Friday, January 31, 2020

Scrapbooking Inspiration, Last Day to Save, New Templates and an Important Announcement

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today's blog is full of scrapbooking delight.  I've got new templates in the shop, gorgeous page inspiration to get your MoJo going, a few important announcements and I also want to remind you that today is the LAST day to save our shop's 40% off sale at GingerScraps.

We have got so much going on.  Next month, starting tomorrow (I know, right?!) is going to be just as busy as always. So pretty please, come back tomorrow for an update and all of the new, fabulous freebies.

If you're a titanic size titles lover or a fancy cutting machine user, today's templates will be perfect for you.  No kitties required for these templates, but we do love our kitties.

 A New Start Templates

I bought these adorable Commercial Use,kitty templates from Miss Tiina and I couldn't wait to use them.  They might show up in a kit some day, but for now, they are in these templates.  We've got a white kitty so I just had to go there.

If you remove the cats, you can see that these templates can be used for anything.  Keep scrolling to see some different ways how to use them and tomorrow, I have another example in the form of a freebie.

 A New Start

Tip:  I wanted to show you how you can use the templates as a quick page.  I simply clipped in some adorable pics of JJ with Pluisje.  You could even just add some texture to the title and maybe a coordinating background paper.  We've got several customers who use our templates as quick pages.  GREAT!  Anything to get you scrapping.  Especially, when time is of the essence.

Tip: You can always change out "My Cat" and put another title there using a nifty alpha from your favorite designer.

 A New Start Templates
A New Start Templates

 A New Start Templates

 A New Start Templates

See!  No kitties!  Rachelle from Bits N' Pieces even changed the juxtaposition for another look.

 A New Start Templates

 A New Start Tempaltes
A New Start Templates ReginaFalango

 A New Start Templates
A New Start Templates and goodies from GoDigital Scrapbooking

Speaking of Bits N' Pieces, I sometimes play with Rachelle'a kits and templates.  Here are her new ones, Zips of Love.  Pretty cool, right?!  I scrapped a friend of mine.  Epic pic!  I told her it was E-Pic!  Hehehe...I used our free BoHo Chic collection. 

 Zips Of Love
BoHo Chic freebie from TCOT and Zips Of Love from Bits N' Pieces


I've got a few new pages from my awesome crew.  Feel free to share your pages in our group.

 Toujours Templates
Toujours Templates and TraceyB goodies

LJS had a CT call and I applied along with some other scrappy friends.  I put together this page using our Only You templates and a melange of free goodies from LJS.  I still have my fingers crossed!  Did you know that Sweet Shoppe Designs has a free sample from their designers?  I've linked up LJS's, but there are a LOT more.

 Only You Templates

Last week, we released Road Trip templates. I scrapped up this page using some goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics.  Pop over to her shop TODAY and save big time!

 Road Trip Templates

Yip!  I get to stay!  GingerScraps is now my permanent home.  Yay for The Cherry!


Have you downloaded our huge, free collection from the group yet?  Be sure to read the directions and rules carefully and join us in a year long Year Book challenge.  Hopefully, by December we'll all have a beautiful year book to print out and cherish.  If you fulfill the requirements, you'll get all of the seasons for free, starting with winter.

 Our Group on FB

If freebies are your thing, you've come to the right place.  We share freebies nearly every single day across our group and page on FB and of course here, on the blog.  Today, I've got a pretty freebie from Aimee Harrison.  Her blog is full of fabulous freebies.  Take a look!

 freebie from Aimee Harrison

We hosted the Template Challenge over at GingerScraps this month.  Today is the last day to get this free template.  Tomorrow, will be all new challenges and yes!  We are hosting THREE!  Pop back over tomorrow and see what's in store for you.

 free template

Tomorrow's blog is going to be totally rock'n.  The Love For Layout Templates Train will have left the station and that means around a dozen free templates will be waiting for you.  I've got another exclusive, blog freebie for you, too.

I'll see ya at GingerScraps, in our group and tomorrow, right here.

