Saturday, August 8, 2020

Free Pool Side Stickers, Free Coordinating Cuttables and So Much More From The Cherry On Top

Welcome Hybrid Hipsters, to The Cherry On Top.

If you are all about printing and crafting, then you've come to the right spot.  This blog is full of hybrid awesomeness and today is no exception.

We are continuing our give away of the Pool Side collection.  Today, we've a sticker sheet for you.  Print on sticker paper, put through your cutting machine or print on rigid paper and get fussy cutting if necessary.  Keep reading for tips tricks and to see what else is free and new in the shop.

Our collection prints just lovely.  Use them all together and get scrappy!

The ellies are available for a limited time to all newsletter subscribers.  Also included in the pack of elements is an alphabet.  It's nice and chunky and will also be great for stickers.  Just think!  You can have as many A's as you like!  Hehehe....

The papers are in the group.  If you don't have an FB account, send me a message and I'll send you the links for the papers.  (Give me 48 hours at least.)

Yesterday, we offered these free journal cards.  Great for Project Life or to use as journal cards on any kind of project or any kind of creative medium.

Here are your free stickers.  They come in png format so you can run them through your cutting machines.

Here's a close up of my page.  Done digitally, this goes really fast.  Your page can be done in under 10 minutes.  If time is of the essence, then digital is the way to go.

Below, is a more pimped up page.  I've added some extra clusters in the corners.

Last week we offered this free template and cuttable.  It goes perfectly with the free collection and our new Pool Side templates.

See what I mean!?

Super cute, right?!

The coordinating templates.

I've got a couple more pages with some templates that come with the Free With Purchase for August at GingerScraps.   They were too cute not to share.  Maybe they'll give you some inspiration?

A mix of kits.

BoomersGirl Designs

A really fun mix of kits.

This was a super cute page, too.  Jillian used the free collection and our Pegged templates.  What a super cool idea!

I'm thrilled you stopped by.  Keep cool and scrap on!

Friday, August 7, 2020

Pool Side Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Free Coordinating Collection

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've finally made it!  I bet you just couldn't wait for today's round of fabulous freebies or our new coordinating templates.  I'm so excited be giving you these wonderful gifts as a way to say thanks as well as keep coming back for more.  We've always got something up our sleeve and today's blog will get you all geared up for August.

First, I'll show off the templates, provide you with some helpful tips and information about the pages and then give you an update on all that is going on this month as well as a freebie wrap up.  So scroll through and enjoy.

I got so much inspiration via so many sources for these templates.  I was boggling my mind at how I'd get that unicorn head on my float and then remembered, I already drawn a unicorn head for a template so I used that.  Now, it isn't perfect and it is painted so it will have a bit of crafty feel to it.  They are not perfect shapes.  Just so ya know!  Hehehe...

Since I went through all of that trouble making these elements for the templates, I thought why not just add some texture and styles and design a little mini and then it just kept growing and I thought I'd just give it all away to our adoring fans and hoped maybe in return, you'd get these templates to go with it all as way of thanks back.

Let's see what the lovely, talented ladies have designed.

JBStudio's Pool Party

Tip:  Add some fun styles to give your pages more POW!

Goodies from the GingerBread Ladies and a style from Mommyish

Watercolor sure does look pretty with these templates.  I just love Theresa's page!  She even added a fun spot on the snorkel and the bottom cluster looks awesome, too.

Goodies from Heart Made ScrapBook

Jenn did up her photo really cool and what a really cool photo, too.  That cluster is to die for!

Products from TraceyB

You can always keep it a bit more simple...

Ocean Dreams from Throwing Some Scraps Around

Felicity just used our background and did her own thing on the top.  Rebel!  Hehehe...

A mix of goodies.

Just So Scrappy

Theresa totally customized our flamingo floaty and you can too with styles, design papers and paint.  Tip:  A bevel style will give your floaty a more realistic look.

More from Just So Scrappy

Theresa has done a double pager with the templates and our free collection.

Our free collection.

The Pool Side Collection.

To get the ellies and the alpha, you have to sign up to our newsletter.  You'll love our letters!  I keep it very brief and I only send out once a week, promise.  I will not clutter your box and besides, I often give exclusive freebies to our subscribers and it's a great way to keep up with our happenings because we have a lot.

The papers are over in the group on Facebook.  If you are not on Facebook, send me a message and I'll send you the links for the papers.  I wouldn't want to force anyone to have an FB Account.  Hehehe...(Make sure to give me at least 48 hours to respond.)

The Pool Side Freebie!

Here are the free journal cards for you.

I'm posting the ugly link too because Blogger keep deleting my links.

I'll have these stickers on our Hybrid Saturday blog tomorrow, along with how to use our free collection, hybrid style!

Free on TOMORROW'S blog.

Did you do the hop around and get all of the fabulous free templates?!

Last week's free template and cuttable.

Don't forget all of the challenges in the forum at GingerScraps.  We've done the Desktop Challenge, once again.

Free template for the Desk Top Challenge at GingerScraps.

