Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Reason #24 Why I Love You Mini Album

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got reason number #24 for you.  "I love that we can trust each other."  That's pretty darn important and not always easy to do.  Certainly worth making this album.
Go to this blog for Reasons 1-27 and the blank cards.
I've also been including other hybrid and traditional scrap projects that might interest you.  Here's another...

I took this digital template and turned it into a traditional page.  The template is still freeon my old blog.  You might love it over there, too. I had that blog for many years and it's full of fabulous free stuff and all kinds of scrappy projects and pages that will most definitely inspire you.

I have not forgotten that free mini album template from a few weeks ago. Find it here!  Start thinking what you're going to scrap with it and get a plan.

You can always join in on scrap-a-licious fun in our group on FB, Instagram and our Pinterest could have you scrapping and crafty for years with all of the inspiration we've got over there.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!