Sunday, October 21, 2012

Organised Chaos

A sleepy Sunday for me, my cyber friends.

As I lazily peruse Pinterest and Facebook, I am inundated with pictures of people's work space.  They do not, in any way, resemble that of the pictures below.  They are typically white and tidy beyond comprehension.  An empty desk top, with an exception of a cute, little lamp.  There are often shelves neatly organised with barely recognisable crafting products.  Lush, warm carpeting, a window for natural light to optimise the creative experience, a comfy chair and perhaps a framed, Michael's work of art to tie it all together.

Not that there is anything at all wrong with that, for most of my house might resemble that of a typical catalog from a particular Swedish store.  My work space however, looks exactly like a work space.  At first glance, it fits the typical cliche of, "a tornado ran through it", but there really is a lot of organisation going on as well as chaos.

My pens are neatly organised in my Trader Joe's peanut bucket.  The little plastic drawers are also organised.  One for blingy gems and pearls, one with frames and the other with tags.  My adhesive dots are on top of that in order of size.  The drawers are pretty good, too.  Inside are clear, glass jars filled with brads, buttons and foam embellishments.  Ribbons fill another drawer.  Yes, fill and alphabet words and letters fill the other two drawers.  Yip, I have enough to fill two drawers.

Take a look at the my other ribbon organisation.  An empty wrapping paper roll holds my washi and ribbon with a large whole, while a pants hanger holds those with a small one.  Everything right under my eyeballs, which apparently is what most people need.  I was reading through some comments about how people keep their work area and they also said, that if it wasn't out, it was forgotten.  For me the same.

There are several diaper boxes also organising my paper 12x12 and A4 in rainbow order.  My rainbow, rounded organiser has a space for glitter and glitter glue, adhesives of the varying sort and tools often used such as wire snippers, punches, extra double sided tape and exact-o knives.

The tools I use most such as corner rounders, circle punches, cutting machine, double sided tape, ruler, pencils, charcoal pencils, etc are in the centre drawer for fastest and easiest use.

My desk top is truly a mess.  Organised piles that I often weed through, are from current projects.  As you may know, I am a savvy scrapper.  I use as much as I can from all of my products and throw very little away, which also makes for quantitative mess.

So far, this system has worked pretty well for me, but as usual there is always room for improvement.  I feel that my mother might just cringe if she were to see this area. For her house, every single last part including the basement, is fit for museum standards.  Hehehe....

Even though this area is an eye sore, I still relish every minute that I can sit on that old, pleather chair from the previous house owner.  I look upon this mess and only this mess, with great adoration and excitement.  It is a place where I can relax and unleash all of the craziness and creativity that is constantly occupying my brain.  Oh!  Revelation!  This is a pretty darn good picture of my brain!  Organised chaos!

Have a super Sunday, Folks and may your day be full of creative endeavors!

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