Tuesday, March 20, 2018

52 Reasons Free Printable Mini Scrapbooking Album #6 and What Is Project Life

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We are on a fantastic roll of weekly, free printable cards so you can build your own mini album, step by step.  You've got an entire year and a full week between downloads.  Making this, one very easy project.  I've also got a closer look at just what Project Life is and we'll be talking about it all week.  Be sure to get your pretty little butt back here for Freebie Friday.  Where we show you the digital side of Project Life AND share a freebie.
Here's Reason #6.  One sentiment and one card for a photo spot or more journaling.  The way I've designed the cards, makes it easy for you to make changes.  Either with the pngs in your software or the jpgs, after printing.  Simply paste right over the basic square with a blank or design paper and put what you will.
Update:  Go to this blog for Reasons 1-22.

I've printed out some of them, adhered them back to back and inked around the edges for a perfect finish.

Let's talk about Project Life.  Project Life is a very simple, straight forward manner of scrapbooking.  Typically done in a 12x12 format using journal cards of standard sizes 3x4 and 4x6 in various juxtapositions.  Traditionally, Project Life is often scrapped up as you see, below.  This is an example of purity from Azzari Jarrett.  You purchase a special binder and sleeved or pocket pages to insert your cards and pictures.  I really liked this example to show off the simplicity of Project Life.  You can see just how easily and quickly you can scrap up your memories.  The image is linked to Jazzari's blog if you want to see more.

Here is a not so traditional, gorgeous page from Linda Tran.  I just had to lift her nifty photo idea.  It's so original how she pieces those cut embellishments and photos.  A really great concept.  This image is also linked up to her blog.

Here is her concept, done digitally by myself.

I like to play with the Project Life concept, but have no desire to purchase the album and those sleeves.  Not that I could find them around here, anyway.  Hehehe...I am a very right angle kind of girl.  So, Project Life is a decent fit for me.  Personally, I find it a touch limiting, but that could certainly be a positive aspect for those lacking in the creative mojo department.  You really don't have to think too much about the layout of your page if you are using those pockets.  You can go simple or ornate like Linda did.
Here's a recent example of one of my Project Life "styled" pages using our new, printable scrapbooking kit, My Muse.  You can totally do the whole card thing on a 12x12 page or any size really.  You don't HAVE to have the pocket pages at all.  I've got a few more examples for you of the "style".

Here's another page where I used Project Life cards on a page.  The blue spots are for my photos.  I've got several pages using this really fun kit, Posh.  If you want to see more of those pages, click here.

Here's another simple page using cards from a printable pack.

I've got another blogshowing off an alternative idea for Project Life cards.  Some people have thousands of them and they use them for all different things, including personal notes or planner inserts...plenty of uses for them.

Friday, I'll be showing off several more pages with the Project Life style and giving you some FREE cardsso you can try it out yourself.  Even if you are a glitter and glue kind of scrapper, you can get plenty of ideas looking at digital pages and vice versa.  Just look at this fun, basic Project Life page, done digitally.

Thanks for joining in our fun, year long, 52 Reasons challenge.  Feel free to show off how your mini is coming out so far, in our scrap-a-licious groupon Facebook.  If you're all about the free stuff, then ya definitely need to follow our page.  We post free stuff nearly every single day!

I'm so glad you stopped by The Cherry!  Make sure ya do it again.