Friday, June 28, 2024

Peace Love America Patriotic 4th of July Free Digital Designs Show Your Patriotism

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I designed this fun design last year and I'm giving some of it away, today. Can ya just imagine what America would be like without patriotism? Maybe a bit of what it looks like, today? (IMHO) You can't push patriotism aside and expect your country to be a true, safe, democracy lead by the people. Patriotism is the glue that holds a country, a culture or even many cultures, together. A country is only as great as the love for that country from the people living in it.

The above design is the freebie. If you want the word art and or a Commercial Use version, pop over to the shop.

The words, "Baby" and "God Bless America" are not included in the freebie.

 Click here for the free design.

I put a lot of 4th of July designs in Plus at Design Bundles. Here are just a few and there's much more. Type in "4th of July scrapbooking" and most if not all of it will show up. Otherwise try, "4th scrapbooking template".

Quick Pages


Word Art

There are plenty of paper packs, too.

Go crazy with The Cherry's designs at Plus and Kreative Design Bundles. See if this link still works for a free month Plus membership.

If you're happy where ya live. Love where you live. If you love where you live, you are a patriot.

Have a wonderful holiday, my fellow Americans! Stay true! Stay proud and show the world that America can be a model for the world. We should be standing up to the world's tyranny not participating in it. If any country can do it, it's the U.S.A.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 21, 2024

Adorable Boy Digital Scrapbooking Pages with Clever Monkey Graphics and The Cherry On Top Freebies Inside Too

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

If you've been following me for awhile, you'll know I've got two boys and boy do I love scrapbooking fun, boy pages. I'm showing off a few super fun pages from now and from the past. All of the pages uses fabulous goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics. Scroll through, enjoy the inspiration and grab a few fun, freebies to scrap your own little guy pages.

clever monkey graphics scrapbooking

Such great products!
clever monkey graphics

I love journal cards. Think project life or tags for a gift.

a mini album with journal cards

Above, I put together a really cute mini album with Clever Monkey Graphics journal cards.

digital scrapbooking word art

These would make totally rocking stickers.

Enjoy these gorgeous, family pages.

Clever Monkey Graphics

Don'cha just love all of these smiles and silliness?

scrapbooking with boys in mind

Loving all of the layers, the stitches and that film strip.

clever monkey graphics

I don't even know where to start with all of the awesome on this page. The stitches and ... just so much more.

boys scrapbook pages

Here are some of my templates that you can find in Kreative Design Studio. Check your stash and match them up with your favorite scrapbook kit, like Tracey's!

digital scrapbooking templates

The templates are Commercial Use.

gaming scrapbooking pages

I really love this game console template. Add a bevel for a super fun 3D effect.

scrapbooking boy pages

I linked up one of these images to yet another blog with more fun pages.

This was a pack of templates that you can use digitally OR you can design beautiful mini scrapbooks. I've got other blogs full of tutorials and inspiration with these.

mini album scrapbook templates

This is the digital scrapbook page.

scrapbooking boys

This is the actual, paper mini scrapbook. It's pretty easy and goes together quickly.

boy mini scrapbook

You can use the templates as actual templates and paper over the shapes, then add your photos on top as indicated or however you like. Add extra elements if you like and bind with a metal ring in the top left corner or use brads down the side.

The kit I used above for my pages is also from Clever Monkey Graphics, Boy, Oh Boy.

Below are goodies from JoCee.

boy template

boy template
Change it up and make it yours.

I keep going as I'm thinking of more fun boy freebies and pages I've got.

Click Here for the FREE Template.

This is an older freebie. If you've not grabbed it yet, what are ya waiting for?

boy word art

That's it for today.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 14, 2024

Free Rainbow Quick Page for Scrapbooking and More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got a few nifty freebies for ya, today as well as some super pretty and inspiring designs found in my shop, Kreative Design Studio. Of course, I've included your favorite ... digital scrapbooking pages. So, grab something delicious to drink, peruse through today's blog and enjoy.

free quick page

Keep scrolling for the link for today's Night Sky freebie.

night sky digital designs

Design gorgeous art for the kid's room or the classroom.

inspiring sublimation designs

Think apparel, stickers and other sublimation projects too!

celestial printables

Above, is a preview for the printables pack.

digital scrapbooking kit

Here's the entire bundle's preview and a few inspiring scrapbook page layouts.

These pages have elements from the kit in Kreative Studio and other digital elements from the creator's private stash.

night sky scrapbooking kit

I love using a dark background and bright fun elements on top.

project life template

This is such a wonderfully, fun and bright page. Doesn't it make ya smile?

free art design

This is a preview from a previous freebie. Click on the image to get to that blog and download.

