Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Our Tweet Katie"

Good Day!

"Our Tweet Katie" is a new kit from Touched By A Butterfly.  It's super, super special because every penny sold for this kit will go directly to help Katie.  Yay!  The Creative Team has been working feverishly for Katie. We're making her a photo book of our layouts as well as spreading the word.  I've been out there spreading the word, too!  You know how much money it costs to have special children in special situations?  I know for sure!  I have a hubby with a heart condition and two kids with Autism.  My youngest goes to a special school and has three different therapists.  It costs a lot more when they need medical attention and medication as well.

So, help us out, by helping Katie.  You can read all about Katie and the fund raising on a link I'm providing.  You can "Like" her Facebook Page, share it around as much as possible.  That's almost as good as buying the kit.  The sales have been pretty good so far, but they could be better.

Here are the layouts I made for Sweet Katie and I have a freebie for you, too.  Keep scrolling to check it out and please considering purchasing this awesome, cheerful kit chock full'o goodies or make your own contribution!


Please excuse my lack of computer knowledge here.  I wanted to cut out the heart, but couldn't figure it out.  You watch!  I'll get it!  Hehehe...For now, simply shape your picture into a heart form and paste it over the heart.  You may choose to leave a little of the matting like the other letters. It could also make a cute embellishment or card!


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