Thursday, March 9, 2023

Lucky #13 Scrapbooking Challenge is Scrapbook Layouts Without Flowers You Can Do It!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, crafters.

Is this going to be one heck of a challenge or what?!  I know some people LOVE pages without flowers. Believe it or not, there are scrapbookers out there that do not like flowers on scrapbook page layouts with men or boys as the main photo or photos. I know! I know!

I used to have to get my son's approval on my digital pages I designed with them on it. The only thing they said that was important was NO pink or only just a little pink. Hehehe...That's not too ridiculous. They did not mind flowers in any way shape or form.

Since I started designing Commercial Use for Commercial Use products, I've had to pretty much abandon those lovely, typical silky scrapbooking flowers because I can't find any CU for CU. If you know of some, link a sister up, already! So, I've had to scrapbook without flowers, lately. BOO!!!! Hehehe...It is sometimes challenging, but you know me. I LOVE a CHALLENGE!

I'm going to give you some inspiration, of course and a few tips on great ways to replace flowers as we go.

There is still time to get your FREE one month trial of GOLD membership at Plus in Design Bundles if you've not done that yet.  Time is running out, though.  I've got SO many scrapbooking designs in Plus. You won't have any problem using up those 50 FREE credits. Trust me!

baby safari designs

Above, I've got the Baby Safari Collection in action. I have NO FLOWERS on my page and it is such a super cute page, right?

Below, again no flowers. Do you see a connection with these two pages? Large elements! They both feature a very large image AND hehehe...large titles.

Take up your space with other large elements and titles.

scrapbook yourself

See? Large trees, adorable monkeys and a large title. That's simply design paper, the title and my matted photos.

baby safari scrapbooking

I know, I often show off super intricate scrapbooking pages, but they don't always have to be like that. The pages I'm showing you now are super simple. They are easy and fast to scrap. They are great to save you time and if you ever want to give scrappy stuff as a gift, it's better to under do it than over do it. UNLESS!!  Hehehe... You know they love scrap stuff.  

There is nothing worse than working hours and or weeks on a gift and it is under appreciated. Ugh!

manly scrapbook page

I designed a very masculine Father's Day collection of super fun goodies for Plus.  Check it out!  Below are my rather popular Galaxy Papers. I've got a large photo, some contrasting and accenting layers, a large title and one element.  Easy!

galaxy scrapbook paper

Here are a few pages with the Travel Collection. Check out how I clustered the elements without using flowers. Ok, there are flowers on the paper, but that's OK.  For this challenge you just can't use flowers as elements.  No!  Not even one!!! Hehehe...

travel scrapbook collection

travel stickers

I designed an entire mini album of bright and super cute scrapbook pages, Oh, Snap! You can grab them all, insert your photos and design the cutest darn camera box to hold them all in. Did you see that project?! You or the kids will love it! Keep scrolling for images and inspiration.

bright scrapbook layout

Go big, go small, go square, go circular...

camera scrapbook paper

camera mini scrapbook

camera shape mini album

Isn't that such a fun mini album idea?  You'll love how quickly it all comes together and it looks cute on the living room shelf, too.

scrapbook template

Above are our newest New Year's or party templates found in Kreative Design Studio. No flowers and a great recycle job of the elements on the template.

Below, is our Choc-O-Holic Bundle. Try a desktop style page for your flowerless page.

chocolate scrapbook paper

The Country Collection in Plus provides a whole lot of awesome with and without flowers.

cowgirl scrapbook page

So?  Think you are ready for this challenge?  I'm sure you'll do great!

Bring your page to the forum at Design Bundles or join us in the group.  Put all of your pages in the corresponding albums along with the other ladies and win prizes for doing so.

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

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