Friday, March 19, 2021

Project Mickey Digital Scrapbooking Templates and a Load fo Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got more mouse inspired templates this week.  Of course, many pretty pages with them as well as new goodies in the Kreative Design Studio and some links to some amazing freebies from the Sweet Shoppe.
Let's dig right on in!

Just $3 throughout the weekend ONLY!

These templates can be used as quick pages, too.  I'd totally suggest adding some texture though.  Let's see what my lovely ladies have done with them.

Just add a few pics and you've scrapped.  Don'cha love that?!

Use our spots for papers, journal card or photos.

You really only need some great pictures.

Aimee Harrison Designs

Not a fan of the mouse?  No worries.  These templates can be used for anything at all.

Heart Made Scrapbook

Keep it sweet and simple.

Connie Prince Designs

Magical Scraps Galore

Magical Scraps Galore

I had to change out these cute balloons, but Theresa just had to have them.

Just move around some of the elements to make it fit your plans.

Here was our first set and I've sketches for another set that will come soon.

I've put these on sale for just $3 this weekend only.

Looking for tons of awesome free stuff?  Look no further than the Sweet Shoppe's new edition for 2021 and get to know some to you designers.  These are just a few!  There is a lot more to check out.

I've got some new goodies in the form of Commercial Use in the Kreative Design Studio.

This is a totally awesome layered mockup.  I've got two different background, and a couple merged item layers with spaces to clip in your designs to the devices and note pad.  I'm also including a free flair and these key chain or flair templates in two different sizes.  This is such a great, easy and fast way to show off your gorgeous products.  Check out the video to learn more!

These particular items are now available for Commercial Use at Kreative Design Studio.

These photo numbers are also now, Commercial Use.

Did you miss last week's free template?

Grab it while ya can!

Oh!  I nearly forgot about the Survivor contest over at GingerScraps.  Join our gang, Cherries Gone Wild and we'll help each other win or at least have a blast trying.  Here's my page I entered for the first challenge.  We needed three wooden items.  I made a few of my own and used our Patronus Collection and Explore templates.  That's my "little" guy.  He's majoring in wood shop and I cannot believe the gorgeous, quality stuff he comes with.  Much better than anything I can get in the stores.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries.

Happy scrapping!


Friday, March 12, 2021

More Journal Junky Artistic Templates and a Free Lucky Clover Template, Too

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We're here a little late to meet the new releases from the Sweet Shoppe because we've got new goodies to show you from Clever Monkey Graphics of which, I designed a coordinating, free template for you.  We've also got new Journal Junky templates, layout love and links to more free templates.  There are new goodies in the Design Bundles shop as well.  So sit back and enjoy the show!

Here is the second round of our Journal Junky series.  They have a mega artistic vibe and are geared towards journaling and write documentation, but they certainly are not limited to it.  Take a look at the pages from my ladies and see their take.

Goodies from Rosie and soft and pretty artistic style.

Neia Scraps cuteness!  No pics and no journaling either.  Just bright fun and inspiring.

Classic and traditional pages are a breeze, too when paired with Kimeric.

Photos, word bits and a traditional vibe with Kan Shultz.

JoCee's goodies are perfect for a traditional look as well.

Connie Prince and an added photo spot.

Just using the paint can give a traditional kit an artistic appeal.  Products from LouCee Creations.

I love Trish's page.  Such a sweet mix of traditional AND artistic. Studio Basics Designs

Donch'a just want to hang this one your wall?  So beautiful and I. love the texture on that background.  Beautiful designs from Paula Kesserling.

Now, here is another fantastic example of how to mix traditional and artistic as well as add journaling and expressing your thoughts and feelings.  It's very therapeutic.  These wonderful products are from Valentina.

I want to remind you of the first pack, just in case you forgot or missed it.

Designs from Cornelia

I've got a few late pages with our Explore templates AND I'm keeping at only $3 throughout the weekend.

Designs from Digital Scrapbook Ingredients.

Gorgeousness from Flergs.

These template are also just $2 for the rest of the month.

Connie Prince

Here's a fun look at Clever Monkey Graphics Designs new kit, Leapin' Leprechaun.  More bright, fun designs for you.

Here is your free template.  Enjoy!

If you love free templates, here are some more.  You can find them in our group, under "Media" in the monthly "Albums".

Free Template

Free Template

A group member's gorgeous page with our free template.

This month's, free template in the group.

Find this free template on last week's blog.

I've got a lot of new products in the Kreative Design Studio.  Pop over and see what's new.

Versatile, easy to use template mockups.

I've bundled up our part of the Bee My Valentine collaboration and it's commercial use, too.  Templates, journal cards, elements and papers.  The papers are also separately in the shop and the rest will join shortly.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  We're thrilled that join us, today and I hope to see you in our group and other social spots like Instagram and Pinterest.

