Friday, March 31, 2023

April's Love For Layout Templates Blog Hop of Free Digital Scrapbooking Templates for Pages, Cards and More

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.

Y'all! Blogger keeps taking down my blogs as they are published. To try and have my blogs air on time, I'm publishing this blog a little early. So, if the other blogs are not live yet, be patient. What happens is I type up a blog and Blogger immediately unpublishes it claiming that my blog goes against their community standards. As if?! I've asked them to prove that claim, but of course, they cannot. I then have to request a review and then wait until they do that. They do this for nearly every blog! Double ugh, right?! I've been using Blogger for over a decade. Anyway...Rant over!  Hehehe...

Don'cha just love these scrapbooking hops? What a great way to get free templates and inspiration. I've got a pretty neat template for ya, today.  I used a beautiful laser cut file from Design Bundles for it. When I peruse Plus and Design Bundles, I think how I can use the products I see for scrapbook products and other digital designs and you can, too.

If you're not in Plus yet and have never been, use this link and try it out for free. I've stuffed Plus full of digital templates and huge digital scrapbooking collections.  Type in "scrapbook" in the search and start using up all of those free points with the link I gave ya. My templates all have the same color scheme to make them easy to find.

Keep scrolling for more free templates.

free scrapbook template

My team loved the new template and designed some lovely pages to inspire you. Speaking of team members, I sure could use more ladies on the team. If you are interested in making pages with my templates and designs contact me via e-mail or FB. I'd love a hybrid chick, too.

scrapbook layout

scrapbook template

Let the background take over and show off your favorite pics or just use the pretty template to make a paper design. It would make a stunning card, too.

free template

Chere Kaye Designs was the stop before mine. Next up is Blue Heart Scraps. Drop off your pages in our group. We love to see what ya do.

Did ya participate in the Scrap-A-Thon, last month? I gave away a lot of free stuff and prizes, too.  There were 20 challenges.  You can still go through and do the challenges for the rest of the year. Feel free to add them to the albums in our group if you like. Challenges are a great way to amp up your scrapping game and get pages done for albums. Below are some of the freebies and some page examples from a few of the scrappy sisters that participated in the Scrap-A-Thon.

recipe challenge

large title template

I couldn't choose what page to show!

love template

free template

Another super cute page with a Cherry template from Ruth.

scrapbooking with banners

Another free template for you.

free digital template

A great page from Cathy.

free template

I started off the event with a surprise free template. Head over to the blog where the event started and see what template is waiting for you.

digital scrapbooking templates

digital templates

Kaitlyn just joined my team. Yay! Her pages she made for the challenges were stunning.

beautiful scrapbook page

That's right! Yet another free template!

free template

I know!  I know! It pays to follow The Cherry.

L O V E template

Hilary made a great page.

free template

I spent days making these templates and boy are the pages fantastic.

floral digital templates

digital layouts

My newest addition to the Kreative Design Studio in Design Bundles is Pink Punk. I put it all together in a bundle or you can grab the packs ya like. I've got a lot of inspiration in the galleries in the shop.

pink punk collection

Thank you for stopping by The Cherry.  Enjoy the rest of the hop, grab our other free templates, join in on the scrap-a-thon and consider supporting The Cherry with a purchase at either GingerScraps or Kreative Design Studio.

Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Planner Mockups 2 in DesignScape and PhotoShop Elements Make Your Digital Products Look Awesome

I've got a new product in the Kreative Design Studio, crafters.

I'm showing off my newest versatile template mockup. I've made two videos using it in both PSE and DesignScape. I just love templates/mockups like this and of course, I like the way I do. I've got tons and tons of mockups that are psd, but Lawd! They take SO long to get just right and they just aren't easy to use. Give ours a try and see what you think.

planner mockup


DesignScape is the free software that comes with your Gold Plus membership.  If you haven't tried out Gold yet, here's a link for one free month.  You'll love it!

We'll see if this video actually works. I've never tried it before. 

mockup templates tutorial

With the layered version, you can add your products to display both under and over our elements.

realistic desktop

If you want to save time or you don't have the software or know how to change up the template, use the flat, jpg version. There is still a lot you can do with it. Simply add your products over the image and add shadows if you've got them to match ours for a more realistic look. 

