Saturday, November 24, 2018

Why I Love You, Mini Scrapbooking Album Freebie

Welcome to the roller coaster of creativity and ups and downs of all of this crafty craziness.
Hehehe...Y'all!  I'm dying here!  Hehehe...I was trying to figure out what number we are on. I need a secretary really bad.  Now you know, if I mess this up yet again, we'll get it all worked out.  I've got everything finished after all and I'm giving those sheets out, with the cards as well.  So don't panic if I get a few mixed up.  Laugh, like I'm doing right now.  Hehehe...What a mess I am!  My son is having a party today and he and his friends are special needs, as you might know.  So it's a very daunting day ahead to say the least.  My head is not where it should be, but I suppose I hardly have an excuse.  Hehehe...

According to my agenda, we are supposed to be on #41.  According to what I posted last week, we are #40.  So #40 is here, today and I'll give ya the links to all of the previous cards to make double sure you have them all.
Here are the blank cards.
Here is #1-18.
Here is #19-27.
Here is 28-38.

And #39 was given last week.  I high lighted just above, there. ^^^
You are totally set now with reason 1-40 and the blank cards.  Whoo hoo!
Thanks for your patience and your participation.  I'm thrilled you are joining in on the challenge.
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Happy scrapping!