Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Kitchen Helpers" Recipe Book

Hey there, Happy Scrappers!  Man, did I miss being on the computer while I was away on a mini vacation.  I have some catching up to do.  I will get to some freebies this week, but for now, I have to show you my new big, digital project for you.  I want to make a book of our family's favourite recipes.  I'm sure it will change after a few years or even a few months!  Ha!  It will be a neat remembrance and also a thoughtful gift.  Most of the recipes are very kid friendly and even sensory sensitive friendly. 

I was looking for a full, versatile, not too cute, kitchen kit. I finally found what I was looking for at Just So Scrappy.  Not only was it just what I wanted, but it was only $1.50!  You know me.  I don't pay a lot for my kits and when I find a great deal, I want to share it with other people , who like me, have a very tight budget.  There were tons of kits at $1.50 and the three kits I bought were FULL of hundreds of goodies.  For me, the bigger the better.

Without further ado,  here are the first few pages of my recipe book.

I'm thinking this is looking pretty good so far and I am also now a permanent fan of Just So Scrappy.  You can find them on Facebook and the web at:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Graphic 45, An Up-cycled Sox Box

Howdy Happy Scrappers and Crafty Critters!  (Scroll down for the G45 entry blog or/and enjoy this tutorial as well.)

This has to be one of my all time favourite blog tutorials.  Next to my Match Box Mini album.  I knew what I wanted to do with this box the moment I laid eyes on it, but would my husband want the socks inside?  Hehehe...
In my usual style, I did a bit of mixing and matching with my, rare Graphic 45 finds and some lefts overs from other projects.  Stunning, eh?  A super, cool thing about G45 is that they are so gender neutral.  Ya can't say that about many other designs.  If you want to make something for your man or a man, hehehe...then G45 is a fantastic place to start.  I actually got to choose from a wide range of manly lines I had in my stash.  How refreshing!  I didn't have too, much of one thing, but enough of everything to make a couple of sweet projects and this was the first.
It's an up-cylced sock box made for my hubby to put all of his little goodies in.  Like change, jewellery, momentos from the past, (He actually has some of these.), money clip, etc.  It took me 2.5 hours from start to finish, having never done anything like it and no idea how I wanted to lay it all out.  Not bad for this kind of result.

Here is my "Before" picture.  A lovely, pull out drawer that I knew, my hubby would never keep his socks organized in.  His sock drawer is abominable!

I am an eyeballer and besides, your box will more than likely not be the same size as mine.  You could use a slide out shoes box, too.  If you, unlike myself, are handy with a ruler, then you can measure the inside or your box for the appropriate dimensions.  I just slapped it on my paper and traced some points, knowing it would be too big, cut inside of those lines.  Keep in mind that it is better to err on the side of larger than smaller.  I did have to go back and trim a bit here and there until I got my perfect fit.

You can choose to keep the insert.  This one easily can be put in and out.  So, there are even options.  I also got lucky, because the red inside matched the papers I was going to use. If it didn't look, I had a back up plan and that was to use washi tape in vintage style.

All it took, was the left overs from the "Transatlantic" paper I used from the botoom of the drawer and some double sided tape.  I traced the insert, made the appropriate cut in the middle and that was that.  You could do both sides, all sides...

Look at there!  The inside is already done.  What a great start!

Now, for the really exciting bit.  Covering the box.  I only had one piece of this paper, so I put a matching, yet different paper on the bottom.  You can see I just layed it on top of my paper and marked or even just folded where I needed to cut. Once again, err to too, long rather than too, short.

Cut your cover and apply double sided tape, reinforcing around the edges with two pieces for extra adhesion security.  You could also put glue in between, but it isn't necessary if you have good tape and you use enough.

I just couldn't wait to use this gorgeous paper for the outside.  Also, from the "Transatlantic" Collection.  Measure/eyeball the strip needed for the drawer, keeping in mind that it would be the scrap from the cover.  Just two pieces of double sided tape and voila!

