving that fab template, it's from Made By Keuntje and you can find it in our Scrappy Sisters shop, here.

My apologies for the mistake with the #'s for the mini album.
Thanks for popping by!

Happy scrapping!