Sunday, March 5, 2023

Scrapbooking Challenge #10 in The Cherry On Top's Scrap-A-Thon

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, crafters.

We are halfway through the 20 challenges when we finish this one. Shoo...Doesn't that feel great? I'm very pleased to see the albums filling up with your lovely pages. I appreciate all of your comments and sharing our links with your friends.  That helps a lot.

Today's challenge might make you grumble just a bit. Hehehe... That is the point, right? To get you to do things you might not normally do? I'm one of those feisty, pesky, pushy kinds of people, but you probably already knew that. So, if you need a push for this challenge, Just Do It! Hehehe.... There it is. Better than that, I'll give you all kinds of inspiration and maybe then you'll be excited about it.

I designed a whole lot of hybrid designs for Plus at Design Bundles.  I'll show off a few of those to give you ideas or maybe even template help for your own hybrid creation.  Do you have any points left from your FREE one month GOLD membership? Click that link to get yours!

exploding box card

This is an insanely fun and easy project.  I think kids would really get a kick out of it and you will, too.  I'd scrap it all up digitall, print it out and then put it together, but if you are the type that likes to get glue on your fingers and glitter...everywhere, then print out your pictures if you are going to use those or print out all of the little extras you'd like to use in your mini and have fun.

printable mini scrapbook

Without exaggerating, you can make a project like this in under an hour.  If you've got even a littler experience, maybe under half an hour.

Mother's Day gift

Since Mother's Day isn't all that far away, here's a little something that she might just love.  It's that same template but designed for mom.  Isn't it so precious? There is plenty of room for a small gift, too.

box card mini scrapbook

Design your own card.  If you duplicate the shape, you can turn it into a mini album.

baby girl mini album

Sometimes I can get so excited about a project I'm working on.  I throw it in the shop and...and...crickets.  Other times, I am underwhelmed with a design and it does well.  Go figure!  This design below was one of those...fails? I still love it and I got the idea from my kid's book.  It was shaped just like this.  You can use the design over and over for any theme you like.  It makes a great mini album, but of course, you could make a book as well with it, right?

printable mini scrapbook

This is definitely a project you can have finished in minutes.  Slap your pictures on the pages, print, cut the easy shapes and bind.

beach scrapbooking

Another easy template for you with a vintage flair.  This one was a lot more successful.  Maybe I should turn the able album into a vintage one?  People sure do like the old stuff.  I guess I'm good to go! Hehehe...

vintage mini album

Y'all!  This set of templates has to be one of my all time favorites.  You talk about versatility? You can scrap these like desktop templates or you can go hybrid.  Isn't that just the bee's knees?

scrapbook templates
These are 50% off at GingerScraps

I've got several blogs with explicit directions on how to create and make these mini albums using the super fun templates.  Here's one.

girls mini scrapbook

Here's mine with the boy version.  Scrapped up so fast!

boys mini album

Here is what it looks like desktop style.  This would make a great artistic style page as well.

scrapbook templates

Here's the blog on how to whip up this kind of mini album.

printable mini album

These are some fun spring stickers I designed. Yip! They are 50% off in the Kreative Design Studio. That's another hybrid project for you to consider and I used a mockup to show them off.

spring stickers

To be clear. You must create your own hybrid project. You may use templates to do this if necessary. Other hybrid projects would be cards, stickers, planner printables, bookmarks...I'd even consider sublimation projects that you finish. I want to see either a photo of your finished hybrid challenge or you can use a mockup for it if you don't have a printer. Mockups are also available at Plus.

I'll see you and your projects in the group or in the forum at Design Bundles.  We'll be back with another challenge soon!

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