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Love For Layout Blog Train a Mini Scrapbook Extravaganza and a Free Junk Journal Tags Printable

Welcome blog hoppers!

The Cherry On Top has been doing this hop for several years now and I've kept the links live for the past few years.  So scroll back or use the search and find more hops for more free templates.  This blog is full, full, full of fabulous free digital designs and printables.  Peruse the AD FREE, POPUP FREE blog (Shoo!  How refreshing!) and grab the goodies while you can.  We're reaching nearly a decade of good old fashioned blogging.  I don't make a darn penny doing it!  I just want to share with you, my digital designs and craft savvy to inspire and hopefully, get you doing what you love to do or what you'd like to start doing.

Free Template

junk journal printable

Join our template group and share your pages, here. You'll also find all of the stops there.

Kim's Creative World was the stop before mine and I'm the last stop.

So, there's our free template.  If you follow our every move, then this template may look vaguely familiar.  I swiped my preview idea for our Country Collection's mini keychain album and turned it into a template.  I also designed some FREE Junk Journal tags so you can print them out, with your favorite photos on the back and craft your very own vintage, mini tag album.  Keep scrolling through the blog to find it.  You'll love all of the mini albums along the way.

templates for scrapbooking

I'm still designing digital scrapbooking templates.  I design or revamp at least 3-5 templates a week and get them in Plus.  Here are two previews of my latest sets.  Above are recycled templates.  If you've been following us from the beginning, you may already have them, though I do often make improvements to old templates.  Below, are totally new templates.  Year In Review templates are always popular in Plus.

scrapbooking templates

As promised, I'm featuring a whole bunch of mini albums that I recently designed.  I just love mini albums and short and easy scrapbook projects.  That's mostly what I've been designing for Design Bundles.  So, if you're short on time and or scrapbook savvy, you're going to love what I've been adding to the shop.

mini album

I thought I'd leave you with this preview for all kinds of tips on how you can use this mini printable album.  The image is linked up to the product in Plus where you'll find more images.

flip flop mini album

I've been wanting to make this mini album for years and I finally got down to it.  It was so darn easy and I just love the way it turned out.  Again, you can bind and print this out in so many different ways.  Our Summer Collection in Plus is colossal.  If you're on the market for a huge summer scrapbooking collection, look no further.

flip flop album

Our exploding box card minis are all the rage!  It is no wonder.  They are an absolute blast to give as a gift and ya won't believe how simple they are to print and put together.  You can just make a card out of the project or you can add photos.  You can make more inserts, too.  Just shrink up the template for each new layer.  Put an actually small gift or gift card or money in the box if you like.

Father's Day

Again, I've recycled and improved a very old project right from this blog.  Our apron template has been revamped with a manly touch.  This would be great for Father's Day or Dad's birthday.  It's really simple to print and put together.  You can turn it into a card or reprint the pages with photos and make it a mini album.  See how we did it on this blog and this one

Father's Day Apron Mini

BBQ apron

This one was a favorite of mine.  An oldie, but a goodie!

OK, back to the present.  Here's some very simple to scrap and assemble mini albums for your pets.

mini pet album

I've got step by step instructions in our shop's little gallery that'll help you through the process.

mini album

This format might also look familiar.  Get more steps on how to scrap a really book like this at Plus or on the blog, right here.

cute cat mini

You'll love how easy these albums are to make.

folding album

I'm starting Halloween designs for Plus!  Check out my Sophistiscary papers with a gothic touch.

gothic papers

I've made another really easy paper project for you with them.  This is a folding album with pockets.

halloween scrapbooking

Here's another easy mini album to put on your To Do List.

graduation scrapbook

I'm so super pleased I was asked to inject Plus with Junk Journal designs.  I've been going to town and back! Here are some of the latest, hands on, printable mini albums using the Vintage Collection.

vintage mini album

pocket mini

Just look how nice it comes out!

folding mini

pocket tags

pocket pages

Here are just a few pages I designed in mere minutes with all of the fabulousness from the Vintage and Junk Journal Collections in Plus.

junk journal

junk journal

Here's your next nifty gifty I have for you.  Some junk journal tags that you can use as is or you can scrap photos on the back side and make your own key chain mini album.  Using laminate will make your mini more rigid.  I also find that the colors come out bolder and better, too.

junk journal

free junk journal printable

If you enjoy ad free, no nonsense blogging with freebies, then show your appreciation by leaving us some love in the comments or sharing our links with your scrap-a-licious friends.  I'd love to see ya over in our group on FB or on the incredibly active forum at Design Bundles.

Thanks so much for making a stop at The Cherry!

Saturday, June 4, 2022

The Love For Layout Template Blog Train An Awesome Summer Scrapbook Collection Junk Journaling and a Cute Scrapbooking Freebie

Welcome, scrappy hoppers!

Gee, scrappy hoppers really could have quite a few different meanings.  Hehehe... We are thrilled you are here and we've got a lot of fun stuff and multiple freebies, too.  Whooo hooo!  Thanks so much for all of your support here, in the group and thanks a ton for visiting Kreative Design Studio and Plus at Design Bundles.

Here's your multiple photo, free digital template.

