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A Free Exploding Box Card for Dad It's So Easy

Howdy, Crafters and welcome to The Cherry On Top.

If you've been following me through the years, you may have seen this before. I used to work for Plus at Design Bundles where you can find another version of today's exploding card for dad. You'll find more coordinating goodies in Plus and I'm showing them off further in the blog.

Let's see just how easy this project is, take a look at other coordinating goodies and find out what you've missed the last few entries.

free exploding box card for Father's day

Exploding box cards are one of my favorite paper craft projects. They are crazy easy!! You hardly need any supplies and you can use exploding box cards in different ways. Let me walk ya through it.

You can choose to do it all digitally or you can print, cut out the template and add your photos to the paper template. I did mine digitally. You can get an up close look.

father's day box card
Here's the first, second and third page.

printable father's day gift

cute exploding box card

You could print your pages back to back.

Each page template is slightly smaller so it fits nicely in the box.

Consider the weight of paper you want to use. You can use cheap printer paper. No problemo! If you use a slightly heavier weight or one with a touch of shine or gloss, you'll project will look a lot better and it'll give the box a more rigid quality look. Don't use too thick a paper weight. Ya want it slightly flexible.

This project can be put together in well under an hour, depending on your skills. You don't need any skills and ya hardly need any supplies.

- printer

- template

- scissors

- adhesive

- gift card/cash/something for inside

If ya wanna go digital, you'll need a program or online service to fill in your photos. You can totally use the free software in Plus. I've got a few tutorials on how to use DesignScape and my templates.

easy paper project

Once you've filled in the template with your photos, cut out the easy cross shape and fold as shown in my previews.

easy paper project

Cut out the lid and gently fold where indicated. Use a dot of glue to keep the corners in.

As you can see, the opposite side of your template will be blank. As I mentioned, you could print back to back to avoid the white pages. You could also fill each square with a large photo. That would be really easy. I do have coordinating papers that you can find in the shop. They are linked up a little further in the blog.

You can easily add a small gift or gift card in the box.

father's day stickers
Here are some stickers I designed that coordinates with today's project.
Grab them from Plus.

Check out the papers in action on this quick and easy digital scrapbooking page.

scrapbooking page for dad
Look closely. Do ya see the joke?

masculine papers for scrapbooking

Here's another mega easy and super fun paper project you can find in Plus.

father's day bbq apron

I got the idea from an old blog I did years ago. Here's the generic version with the free template. I've also got a manly, BBQ version with a tutorial. You can find it, here.

free paper apron template

Here are a few freebies from the last couple of blogs.

free money cards
Money Cards for the Graduate

free unicorn collection
This collection is FREE and it's HUGE!!! Scroll back and get all of the goodies.

A big thanks to those of you who designed something lovely with the free collection and shared it in our scrap-a-licious group. These 2 pages are so darn cute!

unicorn template

magical unicorn free collection

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

Happy crafting!

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