Thanks for checking us out, this week. Feel free to scroll back and see what you've missed.

You're always welcome to join our newsletter and have fun with us in the group.

Happy crafting!


Friday, June 7, 2024

Free Butterfly Printable Coloring Page

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Here I was thinking I was so far ahead. I went to share the link of today's new freebie and there was no freebie!? Hehehe...

I designed a pack of ... of ... coloring pages meant to be used as journal style or scrapbooking pages for your albums. They are based on a pack of templates I designed, Freaking Awesome templates. I'm getting those in the shop super soon.

The idea is that you print out the page size desired 8x11 or 12x12 inches. I've got the pngs for ya as well. This way you can do all kinds of things with them. Including sublimation ideas like cards, stickers, mug designs and more.

Add some glitter for serious attention grabbing POW!

Look how gorgeous your pages can be.

Add some elements over the top and or a large title.

Below, is today's freebie. Just click on the image and download it.

free butterfly design

Here's an example of a digital page with today's freebie. Add a background, your photos behind the image and a few elements over the top for a fabulous play.

Here are a few freebies you've missed.

free graduation printables
A gift for the grad.

The Love For Layout Templates train.

free template

A great exploding box card for dad.

father's day exploding box card

And here are a few huge bundles I've got in my shop at Design Bundles.

soccer bundle

If making a purchase isn't possible, give your favorite products a like/heart. That helps me a lot, too.

adorable animals printables

Look at this super cute page a fan designed with the Beast, Balloons and Bubbles template and printable bundle.

I've started a challenge in our scrap-a-licious group. Get your page in and receive a beautiful pack of steam punk papers just for playing along and posting your page.

journal challenge

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!

Sunday, June 2, 2024

A Free Exploding Box Card for Dad It's So Easy

Howdy, Crafters and welcome to The Cherry On Top.

If you've been following me through the years, you may have seen this before. I used to work for Plus at Design Bundles where you can find another version of today's exploding card for dad. You'll find more coordinating goodies in Plus and I'm showing them off further in the blog.

Let's see just how easy this project is, take a look at other coordinating goodies and find out what you've missed the last few entries.

free exploding box card for Father's day

Exploding box cards are one of my favorite paper craft projects. They are crazy easy!! You hardly need any supplies and you can use exploding box cards in different ways. Let me walk ya through it.

You can choose to do it all digitally or you can print, cut out the template and add your photos to the paper template. I did mine digitally. You can get an up close look.

father's day box card
Here's the first, second and third page.

printable father's day gift

cute exploding box card

You could print your pages back to back.

Each page template is slightly smaller so it fits nicely in the box.

Consider the weight of paper you want to use. You can use cheap printer paper. No problemo! If you use a slightly heavier weight or one with a touch of shine or gloss, you'll project will look a lot better and it'll give the box a more rigid quality look. Don't use too thick a paper weight. Ya want it slightly flexible.

This project can be put together in well under an hour, depending on your skills. You don't need any skills and ya hardly need any supplies.

- printer

- template

- scissors

- adhesive

- gift card/cash/something for inside

If ya wanna go digital, you'll need a program or online service to fill in your photos. You can totally use the free software in Plus. I've got a few tutorials on how to use DesignScape and my templates.

easy paper project

Once you've filled in the template with your photos, cut out the easy cross shape and fold as shown in my previews.

easy paper project

Cut out the lid and gently fold where indicated. Use a dot of glue to keep the corners in.

As you can see, the opposite side of your template will be blank. As I mentioned, you could print back to back to avoid the white pages. You could also fill each square with a large photo. That would be really easy. I do have coordinating papers that you can find in the shop. They are linked up a little further in the blog.

You can easily add a small gift or gift card in the box.

father's day stickers
Here are some stickers I designed that coordinates with today's project.
Grab them from Plus.

Check out the papers in action on this quick and easy digital scrapbooking page.

scrapbooking page for dad
Look closely. Do ya see the joke?

masculine papers for scrapbooking

Here's another mega easy and super fun paper project you can find in Plus.

father's day bbq apron

I got the idea from an old blog I did years ago. Here's the generic version with the free template. I've also got a manly, BBQ version with a tutorial. You can find it, here.

free paper apron template

Here are a few freebies from the last couple of blogs.

free money cards
Money Cards for the Graduate

free unicorn collection
This collection is FREE and it's HUGE!!! Scroll back and get all of the goodies.

A big thanks to those of you who designed something lovely with the free collection and shared it in our scrap-a-licious group. These 2 pages are so darn cute!

unicorn template

magical unicorn free collection

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

Happy crafting!