Just look at all of those spots to fill with pictures or you can use it as a background and put your pictures and ellies on top.

This image is linked up to our group where you can find all of the stops.

You came From Dagiliscious.  Your next stop is Promethean Concepts.

Let's take a quick look at some of our newest goodies in Plus and check out all of the scrap-a-licious pages we've got for ya.  Get inspired!

I designed these really fun and bright galaxy backgrounds or masks.  They made cool backdrops for pictures.  They are also ideal for backing up a sublimation idea you might have.  Check out my cheeky example.

galaxy backgrounds

I'm keeping this blog a lot shorter for you this time.  Here's our newest addition to the Junk Journal collection we are starting in Plus.  There will be a lot more packs to come!

junk journal

junk journal

junk journal

When ya grab all of the packs, you'll be able to scrap quickly and beautifully.  Don'cha just love that?!

I'm going nuts with the Summer Collection!  Join me?!

Y'all!  My picture and the little cluster are way too similar!

There are several paper packs.  Make sure you get them all.  Here are the dots.

summer dots

This is from the basic design pack, below.

summer collection

These are the classic stripes pack.

summer stripes

and my favorite, the tropical design pack!

 I designed a quick freebie for you in hopes you will be inspired to get more of the colossal collection.  I'll be adding a lot more.

Thanks again for stopping by The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, May 6, 2022

International Scrapbooking Day Large Flower Templates Fun Gnome Printables New Templates and All Kinds of Mini Album Ideas For You

Welcome to The Cherry On Top and happy International Scrapbooking Day.

Boy, have we got a lot of fun crafting and digital scrapbooking fun ready for you, today.  I've been promising to give a bit of a preview of some of the most recent printable shaped mini albums.  I've got a bunch of images ready for you.  I've got some new crafts like these large flower templates, new page layout templates, planner stickers and so much more.

We are going off of the screen a lot, lately.  We're getting out the scissors and glue and crafting several projects every single week.  I was recently asked to design large flower templates.  These are really fun and you are going to love how crazy easy they are, too.  Print out the pages, cut the simple shapes, layer them as you like and customize to perfection.

Use them for decoration, gifts and more.  Click on any image to get to Plus at Design Bundles and grab the items that follow.

large flower templates

Here's some more designs with Spring Gnomes.  A fun, fun and insanely easy printable journal.

Spring Gnomes Journal

Print these pages out back to back as shown, above, fold down the middle and maybe cut off any excess you don't want from around the edges.  Use those colored rubber bands to bind your book.  Use it as a journal or a mini scrapbook.

Spring Gnomes

Pop into Plus and check out the AutiAusum Collection.  There are 7 packs including stickers, templates, frames, elements, papers...

AutiAusum Collection

We are still designing templates.  You can find them weekly at Plus in Design Bundles as well as in Kreative Design Studio on occasion.  Here's a look at some of the latest templates in Plus.

digital templates

digital templates

Love Your Selfie

Look for this color palette and even more fun templates in Plus.

Film Strip Templates

I used a fun collection from Art & Life Scraps.  I think you might be able to relate.

Smile Please Template

Clever Monkey Graphics match great with our templates.  Find Tracey's goodies at Sweet Shoppe.

Strips Please

Let's move on to more fun mini scrapbooks made in minutes.

Baby Girl

Find both Baby Girl and Boy Mini Scrapbooks in Plus along with a huge collection from both.  This mini can be used to make cards, tags and more.

Baby Boy

You know there is a girly version to this cute mini album.

Baby Boy Collection

The Cutest Little Camper Shaped Mini Scrapbook to scrap your camping adventures.  There's a template included with the printables so you can quickly clip in your photos, print, cut and slap this baby together.

Cutest Little Camper

If these papers look familiar it is because they are from our Mother's Day Collection.  Look for more of it in Plus.

Mother's Day Apron

We've got several designs trending at Design Bundles. Steam Punked Papers

Steam Punked

Our Boho Collection is also rocking!  Just look at these papers.

BoHo Collection

These foliage and flower clusters are pretty, too.  They make scrapping fast and beautiful.

BoHo Collection

Boho Papers

We've designed all kinds of graduation goodies.  Here's just a tiny taste.

Grad Girl Mini

Two sassy graduation collections including this Class of 2022 mini album. 

Class of 2022

Gorgeous Grad Papers

Gorgeous Grad

Gorgeous Grad

Our exploding box cards are so easy to cut, fold and adhere.  All of our paper projects have mini tutorials in the shop.  My plan is to add more in depth tutorials to the blog.  We'll see if we can swing it for more challenging projects.  These boxes make fun mini scrapbooks and can be a gift box, too.

Gorgeous Grad

Design your very own printable planner stickers with our template or simply print the free page that comes with the template.

Printable Planner Stickers

You know, I just had to offer you something sweet.  This blog is full, full, full of freebies including this new one.  Enjoy!  It's a free cluster from the Rainbows and Unicorns Collection in Plus.  There are 7 other packs that coordinate with the cute elements.

free cluster

I hope you enjoy this scrapbooking extravaganza weekend and don't forget digital template lovers, The Cherry On Top shop is still open at GingerScraps.  Grab all of our templates at a crazy discount this weekend.

Happy scrapping!