Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recycled Children's Cardboard Books

Thanks for all of your attention on my last blog. Someone requested more pictures of my children's cardboard books.  My first attempt was the train book and certainly not the best, but this second one came out much better.  These books were made for my little boys.  So, they are slightly...abused.  Hehehe...

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks gain!

I couldn't find much at all for monster trucks in the scrapbooking line back then and had to use my imagination.

Monday, April 22, 2013

EcoScrapbooking eBook Launch Party

Welcome, Hoppers!

I just love blog hops!  Meeting new designers and filling up with great ideas, inspiration and other goodies.  Ecofriendly ideas are my all time favourite and I have many of them to share with you.  Scroll down and see what you find, then check out the links section to hop around to the other blogsters.

Below are images from up-cycling projects.  If you click on the image, it will take you to the tutorial or blog entry where it is featured.  Enjoy the show, download and share the FREE E-Book by clicking anywhere it says, "E-Book". Thanks so much for coming and thank you for keeping the environment in mind.

This first image is of a tag I made for a friend.  It doubles as a magnet by attaching magnet tape to the back.  Because the tag is small, it uses less supplies and these were ALL from left overs.

I always use cool clothing tags in my layouts and other artsy projects, like this one below.

Hard back children's books are excellent for upcycling projects like mini albums.

I'm often inspired by mail and other advertisement.  I made a mini album from an idea I got from a flyer.

Here is an old Ikea frame painted, and scrapped with some left overs and a couple of recycled gift bows.

This has to be one of my favourites.  I upcycled an empty match box.  It is small, so you don't need a lot of supplies.

I recently started digital scrapbooking.  No more garbage, adhesives, packaging and it's nearly free.  There are more freebies out there than you can use.  Hang out here on my blog or check out my Facebook page where I post free stuff daily.

This project is super fast and didn't cost a penny to make.  I used some left over cupcake papers, embellishments and a bit of washi tape to upcycle this yogurt bucket.  It now houses my markers.

Below, is a recent upscaled sock box made into a treasure chest.  You will definitely want to check this one out!

What do you with your old cards?  My mom is still into sending cards and I keep most of them.  You can use the lovely script in side, the word art, images and sometimes they even have embellishments on them.  I also like how rigid they are and often use them to make another card for someone else, like this one here.

Here is the list of the other blogs presenting ecofriendly ideas.  Thanks again for stopping by and for sharing the FREE  E-Book with your friends!  Happy scrapping!

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    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Pop Cakes

    Welcome to another edition of TCOT!

    I am into everything.  Absolutely everything!  Cooking is detrimental because of all of the crap they are putting into today's food.  I make a lot of stuff from scratch and try to buy organic fruits, veggies, dairy and meat whenever I can get it and it's affordable.

    I've been eyeing up a popcake maker.  It just seemed so easy.  Popcakes are smaller than cupcakes and of course, you can put any fresh, healthy ingredients you want in there.  I use stevia in place of sugar when the recipe calls for a smaller amount.  I also use agave and honey when possible.  White, refined sugar is just toxic!

    My new popcake maker is fabulous!  It exceeded all of my expectations and that NEVER happens. Hehehe...  The boys were more than happy to help and of course feast on the lovely treats.  I made a couple of batches with no chocolate and a couple with.  I use those rice pops with dark chocolate on.  They are not sweet and add a neat texture to the cake.

    You can pop in carrots, fruits, all kinds of healthy ingredients.  It took me about 10 minutes to get the batter ready and then each batch only took 3 minutes to bake!!  I could not believe how lovely they turned out.  This was even a cheap popcake maker.  15 Euros at the Kruidvat!

    I have no plans on adding sickly sweet frosting or candy to these.  Check out those happy faces.  They don't need all of that other stuff.  Use any cake or muffin recipe.  Click on the last image for the basic, yellow cake recipe I used.  Enjoy!

    Here are my boys pig'n out!

    Here are the lovely, golden goodies.  I recommend one of those pastry bags with a wide opening or a large, plastic ziplock with a cut in the corner to put your batter in.  I used a spoon and it was a bit slow and messy.  Stick'm in a clear cookie jar and they will be gone before you know it, with no belly aches!

    Thanks for checking out the Cherry!

    Monday, April 1, 2013

    A Lovely Craft Project

    A very good day to you!  Thanks for joining The Cherry On Top.  

    I love when I can get away from my computer and enjoy some actual scrapping time.  I try to get more involved in small projects lately, because I see when I get into big projects it takes forever for me to finish.  Keeping with my TCOT theme, this project is super cheap and fast.  I finally found some chipboard words at a discount store nearby.  It was a whopping 4 Euros, which I actually thought was kind of expensive, hehehe..., but I just had to have it.  Since I splurged (wink, wink) on this, I had to save on how I was going to decorate it.  I used scraps, old buttons, discount gems and studs from old projects and left over trim.  The flowers are also new and something I never normally buy, but I got them on sale by 2 get 1 free.  Yippy!

    Let's get started! Do NOT do what I did here.  
    Beginner mistake 101!  Major Duh!  I traced on the back of my paper and of course, it came out backwards!  Ugh! Trace on the front of your paper, cut, use your adhesive of choice.  I used double sided tape and glue where the tape didn't cover.  I love double sided tape because your paper doesn't move around.

    Now, you could paint your chipboard first, but I actually wanted a little paint around the edges of my paper.  One, to make it look older and two, if you make a mistake and cut a little too much off,
    you've covered!
    As you can see, I didn't have a dark brown color paint.  So, I had to mix black with light brown.  I still wasn't' crazy about the effect around the edges of the letters so I went a step further and took black paint and barely touched around the edges.  This was what I wanted!  Yes!!!

    Use super thin double sided tape to adhere your trim, ribbon, etc.  It works the best.
    I used my flowers around the whole project to give it a coherent feel.  Just cut off the craft wire, but it keep it!  I'll show what you can do with it further on.
    The blue flowers didn't match that great and I wanted to glam it up a bit more.  I used this glitter mist on it and BAM!  Fantastic flowers!  Don't use much or your paper flowers will melt.  Hehehe...  You also have to wait to adhere them if you are using glue dots.
    Here ya get a look at my supplies.  Not to many, right?

    I found some really small buttons in my old button bin and glued on some gems on top to cover the holes and add bling and dimension.

    I thought the project looked a little lopsided so I put some more flowers on the left for balance.
    Now, that craft wire I told you to save.  Take it and make a small coil, leaving a little left over to glue under your flower.  I made two of these and glued with a dot, and put the blue flower on top.  Now I have much more than a flower.  I love this idea!

    I just kept adding and adding until I got the effect I wanted.  I have been dying to do something cool with these papers I had and I can totally use some more decore in my bedroom which has these colors in them.  Talk about knocking out the birds with a stone!

    Thanks for joining me here, once again and I hope to see ya again soon.  I have a list of FREEBIES I want to get together for you!  Until next time!  Make yourself craft time because you deserve it!