Friday, April 23, 2021

Gorgeous Artistic Digital Scrapbooking Templates, Typography Fabulousness with Free Live Sessions and Super Cool Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Surprise!  New fabulous templates are in the shop for you and just $3.  We've got new products in the Kreative Designs Studio.  There are some totally awesome deals and free on line classes to pimp up your designs.  I've got a throw back blog link for dad with a freebie you might have missed and a round up of our most recent free stuff in our favourite social spots.

The ladies, have once again, done a terrific job with this week's templates.  Let's take a look.

Kelly Bell

How fun is Roxanna's page?!  Bright, whimsical with awesome shadows and the cutest little characters, too.


Total gorgeousness from Cindy, again.  A beautiful, natural vibe with a vintage touch.  The stitching is kept close to the page, the folded shadows are blended really well and what a super interesting background.

Rosies Goodies

How's Felicity's totally gorgeous page?!  It's a jaw dropper!  I'm an avid reader to say the least.  I read anywhere between 3-5 books at once.  How about you?  Have you a favourite book?  Take a close look at the clustering and the way Felicity blends her colors in the photos with those of the kit.  Pretty awesome, right?

Chere Kaye

Dorian's keeping it light and bright.

Goodies From Neia

Check out how Rachelle ditched the arrows and replaced them with a circle of fabulous stars.  What a great idea and precious photo, too.

Just Because Studio

I totally dig Hilary's page. How cool?!

LouCee Creations

Another bright and fun page with he prettiest, layered hearts, lovely clusters with nice intense shadows and a contrasting, photo related background choice.

A Mixed Bag of Goodies

You've got multiple photo options in this pack and they are super for side by side or double pages.

I just had to show off Roxana's page with Jo Cee's new goodies.  It is beyond fab!  I love the texture and her dramatic shadows.  The zippers are fantastic as well.  She used our Banner Blast templates.

Designs from JoCee

If you are looking for an elegant alphabet and split monogram alpha, check out ours in the Kreative Design Studio at Design Bundles.  You get a full, split letter monogram alphabet, sticker sheets of the alpha, a couple of clusters to accessorize them as well as a free designed key chain to show off your projects.

I'm in love with this fun freebie from Creative Fabrica.  I've got something similar I've designed that'll be hitting the Design Bundle Shop one of these days.

Have you ever attended a workshop on line?  I love the ones at Design Cuts.  Not only do you get to see products in action, you learn from the designer how to improve your skills and then you get huge discounts, too.  It's a win/win!  I thought these two sounded awesome.  Give a tutorial a try.  It goes fast, they are really fun and they are FREE.

If ya want bang for your buck, then consider a bundle and save.

Holy, Hannah!  Check out all of the gorgeous fonts at Design Cuts.  They often include free fonts on Friday.  So stay in touch with them.

If you plan ahead of time, check out our fabulous Father's Day blogs.  Here is one linked with a free recipe card.  Use our search field at the top of the blog to see more dad's day blogs and more.  We've been at this for nearly 10 years.  So there is a LOT of content.

Check out the albums in our group for these free templates.

If you've been missing parts of the Daily Download over on the GingerScraps Blog, no worries.  The entire collection plus a lot more will be available on the first of May.  You'll get more templates, more word art, the alpha and journal cards at a super Cherry price, of course, for a limited time.

The GingerScraps FB page housed our first word art freebie and I've moved it over to last week's blog.  There is a current new, free coordinating template on the page at GingerScraps, pictured below.  Pop over there and grab it.

International Scrapbooking Day is coming next week!  Whoo hoo!  We'll be going absolutely nuts.  I've teamed up with Art and Life Scraps yet again and we've put together a very inspiring HUGE collection full of color and fantasy.  I've also put together a hip hybrid collection with it so you can print and scrap fast and hold your project in your hands. We'll see ya next week.

Happy scrapping!

LaptrinhX has been posting our blogs without our consent so I won't be doing automatic downloads any more and I won't be linking up freebies via text.  You'll have to click on the images for the freebies.  If you are reading this blog from that site, click on this link and get the real deal. Thanks for understanding and keep your eyes out for blogs that are not authentic.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Stitched and Stacked Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Taking a deep breath and trying to put all of this lock down non sense behind me. I'm focusing my attention to bringing you another lovely blog full of scrappy goodness.  We'll check out the new templates and the various ways you can use them.  I'll show ya some other designer's fabulousness, a few awesome digital deals out there and of course some free stuff.

Super versatile templates for just $3 throughout the weekend, only.

The team has done such a fantastic job with this week's new templates.  You are so going to love what they've done.

Products from Sweet Shoppe

Stitches are a great way to add texture and interest to a page.

Designs from JoCee found at Sweet Shoppe.

Above, Audry has scrapped up the template so beautifully.  Her stitches look a touch more dimensional and the shadowing is great, too.

Designs from MarieH

You can use the stitches to add more color to your pages.  It's a super way to balance out your page.

More from JoCee.

Super stacked and shadowed to perfection.  Cool photo as well.

Jumpstart Designs

Even more from JumpStart.

More from the Sweet Shoppe.

All of these layers provide an excellent opportunity to add more contrast, texture or even dozens of pictures.  You could even merge the layers and put pictures within them for one huge picture.  That would be so cool!

