Monday, January 27, 2014

Throwing Some Scraps Around & Freebies

Is it Monday already?!

Hey there fans!  Welcome back To The Cherry On Top.  Today's blog is filled with inspiration, tips, mega clustering, some designer information and of course, FREE stuff.

Throwing Some Scraps Around is one of my favourite designers.  Can you see why?  Hello, Gorgeous!!!  I won this kit and to show my gratitude, I made a layout featuring one of my favourite pictures of Jeffrey.  I got offered a job on the CT right away.  Ha!  Of course I didn't have to think about it.  Scroll further and see some other fabulous kits by Throwing Some Scraps Around.

This may have been one of my first mega clusters, ever.  I'm still ok with the way it turned out.  I'm not a great cluster-er, but there is improvement.  How do you do it?  I don't know!!!  I just keep building and building and tweaking and tweaking.  Sometimes I just can't get it right.  It has a lot to do with balance and texture and getting those shadows just right.  I don't know much about shadowing either.  It's all just a feeling.  How on earth do you explain that?!

As you can see, this particular cluster is heavier in the center and gets thinner on the way to the edges.  That's typically how I do it.  I like to involve different textures, too.  Look at the smaller cluster to the right.  I used tall and long, roundish, left to right, right to left...variety!

How about this gorgeous kit?  Chocolate Therapy is just dreamy.  I loved this shade of blue and that gem.  That gem!  Wow!  Take a look at the amazing variety in there.  Texture, colour, shape and size is all accounted for.  That's how you can make such awesome layouts and clusters.

This layout is from Jodi, herself.  She's the brains and creative wizard from Throwing Some Scraps Around.  Like me, she too has boys and is not ashamed to use some glittery bling on boy layouts.  You go, Girl!  This is one of her favourite kits.  What draws a designer to a kit?  Here's what Jodi says.  " What draws me to a kit...Nicely contrasting and varying colors. I am not into the monochromatic 

color palettes. 10 shades of pink will put me in a coma!"  Ha! Agreed, Jodi! " I like a kit to be highly realistic. '

I asked her what she doesn't like to see in a kit and that was a resounding, repetition of colour with the same element. Also, when there is no greenery. "I like to use a lot of leaves!!" I think we can all agree with that one.

These are three things she considers when designing a kit:

"1. Will whoever uses this kit have enough variety in papers to work with? When designing a kit, I usually start with papers. I like to make sure there are large and small patterned papers and enough solids for a scrapper to get a good contrast when layering the papers." 

"2. Are you offering more than one selection of each element? I try to do more than one of each type of element. 2 different buttons or a brad and a button, 2 types of bows, 2 different curly ribbons, 2 frames. I like to pick and choose and I am assuming others would like the same option when creating a layout." 

"3. I try to sit and feel something while looking at a color palette I am about to work with. Titles do not come easy to me so it may take me a while to start. Once a feeling comes to me,I try to name a kit after that feeling and design a kit around the title. I have never started a kit without naming it first. I need the direction I am going in first or I will be all over the place with it."

Here's the layout I used with Jeffrey.  He had so much that day.  I think you can see that.  I used flowers and bling, despite that a boy is the main focus.

I thought I would share another favourite layout with you.  This one means so much.  These two are childhood friends of mine.  They are brother and sister.  Unfortunately, Hugh was taken from us a long time ago by a drunk driver.  Such sadness I feel when I see this picture, but the cluster surrounding it reminds me of life, vivid with colour.  Trying to balance pain and joy is not an easy task.  This kit is called, "Glorious".  The glory days of yesterday.

Here's the same kit with a totally different twist.  I love matching colours of my photos with the papers and elements in the kit.  It brings everything together so nicely.  This one is a bit more funky and fresh.  Great versatility and quality in TSSA's kits.

I still don't know how I pulled this layout off!  Ha!  I totally scrap lifted it from Pinterest.  Another favourite picture of Liam, at the beach.  It's a new kit from Throwing Some Scraps Around and it is called, "Beach Lover" which indeed, I am.  This layout is linked up to TSSA's Blog where you can see the kit up close and get a coupon.  Yay!


Throwing Some Scraps Around has a lovely FREEBIE over on the Facebook Page as well.  I've got a TSSA board over on Pinterest, too.  It's a great place to keep up.

How about this amazing deal going on for the rest of the month?!  Get these absolutely wonderful kits for just $2.00.  Now, THAT is a price good enough for The Cherry!


As in good ole' TCOT fashion, I have a FREEBIE for you.  I made ya a little cluster using Throwing Some Scraps Around's, mini kit I picked up for free at The Studio a while back.  You better grab it fast because she's doing it up and putting it in her shop soon.  Then I have to take it down.  Enjoy it and thanks for giving me a look see.  Hehehe...


Now, go get your scrap on.  You deserve it!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Our Tweet Katie"

Good Day!

"Our Tweet Katie" is a new kit from Touched By A Butterfly.  It's super, super special because every penny sold for this kit will go directly to help Katie.  Yay!  The Creative Team has been working feverishly for Katie. We're making her a photo book of our layouts as well as spreading the word.  I've been out there spreading the word, too!  You know how much money it costs to have special children in special situations?  I know for sure!  I have a hubby with a heart condition and two kids with Autism.  My youngest goes to a special school and has three different therapists.  It costs a lot more when they need medical attention and medication as well.

So, help us out, by helping Katie.  You can read all about Katie and the fund raising on a link I'm providing.  You can "Like" her Facebook Page, share it around as much as possible.  That's almost as good as buying the kit.  The sales have been pretty good so far, but they could be better.

Here are the layouts I made for Sweet Katie and I have a freebie for you, too.  Keep scrolling to check it out and please considering purchasing this awesome, cheerful kit chock full'o goodies or make your own contribution!


Please excuse my lack of computer knowledge here.  I wanted to cut out the heart, but couldn't figure it out.  You watch!  I'll get it!  Hehehe...For now, simply shape your picture into a heart form and paste it over the heart.  You may choose to leave a little of the matting like the other letters. It could also make a cute embellishment or card!


Thank you for stopping by The Cherry On Top.  Make sure ya do it again.