Thursday, July 5, 2018

Soak UP The Sun Scrapbooking Templates, Inspiration, Free Templates, Free Printables…

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Shoo wee!  I've got one heck of a spectacular blog ready for you today,  There are new templates in the Scrappy Sisters shop and I've brought an older pack of templates in to Scrappy Sisters as well.  You'll definitely want to see which one that is.  My team went crazy  with the new templates.  I've got a new challenge in our scrap-a-licious group.  There's other lovely new goodies out there from DigiLand I'm showing off with layout love and I've got some scholarly freebies, too.
Time to dive into this abyss of scrappiness!  Hehehe...

These templates are so pretty, you could just clip in your lovely photos and you've scrapped.  If you want to play, then read further to see what we've done with them.  You are going to have beautiful pages, too!

This first one is mine using LouCee Creations new kit, American Sweet Heart.  I simply used a style from Mommyishon the lenses.  It is her beaded styles and I clipped in one of Lou's papers for the frames of the glasses.  Fun, customized glasses, made in minutes.  The frames are from Kim Cameron Designs.  She's got all kinds of great goodies for making templates.

Check out the amazing talent from my team!

A super scrappy sister asked if I'd add a few more papers and elements and make a kit from all of this loveliness and I obliged!  The kit will be a part of our calendar collection for August.

I want to share the many things that are going on at The Cherry, most recently.
This is a page from the Love Your Selfie templatesthat I just put in to Scrappy Sisters.  See if you missed them.

First, I've put up a new challenge in our scrap-a-licious group.  It is a use it all challenge.

I've also put in the group, a free templateI had for newsletter subscribers back for NSD.  Look for this image and find the link in the comments to get it, but be fast.  I'm taking the link down soon.
If you STILL haven't signed up for our fantastic newsletter, do so today.  I'm putting up the links for the THIRD FREE TEMPLATE in the next newsletter.

Here are a few freebies offered around DigiLand.
First, this one for LouCee Creations newsletter fans.

This lovely freebie reminded me of my new template!  Check out Blagovesta's new collection and download this beautiful, free quick page on her blog.
Are you following along with our 52 Reasons project?  Check out our Traditional Tuesdays blog for your free, weekly card, grab the blank ones and see what other traditional and hybrid projects we have going on.  I've put ALL 52 cards into very easy printable pages for you.  Stay tuned and grab them as they are released. I've linked up the last Traditional Tuesday blog for you in the image.

One more thing before the new free printable...
AS you may know, I've opened a shop in the new and fabulous site, Scrappy Sisters.  Great name, huh?!  Hehehe...LOVE IT!  Besides a newsletter, blog, social spots and awesome store, we've also got an open gallery.  You can post ALL of your family rated pages in our gallery and you MAY link up any Scrappy Sister goodies.  If you are not using goodies from our shop, you are allowed to mention whose goodies you use, just no linking.
We got a points system, you can comment, vote, favorite...We'd love to see your beautiful pages in our galleryand it'll be really fun to see your favorites and who you vote for!
I realize that for many of you school is finished.  We just finished, but still have to go back to get report cards.  We've got a box of delicious chocolates ready and this card I designed using Kim Cameron's Learn and Growkit.  It's a fantastic collection to not only scrap your goodies, but design fun projects like this one.  Home schooling?!  Hello, perfect collection!  Think stickers, activity sheets, new decor for the class for September...Oh!  The freebie is in English.  Hehehe...  I had pictures, but for some reason, they don't want to load.  No worries, I'll have them up by Tuesday.

I'm sure The Cherry has got you all revved up to scrap this weekend.  New goods, new templates and kits, free printables...You're set!

Thanks for making time for The Cherry and happy scrapping!