Goodies from GingerScraps.

Designs from Connie Prince.

Products from Neia.

LDrag Designs

I love how the colors and picture's theme meshes so well.  A great idea, for sure.

Did you see my insane $2 deals I have this month since I'm the GingerScraps Spot Light Designer?  All five packs are only $2 for the entire month.  They each have a free template and they are FULL sized kits, too.  If you love Cherry deals, this certainly is one of them.


How about a coupon to sweeten the deal?  Use code: tcotspotlight

Don't forget the Daily Download we are giving away on the GingerScraps blog.  It's huge and it's pretty awesome.  I used it to design our new blog wear.

Have you grabbed our newest free templates?  This one is from our group.

This freebie should be available on GingerScraps Facebook Page.  See if you can still get it.  It coordinates with our Craft Fair collection.

This freebie was available there, too for the first part of the month and I'll give ya that link right here if you missed it.

Click the image for the download.

I've put some new Spring Things photographs in the Design Bundles shop, Kreative Design Studio. Something different to add to the melange.

Also in the shop, is this super cool album mock up and template.  A really interesting way to show off your pages.

Another new product is the, No House is a Home without a ....and I've provided a variety of elements to design your own design.  It's 50% off, too.

Have you seen the fabulous collaboration of Key Lime Digi Design and Alexis Design Studio?  It also has an artsy theme and I took that to this level.

So pretty, right?

There are several coordinating freebies around DigiLand.  Here's one that Sandy gave her newsletter recipients.  Sign up and add it to your stash.

These brushes are so tempting!  The deal is super amazing, as usual.  Dozens of packs for a super low price.

There are two packs in this bundle that I love. I have a few similar brushes that I use and they are awesome.

Design Cuts is also known for their super bundle deals.  This bundle is really versatile.  Something for everyone and also a deal that's too good to be true.  Look at those Cats and Dogs, the textures and lovely fonts.

You're caught up pretty well now with our going's on's.  We've got so much in the works.  Stay tuned and thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Holy, Wow! That is a Lot of FREE Digital Scrapbooking Stuff!

 Welcome Scrappers!

After a week off I'm back and boy oh boy am I back.  Hold on to your glue dots and cradle that mouse of yours for this week's entry.  There is a huge sale going on at GingerScraps for just two days.  65 % off!?  AHHHH!  That is totally insane.  Ya know, with this sale, dozens of our goodies are under $2?!  How am I supposed to feed my children?!  Hehehe...Just kidding!  On top of that yours truly is the Spot Light Designer and that means you get a full collection for FREE?!  This trying to go dry is totally affecting my brain.  Hehehe...

What do ya think of the new blog duds?  I've used your free collection to design it.  I joked with my team and said I should call myself, The Cherry OVER The Top after finishing it.  Hehehe...It's kind of me, though.  A little messy, bright and full of crafty goodness.

Besides the free collection (and don't forget the freebies on the GingerScraps Facebook page either!), we've got several new things in the shop and yes, they are all discounted to go.  So help clear off the shelves and pay for the groceries.  It doesn't get any cheaper than this.  That's for sure!

How about some totally new, versatile templates for just $1.75?!  You talk bout Cherry prices!  I love these.

Alexis Design Studio

Connie Prince

Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron

Products from Sweet Shoppe.

More from Studio Basics found at the Sweet Shoppe.

Here's another enormous collection.  There are 12 journal cards, FIVE templates, an alpha, graphics, word art and full kit for...for...$3.50?!  Shoo wee...

Now, be sure to check your stash Because hehehe...I gave this entire thing away in our group.

Here are just a few pages from the team and myself.

Holy wow, right?!  You can scrap any style with this collection.  Below, I scrapped my niece and Drew Boo for the Survivor competition going on at GingerScraps.  I'm obviously, not the best scrapper and I'm yet to make it on any top lists, but I'm still going for it just for fun.

Also in the shop for an obscene price is the Soak Up The Sun collection.  You get an entire kit, 3 pages of printables (that can also be used digitally), a couple of extra journal cards, a free quick page and I did just add some templates separately. Again, check your stash. 

Not bad for $3.50, right?!

Only $1.75!

The big sale of 65% is for two days only.  Then it goes back to 50% which is still great savings. Here's a mix of the collection and the new templates.

I finally designed a super cool scrapbook album template/mock up for myself and my design and creative team member friends.

Check out how to use it by watching our video.  It's a really neat way to show off your projects and for Commercial Use, too.  You are going to love it!  I used our Optimism collection to show it off, which by the way...that, Serendipity, Woebegone, Sumptuous, Ethereal are all just $2 Because I'm nuts!  Hehehe...

Looking for freebies and other great deals around the web?  Check out these...

A free font for you!

A super cool Craft Bundle at a great price!

Looking for more free stuff?  Here's a cute one.

Free for you!

Grab all three of these templates for free in our group.  I'll have a new one ready for you soon.

This blog is full, full, full of free stuff.  Scroll through and grab it while ya can.

Thanks so much for checking us out, today.  I'll be back next week with more projects, tips, tricks, new products from around digiland and more fabulous templates.

Happy scrapping!