Friday, April 1, 2022

Free Scrapbooking Goodies and Wonderful New Designs Found in Plus in Design Bundles

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm absolutely thrilled you are here.  We've got the ever popular, Love For Layout Template blog train on tap.  I can't wait to show you the newest templates in Plus.  I've got some new designs in Kreative Design Studio.  There's a new vintage collection in the making that I'm sure you are going to love and I've got an extra freebie for you that coordinates with our HUGE Garden Glory Collection.  So, let's get into it!  (I love, Self Sufficient Me!  He's a gardener from Down Under that I found on You Tube.  He's so darn silly.  He reminds me of myself, entirely.  I resonate with his love for home grown food and he's wonderfully corny.)

I felt a bit like a cheat with the last few templates, but it's that or nothing, frankly.  At least for now.  I've debated sticking with the train, but I've been doing it for SO long, I just can't imagine stopping.  Tell me how much you appreciate the hundreds of free templates and other designs I've been giving away all of these years, in the comments below.  It's great incentive to keep doing it!

Keep scrolling for the link.

If you ever get lost along the way, pop over to the group.  You came from Scrap Chat and your next stop is Kakleidesigns.

Here's a simple page for ya.  Think of maybe using the layers as a background and adding pictures on top of that.  It'll give this template a whole other spin.  The focus on the pictures is ideal.

Without getting too salesy, let me explain what Plus is all about because a lot of people have been asking and most people know, I'm pretty darn good at in a nutshell.  There are three different kinds of membership.  There's Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Respectively, you pay about either $8, $12 or $19 a month.  You receive credits of 10, 20 and 50 respecitvely.  Each item is one credit.  You can get a paper pack, a template, a fun craft printable, etc for 1 credit.  So, you'd get 20 products for $12 if ya got the Silver Plan and a whopping 50 products a month with the Gold Plan.  That's only .37 cents per item, right?  I failed algebra three times.  So, there is a chance I've got this wrong.  Hehehe...Yes, the credits do carry over if for some crazy reason you don't use them all that month.  I design about 60 products per month.  If ya love our stuff and want it all, then you'd better go for Gold!

Some of last week's templates from Plus.  In Circles, Tri Again and Simple Spreads 2 and 3.

Though scrapbooking isn't Design Bundles biggest genre, there's a great selection.  If you are into other crafts like svg's, sublimation and embroidery then I totally recommend you join all of the fun spots.  There are several groups, a totally awesome You Tube channel and they even have a forum, too.  I post at least weekly in the forum and if you feel more comfortable posting in a place like that, then share your creations with us.

My page with Garden Glory and In Circles

Simple Spreads 2 and Hold My Beer from Art & Life Scraps found at the  Studio.

If you are surfing the web looking for page inspiration, then you've come to the right place.  Here are a few more pages with one of my favorite designers, Clever Monkey Graphics.  You can find her goodies at Sweet Shoppe.

A fun cuttable found in Plus and more from Tracey.

I told you about our huge Garden Glory Collection.  Here is just some of it.  I'll be adding more next week in the form of clusters and word art.  Am I missing something?  Let me know in the comments.  I'm debating seed envelopes, garden markers...

I've designed pages and pages for you to keep track of your gardening adventures!

The Flowers N' Trees Pack.

The Fruit N' Veg Pack.

If you are into sublimation, consider our designs and papers for things like garden flags.

How do you use journal cards besides for basic scrapbooking page layouts?  How about mini albums?  Stickers?  Seed envelopes?  Book markers?  Extra pockets?  Do not underestimate the usefulness of pocket cards.

This is the first pack of pocket cards.

Here's the second.

How about some recipe cards to give along with your home made items from the garden?

An alpha is always nice.  Our plain wood tiles are still on the Trending page at Plus.  Check them out!

Here's a page idea with the papers and journal cards.  Pocket scrapbooking is super fast and easy.

Word Bits can also come in handy.  Keep scrolling to see how I used them to make a frame.

Word Bits from Garden Glory

Our Bee Paper Pack is also Trending in Plus!  Thanks if you are a part of that!

Designing and scrapbooking with our items in Plus is fast, easy and so pretty.

Keep scrolling to get this free word bit frame.

In our next blog, we'll be showing off a bunch of our printable, hands on scrapbook mini albums.

Easy, right?  You don't need a fancy cutting machine or a lot of supplies.  I often include some kind of tutorial via the gallery as well.  So you're not on your own.

Cuttable lovers, you are going to love our cuttables in Plus.  Here are our newest.  Look under cut files and find a whole lot more designs that can be used for scrapbooking pages, too.

Y'all know how much I love my kitties.  Have at this super fun cuttable and template.

Keep your eyes out for the mini's I put in Plus.  They are always a hit!  Here's the newest one.

OK, I know y'all just love your vintage scrapbooking products.  I'm working on another large collection.  On top of solids, plaids, dots, flowers...I've also designed some with music notes.

Get both the music and flowers pack and you'll also get all of the solids.

Here you can see some of the Vintage Stripes, Buffalo Plaids and Dots packs.

Here is a pack of papers I made for my shop, Kreative Design Studio.  They took me so long to design.  I'm totally in love with the colors.

I used the papers to design a few craft projects for Plus.

Some stackable boxes...You can also put them inside each other.

I've also updated our top hat template and used the design for it.  Insanely awesome!

It all started with me wanting a fun design for my iPad cover.  I wanted it to be inspiring, bright, goth meets steam punk...How did I do?  This image is a visual representation of my brain!  Hehehe...It's everywhere and a little scary!

Here's the freebie that coordinates with Garden Glory.

An abbreviated or not so abbreviated look at some of the things I've been working on for Plus.  You can see more in our group and you can show us all of your crafts and scrapbooking pages there.  They don't have to be with our goodies.  You can ask questions, too.  You'll feel right at home.

Thanks SO much for popping by The Cherry!  Feel free to scroll back and take advantage of all of the amazing freebies and scrapbook inspiration we've got here.  We are an award winning scrapbooking blog.  Our Pinterest isn't too shabby either.

Next time, we'll be showing off some of our latest mini albums.  See you, then!

Happy scrapping and crafting!