You can also increase the size of the entire image for a different look or to zoom in on wherever you want customer focus.

mockup templates tutorial

As you can see by the layers, these mockups are cropped. It still allows for a lot of customization. No worries!

planner mockups

See how different? The above mockup has been enlarged and I simply adjusted the color and saturation of the flat image. Easy peasy! I show ya how in the second video.

mockup templates tutorial

You'll have a gorgeous mockup ready in seconds.  Really!

Here are a few other Versatile templates. You can keep using these over and over because you change them slightly each time and change the colors of the elements or layers to match whatever it is you're wanting to promote or sell.

sassy mockups for product display

I've included a lot of elements in the Sassy mockup, above. This way you can use it for all kinds of products and the colors certainly are modern and eye catching. Think it's too much? Delete the layers you don't want and use it over and over to show off the same product or collection, but in a different way. It'll look super professional.

Below is my all time favorite template mockup. It took me a really long time to design, but of course, I needed a scrapbook type of mockup to display my many scrapbooking designs. There are a lot of people out there that do not know the difference between a real product display and a mockup. My goal is to make it tough to tell, yet still really simple to orchestrate.

scrapbook mockup

This is my most popular mockup. I use it a lot. Zoom in on certain parts and enjoy the free sticker templates that come with the mockup.

mockup templates tutorial

You may have seen this mockup before. I use it a lot. Too, much!  Which is why I made more planner style, desktop template mockups.  Hehehe...

planner templates
Those are our galaxy designs. You can find them in our shop and Plus.

Show off your fabulous sublimation designs with our mockups. They look professional and are easy to customize. Watch the videos and other videos on our YT channel to learn more.

hoodie mockup

You will love how quick and easy it is to use these kinds of mockups. You could watch the first video to learn other ways to change up jpg or flat mockups that you either bought from us or from other designers.

I keep adding to the Pink Punk Collection and have the BUNDLE ready for Friday release. There are only a few days left to enjoy 50% off and I'm not sure when I'll be having another sale.  Take advantage of the deep discount. 

pink punk collection

Beside scrapbooking and paper crafts, Pink Punk can be used for just about anything.  Especially, sublimation ideas!

pink punk printables

punk rock printables

punk rich planner printables
Here's the mockup in action!

Thanks to those of you that participated in the Scrap-A-Thon. If ya missed it scroll back, start from the beginning and scrap a long with The Cherry at your own pace. All 20 challenges are great for motivation and a super place to get started scrapbooking and we've given away a lot of freebies.

If you are ever looking for something in particular like a design, a scrapbooking kit, a custom scrapbook with your photos or custom mockups, give us a shout. You can always ask.

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

You Are Going to Love the Final Scrapbooking Challenge in The Cherry On Top's Scrap-A-Thon

Well, well, well, scrappers!

We've done it. We made it all the way through TWENTY CHALLENGES. Goodness, gracious! Some of you were keeping right up there with me. That was SO awesome! If you're joining in late, welcome. Feel free to follow our challenges at any time. At your own pace. I'll leave up the links to all of the free stuff as long as I have space. You may add your pages to our albums in our group, any time this year. We'd love to see what you've done.

For the last challenge, I'm giving you, yet again, another free template. You do NOT have to use this template for this challenge and you may use goodies from any designer.  This challenge is all about love. I want you to scrapbook Who you love, What you love, Where you love...You may scrapbook anything you love. That's it! Easy, right?

Both of my shops are still 50% off, but only until the end of the month and I don't plan on putting it on sale for a while.  So, get to either The Cherry On Top at GingerScraps or Kreative Design Studio at Design Bundles.