Above, you can see the underside of the box.  The paper has been in my stash forever and the colors and theme fit perfect for the box.  I just set on top of the paper and marked or folded where I needed to cut, put my double sided tape strategically in place as you can clearly see here, in the image to the right.  May I also add, that I don't take the backing off of all of my tape at once  to make sure it doesn't stick where I'm not ready.  I peel off where I need to get started, press and then peel and press some more...

I had a tad bit left over on the ends, but I simple snipped them off with some sharp scissors.

Don't worry if your sides do not line up perfectly or if you don't like that line of separation between the two papers.  You could use washi tape, ribbon or any other embellishment or strip of paper you like to cover it.  Here I used black, satin ribbon keeping with the color palette of the paper and theme. Adhere with a thinner width of double sided tape or wider if you are using wider paper or embellishing.

I thought it would be cool to show you my embellishments.  I didn't end up using all of these.  Wanting to keep up an aged look, I took a small, black ink pad and wiped around the edges then with my fingers, smudged it all in.  It covered up the course, raw cardboard edges and gave a more antique feel.  I think it also would have looked more polished if I would have used black cardstock under the paper embellishments.

The drawer is finished.  The cover is papered.  Now, it's time for the very best part.  Embellishing!  I had some awesome, felt ribbon left over.  It was too, much on the top AND the bottom.  So I put it across the top and only alittle piece at the bottom.  Perfect!  Once again, I just used double sided tape that fit the best with my ribbon.

Choose whatever "bellies" you have or cut them from paper, cards, mail... and add thick, foam tape to lift your look right off of the page!

I added antique buttons and some more satin ribbon in matching colours and I used all different kinds of shapes and heights to keep it interesting and take your eye to the various clusters.

There you have it!  A gorgeous gift for Father's Day or any occasion, done in just a couple of hours.

Remember this, when you use products that you love, you will love your projects!  That's why I use Graphic 45.  You always get stunning results!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tutorial For Printable Application And A-Manda Creation

Tutorial For Printables Application For Bottles

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

So, you found some great printables, did you?!  Now what?!

You might be surprised just how easy it is to apply them.  I know I was!  

Let's start from the very beginning.  You're perusing your favorite sites and you find the perfect printable for your party or something you know the kids or co-works would just love.  Maybe a great gift for the teachers or friends in your life.

Printables via computer are amazingly well priced, are delivered either immediately or within 24 hours and there is no shipping fee.  How awesome is that?!  You can stay in jammies!  Ha!


What you will need:

-printed printable  (example:  bottle wrappers)
-scissors or paper trimmer

Step 1:  You found your favourite, St. Patty's Day water bottle or other beverage bottle.  You do the easy purchasing step.  

Step 2:  Download your purchase.  (Be sure to remember where you saved it.  (Usually, it's just in "downloads" unless you move it.)

Step 3:  The easiest method to use is,  right click, open the download in "preview". 

Step 4:  Print it out.  (Keep the quality of print in mind, too.)

Step 5:  Cut or use a paper trimmer for your wrappers.  I cut the example out at different widths.  You may need a slimmer or wider width depending on your bottle.  Strategically cut along the line or give yourself some white space.  This gives you more versatility.

Step 6:  Apply the wrapper around the label of your bottle or take the existing label off first if you see too much of it or if you see through the newly printed wrapper,  center the design and wrap it around the bottle.

Step 7:  Fasten with clear tape.  You could cut off extra if necessary,.

Was that easy or what?!  You can literally, download, print, cut and tape in under 15 minutes!  What a great way to add a personal touch or to brighten up everyday objects.  Put your stamp on it!

Here are the larger labels around the wider bottles.  It's done exactly the same way and just as fast and simple.

Enjoy your printables and be amazed at how affordable and easy it is!!!

Click on the first image to get hooked up to A-Manda Creation's etsy shop.