Have a super scrap-a-licious weekend!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sweet Scrapbooking Page Inspiration, Amazing Freebies and a Free Printable Mini Album For You To Make Before Valentine's Day

Welcome To The Cherry On Top, Hybrid Hipsters!

I've got new release information from JoCee Designs and the Sweet Shoppe.  I've also got a new big project on tap that you might be interested in.  Something that will make scrapbooking really fast and CHEAP!  You can see a set of our templates that are our best sellers to date.  I've got some incredible freebies you won't want to miss and that free printable for you.

Let's dive in to the scrappy abyss!

 Only You Templates

I used our best selling templates to date on my page, here.  Last week, I showed you the star template in action.  I couldn't wait to play with today's.  A fun artistic touch, some bright vivid colors, great pictures and a really, really fun kit with all kinds of great goodies to build your page.

 Only You Templates

This year, I'm designing an enormous Year Book Collection with every intension of printing out all of my pages that I make for it.  It was the point, after all.  I wanted to be able to print out my pages, from home and bind them simply in single page sleeves. The kind that our boys have to put their thousands upon thousands of worksheets in.  Meaning CHEAP!  Just a big metal binder that I'll spiff up with the sleeves and my 8x11 pages with a Project Life kind of format.

The beauty of Project Life is its simplicity.  You can save a lot of time and money if you go this route.  If you love to scrap or love scrapbooking pages and just don't have the time, money or in my case, the materials needed, then this is certainly the way to go.

I've designed 10 basic templates 8x11 inches that can very easily be altered in a variety of ways over and over again.  I also experimented and saw that is was nearly as easy to turn them into a 12x12 inch page, which you'll see a bit further down.

Clip your photos in the spots, add a stroke for contrast if you like and a couple of embellishments and you're finished!  You could just use all pictures or you could also use some journal cards.  There are free journals cards in this blog and around the internet so you can see how inexpensive your album can be.  You might even have everything you need already.

This page uses the same kit from Jo, Shutter Bug and it took me 9 minutes to scrap.  Don't forget that there are APPS for Project Life, too!

Here's a peek at my templates.  One will be free in an upcoming newsletter.  I'll be giving a few free ones throughout the year with the project and the rest will go in the shop.

Here's an example of one at 12x12 with just a few short steps.

 FB Group for Freebie

I'll be having this free portion ready any day now.  It's most of the Winter portion for the Year Book Collection.  The other portion will be exclusively for newsletter recipients.  Make sure you are in the group.  It's the only way to get the large portion and to participate in the Progressive Scrap.

You'll receive this portion to download.  You will be required to design 3 pages.  They could be Project Life style, 8x11 (ish) or 12x12 inches.  Once you have completed 3 NICE pages  (Do not just throw something together!  You're getting a lot of fantastic free stuff, here!  It's the least you can do!  Hehehe...) and put them in the Winter album, you'll be eligible to receive the next (spring) pack for free.  When you do the three pages, post them in the correct'll get the next season...I'm warning you!  You'll have to wait until that season.  I don't have them all finished yet.  So be patient, scrap beautiful pages and build yourself a lovely Year Book along with The Cherry!

Newsletter Exclusive

How about 52 free, coordinating journal cards?!  Shoo wee!  We had a huge endeavor last year.  I failed miserably as expected.  Hehehe...I gave away 52 cards.  You were supposed to customize them if you wanted with pictures and or your own journaling and turn them into a mini album.  I gave explicit directions and several tutorials along the way to help as much as possible.  I did not finish my album.  I did print and cut all of my cards out, but I didn't finish adding all of the photos.  Boo!  I hope you did?

 Free 52 Reasons Why I Love You

The images are linked up for you!  There's even a video somewhere in the mix.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry!  We'll be back next Friday and Saturday with more hybrids, freebies and scrapbooking delightfulness!

Happy scrapping!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Travel Inspired Digital Scrapbooking Templates, Layout Love and Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

New templates are in the shop.  There are plenty of pages to inspire you.  So many different ways to use these templates!  You're going to love them!  Keep scrolling for more digital freebies from us and other generous designers around DigiLand.