I'm showing off a few of my pages with things and people I love for some inspiration.You know I love page inspiration. Oh! Did you know I had two boards on Pinterest with over thousands of pages to inspire you?! Thousands of Ideas for Scrapbook Layouts and Thousands of Scrapbook Templates and Inspiration. Nearly all of the pages are either my pages or my templates. I must have been at this a long time? Hehehe...

owl be there templates

I LOVE my chickens.  You may note, there are no exclusive dog or cat pages in this blog. Hehehe...Our current dog and cat, though beautiful and adorable, are very hard to love! Wink! Wink! I used goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics found at Sweet Shoppe.

owl be there templates

Ya know the hubs had to make this blog. I scrapped us up with more goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics and a super fun gnome template I designed from simple shapes. That hat took me forever! I don't have the template available yet, but I do have a bundle of Valentine Gnome designs in Kreative Design Studio along with other gnome Christmas templates and printables in the shop.

Valentine gnome designs

Scrapbook designs are awesome for sublimation!

valentine gnome designs

I put my heart and soul into the Optimism Collection found in GingerScraps. To show it off, I whipped up a really cool mockup. This is a template that you can use to show off your digital pages and designs.

scrapbook mockup
Find the template in Plus and use those FREE credits.

There are a few Autism related templates in Plus as well. I'm only showing off a few. For the record! I do not love Autism and neither do my boys. Hehehe...I do love this collection and these really fun puzzle templates, though and of course, that handsome young blond in the pictures.

autism template

Go crazy with digital templates!

autism and mental garbage scrapbook kit

I'm forever grateful and love my family to bits. Here we are in a restaurant we all love in Cochem, Germany. The food is very traditional and even the locals frequent this place. The wine is awesome and so is the axe. That's basically the leg of a pig, served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Mmmm...

pumpkin spice templates
My Pumpkin Spice Template

This is a beautiful photo of the village I live in. It's nestled wonderfully between steep mountains and the Mosel River. It's a tourist hot spot because it's got all kinds of great hiking trails for all levels. Even the daring, adrenaline junkies. You can take a swim in the scorching summer and take pictures of extraordinary views. It's impossible not to love this place.

winter scrapbooking
More designs from Clever Monkey Graphics.

I absolutely loved being a teacher and may try it again some day. This template is from my School Rules collection and the goodies are from Clever Monkey Graphics.

school template

Here are some great vacation photos of one of our many trips to Spain. I love Spain and I love this desktop style template. If you do too, then hit up our Planner or desktop templates in both GingerScraps and Kreative Design Studio. We've got at least three sets.

desktop templates
Yip!  More awesome from Clever Monkey Graphics.

I'm a bit passionate about food if you didn't know that. I grow some of our food and use mostly fresh, organic ingredients in our meals. It really helped with the boy's autism and of course, we feel great, too. I love food, but I do not love to cook. Go figure?

master chef templates
Master Chef templates and designs from Aimee Harrison.

cooking scrapbook kit
If ya love kitchen scrapbooking goodies check out this huge bundle.

If you've been following The Cherry for a while, then you know that wine had to make the list, too. I prefer white. Especially German wine. It's sweet and full of body. Reminds me of myself. Hehehe...You can tell by the pictures that I'm most pleased with my glass of wine and this was (ugh) our all time favorite restaurant, too. They closed recently. Boo hoo hoo...

Aimee Harrison designs

I thought y'all might love a country style page. That's our place in Germany and Aimee Harrison designs. Ahh...back when it used to rain and we had actual blue skies not polluted with geoengineering. (You knew I had to throw that in there.)

country style scrapbooking

If you ever get a chance to go to the Mosel region in Germany, then you surely have to hit up Cochem and Beilstein. These are small German villages that are packed with restaurants, cafes, WINE and much more. You'll love it. Promise! (See! The dog did make a cameo appearance. Hehehe...)These templates are really awesome, too.

round and round templates

What do ya think of the free template I've got for ya?  Tell me how much you love it in the comments and by all means, share around our blog links with your friends who might also love all of this scrapbooking deliciousness.  We'd love ya for it!

free template

You've only got a few more days to get your pages in the albums. There are still prizes to be won in the group. Design Bundles has a treat for the winners besides the FREE MONTH PLUS Membership.  Cool, eh? We'd love to see you there.

Thanks for visiting our blog and for joining us for the Scrap-A-Thon. If it's something you'd like to see again, let me know. I may be inclined to have another go, but I'd certainly like more participation.

Happy scrapping!