I've put SIX packs of templates in the shop at GingerScraps.  Make sure they are not already in your stash!

We've also contributed to the Free With Purchase for August.  Check it out!  although the theme may seem very summery, if you get rid of a few of the obvious elements, these templates are really quite versatile.

Free With Purchase this month at GingerScraps.

Free With Purchase this month at GingerScraps.

A few of my Cherries played with the template from Dog Days Of Summer.

LouCee Creations

Goodies from Connie P.

Designs from Jen Yurko.

Another mix of products.

Goodies from Dandelion Dust.

I'm gonna close up.  It's going to be in the 90's, my office is in the attic presently and we've got no AC.  So stay cool and get totally scrappy this weekend!  I hope to see ya in our group and in the forum at GingerScraps.  

Leave us some love and enjoy all of the fabulous freebies.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Love For Layout Templates Train, More Free Cuttables, $2 Templates, Page Inspiration and So Much More

Howdy Hoppers and welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today, I've got everything you are looking for.  Digital scrapbooking goodness, cuttable cuteness,  amazing digital deals, tips and tricks for your pages, fabulous layout inspiration and to sweeten the deal, I'm sprinkling freebies throughout the blog.  Blogger's new version is full of bugs and half of the content of this blog has disappeared, including links.  If it looks wonky again and the links have vanished yet again, my apologies.

First, we've got your free template.  My gal Melissa has provided us with SVG and Studio format so all kinds of scrappers can enjoy today's template.  

(My apologies for the ugly link, but the links are not working the traditional way for some reason.)

Here is how it scraps up traditionally with use of the cutting files.  Big thanks to Audry!

If you're new to The Cherry, I italicize the tips so they are easy to find.

Tip:  Get that dimension through double sided foam tape or my favorite, huge, thick glue dots.  Digitally, we achieve dimension through the use of shadows.

Here's my page with the free template AND a free collection that will be available next week.  Stay tuned!

You can do so many things with the free template.  

I added a little more detail for my surfboard.  Keep scrolling through and see what the other scrappy sisters have done.

I'll be hosting a hop around to our social spots around DigiLand.  You'll get papers at one spot, ellies at another, an alphabet at yet another spot and these fun journal cards will be free, too.  Come on back next week for all of the details.

Free Next Week!

Neverland Scraps is where ya might have just come from and Kim's Creations is where you'll go next.  If ya get lost pop over to our group on Facebook for the list and drop your pages there, too.

Let's take a look at some more pages to get ideas on how you can scrap up your new, free template.

Theresa kept her page basic and used colors that flow together well, but yet a touch of excitement with that yellowy green.  Note the date on the surfboard, too.

Heart Made Scrapbook

Felicity merged a few squares together to get that divided look on her page.  

A Mix of Goodies.

I'm totally digging the ombre paper on the cuttable layer.

Antebellum Press

A mix of goodies and papers from Heartstrings Scrap Art

Connie Prince
Tip:  Even though that top layer is all merged you can still go in and move your papers around so they only "cover" part of that layer by clipping.

Digging this extraction through the mask!

Next Week's Freebie

I like how Kathy got this little cutie right in her surfboard.  Just move your pic to the correct layer you want to cover or clip over.

Next Week's Freebie

Last Week's Free banner that coordinates with our new templates.

If you are into the deals then be sure to stay tuned to The Cherry's activities.  I love SALES and I know you do, too.  I've got permanent deals throughout my shop at GingerScraps.  Including collections and large bonus packs at smashing prices.  

This fabulous pack of templates is just $2!

Check out what my ladies have done.

Goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

Just So Scrappy

More from the Sweet Shoppe.

You guessed it!  This collection can be found at the Sweet Shoppe.

JoCee Creations

More from the Sweet Shoppe.

A free quick page for you.

Use our monthly templates that coordinate with our FREE Yearbook Collection Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on all of that free stuff.  Then use our templates to help you get the album finished even easier still.  Of course, you can use our templates as quick pages.  Anything to get you scrappy and finish your album.  I put these templates at a totally Cherry price of just

Here are some more pages with the new templates, Say It!  For just $2 this month at the GingerScraps shop.

Find these lovelies at GingerScraps.

These products can also be found at GingerScraps.

Xuxper Designs

Another Free Cuttable

If you still feel like you didn't get enough freebies and you're new to us, then allow me to introduce you to our year long Progressive Challenge.  You get the entire collection for free when you play along.  Pop over to the group for details.

If challenges are totally your thing, come join the group in September.

Find out more in the group and join us for the Progressive Challenge and get ALL of this FREE.

My last totally awesome deal I've got in the GingerScraps shop is our Sleep Tight Collection.  The kit and amazing templates are just $5 for a limited time.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  I hope you'll make us your weekly spot and join our scrap-a-licious family at all of our social spots.  You can find them all in the side bar.

Happy scrapping!

Free Pool Side Stickers, Free Coordinating Cuttables and So Much More From The Cherry On Top

Welcome Hybrid Hipsters, to The Cherry On Top. If you are all about printing and crafting, then you've come to the right spot.  This blo...