Saturday, November 17, 2018

Why I Love You Mini Scrapbooking Album Continued and Printable Scrapbooking Kit

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We're back with your next free printable Why I Love You card.  Whoo hoo!

I've also got a few shots from that digital to traditional/hybrid kit I've been working on using The Kit Cart Designs, Never Grow Up kit.  It's not as bad as I thought it would be.  I will tell you that my girlfriend who was here during the fussy cutting, turned up her nose at my tedious precise work.  Hehehe...Her and her fancy cutter!  Hehehe...Seeing how all digital kits come with png images for the embellishments, most people will be able to use those pngs in their cutting machines.
I'll be back to take you through the exact process later, but thought it was worth showing you that you could even print out the embellishments you want and cut them by hand, if you wanted.  Keep in mind that the inside parts will be difficult to impossible so limit or eliminate the elements that would be too difficult.  I'll show ya what I mean.
I used a png ripping action from Lisa Rosas to get individual pngs of my page I designed.  This way they are the exact size I need.  Then I placed the elements on a blank page, 8x11 and printed them out.  Use good, rigid paper with a gloss or slight gloss for the best results and so that you won't damage the embellishments when cutting.

If you look carefully at the very top of my pile of cut outs, you'll see the very tiny Captain Hook.  There's no way I can cut out all of that white around him.  He's not really essential on my page anyway, but most of the pieces were pretty easy to cut out.  An exacto knife might be helpful, but ya gotta be really careful with those.

I'll come back to show you the progress.
I had a round up of freebies yesterday.  If you're into that, you may want to go and check it out.
Thanks for popping 'round.

Happy scrapping!