Thursday, March 16, 2023

Scrapbooking with Mandalas for Recipe Challenge #18 and Page and Craft Inspiration

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top.

Just two more challenges to go after this one. Isn't that exciting? This challenge is a Recipe Challenge. You follow the directions at the bottom of this blog and design your page.

Will help inspire you, set you up with some mandalas if you need those we'll show off some goodies from our shop which we hope you'll visit.

mandala scrapbook pages

My goodness these are gorgeous pages.  What do ya think?

scrapbooking with mandalas

These are all from my Mandala Magic Templates that you can find in the Kreative Design Studio.  I love how page below shows off the pretty mandala butterfly and our Flamzing Collection. You can get the PU collection at GingerScraps and the CU in our Studio.

mandala scrapbook page

Templates are ideal for sublimation projects! Just look how pretty this tote would be.

mandala sublimation

mandala templates

recipe challenge for scrapbooking

Take digital designs, templates and paper to your walls.

mandala art

This is the pretty paper pack. There's only a few more days to enjoy the 50% off at the shop.

mandala scrapbook paper

Y'all!  Plus has all kinds of totally awesome mandala designs.  I even saw some beautiful earring designs. I only designed one thing with a mandala for the short time I was at Plus and that was this cuttable style template. If you still have not used up your FREE Month's Credits with the Gold Plus membership, it is not too late. You'll be able to get soooo many free downloads. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

mandala templates

mandala heart

mandala heart template

Here's another really cool design in Plus. A turtle with a mandala design. Just imagine all the things you can make with it. Sublimation designs for sure, but what else? Journal cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, tags, stickers...Don't let me stop ya!

I found the below design in the FREE section at Design Bundles.  There's a lot more over there. See what you can get to pimp up your digi stash.

By now, you know exactly what to do. For this challenge the only requirement is that you follow the directions carefully and that a mandala is the main part of your page design. You can use a stamp or the one from our Very Vintage Collection which you may have gotten at the Speed Scrap. Below, are the directions for the Recipe Challenge.

Recipe Challenge #18 Directions:

#1   Take a mandala design, mandala stamp or a doily and blow it up to the full size of a 12x12 page or document.

#2   Line the mandala to the right so the center of it is cut right in half. Half on the page and half off.

#3   Crop or cut your 1/2 mandala and copy or duplicate it.

#4   With the other half, slide it to the left side of your page so it's just like the one on the right.

#5   Mat a larger, longer photo with at least 3 different colored layers.

#6   Place the photo just to the left of the center.

#7   Mat another, slightly smaller photo with the same 3 layers or the same three colors.

#8   Place the smaller photo just over the right bottom corner of the larger photo.

#9   Give each photo a slight angel in the direction that looks best.

#10 Align a small to medium sized cluster in the middle, bottom of the 2 photos.

#11 Finish to perfection.

Pop that page in the album in our group by March 26th and you could win more big prizes.  Go on back through the Scrap-A-Thon and see what you've missed.  I've given away a lot of free digital scrapbooking templates that you will not want to miss out on.

I hope you're enjoying this event.  There's only 2 more challenges to go!  I'll see ya soon.

Happy scrapping!

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