 Road Trip Templates

As we were driving down the street in the fall, we drove through a whirl wind of colorful leaves.  The road was slick and glowing and the grassy shoulders were white with frost.  It was so pretty and I thought for sure I had to turn that into a template.  It would be a big challenge and you know how much I love a challenge.  Or course, I could not have done it without the help of GS Creations and her fabulous templates.

Let me show you a few different ways to use these.

This first page is mine, using Aimee Harrison's Deep Freeze collection.  I saw the mountains in her collection and thought they were just what this template needed.  Though, my original idea was to place a huge photo "outside", I thought I'd play and see what else we can do.  The picture in the review is from cousin's wife.  We don't get much snow in Flanders.  Keep scrolling for more ideas.

Road Trip templates and Deep Freeze from Aimee Harrison Designs

 Road Trip Templates
Road Trip templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

 Road Trip templates
Road Trip Templates and goodies from LouCee Creation

 Road Trip Templates

 Road Trip Templates
Road Trip templates and more fabulous goodies from Lou!

 Road Trip Templates
Road Trip Templates and Stormy Weather from Clever Monkey Graphics

Road Trip Templates and goodies fro Kim Cameron Designs

Road Trip Templates
Road Trip Templates and a mix of stash

 Road Trip Templates

 Road Trip Templates

Road Trip Templates and more goodies from Kim Cameron

 Road Trip Templates

 Road Trip Templates
Road Trip Templates and Au Naturel and Travel Pack from TCOT

Heartstrings Scrap Art template and Leap Of Faith Collection

Free Template in the GingerScraps Forum

A few more days to download!

 Exclusive Newsletter Freebie

 Free in the group on FB!
Join our Progressive Scrap this year, in the group!

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry.

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Digital Scrapbook Inspiration, Templates and a Free Book Marker Template For You For Hybrid Saturday

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday at The Cherry On Top.

Ever since I started designing for dollars hehehe...I've had to cut back on some projects and unfortunately hybrids have been hit hard, but I do have it in mind to bring them back on a more regular basis.  If hybrids are yo' thang, then keep in touch!

Today, I've got pretty page inspiration using JoCee Designs newest kit, Everyday Moments found in the Sweet Shoppe.  Check out my fun, free bookmark template, too! I'm also showing off some of our newer packs of templates.  We're keeping it short, but it's pretty sweet!

This is my page using Jo's new kit and my Only You templates.  To date, these templates are our most popular!  Thanks so much for those of you supporting The Cherry!  I love this series of pictures I took of my nieces and my boys.  They are just the sweetest!

 Only You templates

Scroll back to last week's blog to see our gorgeous page inspiration!

Cindy played with Jo's new kit and paired it up with our Got Ink Templates.

 Got Ink templates

 Got Ink templates

I played further with Everyday Moments and designed a fun bookmark template for you.  Check it out and how you can use Jo's or anyone's kit to decorate it.  You'll be done in minutes!  Bookmarkers make great gifts and you can use them as tags, too. If you'd like to see a tutorial on how to go about using and printing bookmarkers, we've got one!

 Free book marker template
Free, Automatic Download For You

If you're lazy and ya just want a pretty marker, then here ya go!  Hehehe...I designed this one using our free collection, BoHo Chic.  Pop over to yesterday's blog and grab the bookmark.

Free Bookmarker

If you're just here for the free stuff or if you're looking for more hybrid inspiration take a scroll through the blog.  We're an award winning blog that's been around nearly a decade and there is a whole lot to enjoy.  Here's a free printable card for you from a previous blog.  Click on the image to get there.

 tutorial and free printable
Free Printable Card

Speaking of free...I've got this'll have to go over to the group to find out all about this portion of my Year Book series for FREE and there's more...We'll see you in the group where you can find the details, join in our scrappy talk, ask questions and show off your crafts.  We'd love to see ya there!

 group on FB

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!