Take deep breaths and find the time to scrap.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Digital Scrapbooking Templates Make Scrapbooking So Fast So Here Are Some Free Ones

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are thrilled that you've stopped by The Cherry.  We've got your free template, page inspiration, tips tricks and links to even more free stuff.  Check out our latest templates, our Commercial Use products and designs from the team.  We've been blogging for nearly 10 years consistently, about craft projects and home and family related topics.  So if you're looking for more than just crafts, then consider yourself invited.  Towards the bottom of the blog, I've got not only a free kit and template, but information on how to get started digital scrapbooking if you're new to it.

Keep scrolling for the link.

Alexis Design Studio

Heart Made Scrapbook Designs

Connie Prince Designs

Click here for the download!  Don't forget all of the free stuff further down.

Hit up the group where you can show off your pages and goggle at the others.

You should have come from Le Scrap De Gaelle and the next one is The Nifty Pixel.

Here are templates we just put in the GingerScraps Shop.  The team did a great job.  I'm providing just a few pages.  To see more, hit up our shop's gallery or our more than fabulous Pinterest boards.  I price most new releases at just $2 and $3 for the first few days.  That's 50% off for three days and THE best time to get the goodies.

A mix of designers and a lovely natural feel.

Connie Prince Designs and a few elements from the kit.  Tip: Use styles to pin-up the notebook.

Designs from Connie Prince and lovely, fresh colors.

Yip!  More awesomeness from Connie Prince.  Go big on those ellies!

I just love the designs from JumpStart.

Alexis Design Studio has really beautiful products. Add them toy our lovely pictures and get those shadows just right for al lovely page.

This month's Buffet is all set and only $2 throughout the entire month.  For every buffet we do, we keep the price at $2 for the month.  Tip: I think these backgrounds would make cool papers and cards, too.

Here are just a few pages from the talented team.

Find this beautiful collection at the Sweet Shoppe.  Tip:  Using like colors to your photographs lends to cohesion and calm.

More designs from the Sweet Shoppe.  Again, Jen has blended the colors to match with her picture.

If you're loving these colors, then check out our Revel in Retro collection.  We've got a kit and templates.  Contrasting and bright enough to rejuvenate the soul.

Another super mix of designers.  Felicity is a star at that.  I'm terrible with mixing kits.

Boomer's Girl Designs

Our most popular pack of templates has been added to GingerScraps.  

Gorgeousness from the Sweet Shoppe, again.

I don't know about you, but I'm all about the bang for my buck.  Why not scroll through our shop and see the fantastic deals that we spread throughout.  Like our What's Cook'n collection.  You get a full kit, four really cool templates and a pack of printables that are insanely helpful, for just $5!

Felicity's pretty page with the kit and template.

I'm the type of cook that wants to provide healthy, well rounded meals quickly and easily for my family of four.  Recipes are a fantastic way to not only learn how to cook, but to try new things and perhaps even use ingredients that you've never tried before.  I sit in my papasan every Sunday morning with hot cup of something lovely, my agenda, my tablet with my Food Pinterest board and some cook books or magazines.  I write out what we're going to eat from Monday through Monday and then write a list for the grocery store or shops.  It saves so much time, money and waste.  The family likes that I put the menu out where they can see it as well. Include your family if you'd like.  This way they become responsible and they might not complain as much.  Hehehe...

We recently opened a new Commercial Use shop at Design Bundles.  I've provided just a few examples of what you can find, but there is a lot more.  I've put a lot of the products at 50% off, too!

One of our most popular products from the shop.

Super useful products to show off your projects.

Unique items to add to your stash or to alter and sell yourself.

Let's face the truth.  I'm a cheap skate as many of you know, but this Plus Membership at Design Bundles, boggles the mind and I thought my mind was over boggled.  Hehehe...I've been asked to contribute to a mind blowing Free bundle for the Plus Members who I already thought was spoiled to near death.  I still cannot get over the amount of designs they offer in this membership.  Check it out!  I'm fairly certain you will be impressed.

Design Cuts also offer Freebies on Fridays.  Here is this week's.

If you're only here for the free stuff, then you've certainly come to the right place.  This blog is absolutely bursting with freebies.  To keep up with all we do, which more than likely will make your head spin, sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a beat.

A beautiful free quick page with our Optimism kit and Love You To Pieces templates.

Our third challenge for the year.  Pop over to our scrap-a-licious group and grab all THREE FREE TEMPLATES.

Are you a hybrid lover?  We've got a Hybrid Hipster blog on Saturday's sporadically posted throughout the years.  Here's one of the latest.

This is the link that will lead you to this free kit and template.  There is a video link on the blog as well.  I show you step by step, how to use a digital template in PhotoShop Elements.  It's a crazy easy to use software program.  Find out more by visiting that blog.

Have questions?  Head over to the group and ask away.  Show off your pretty projects and join in on the fun.

If you're still here at this point, CONGRATULATIONS and thanks so much for reading through the entire blog.  I sure hope you're leaving here with inspiration and enough mojo to get you crafting or cooking  throughout the week, until we can do it again, next week.  Hehehe...

I want to wish you health and happiness.  They both sometimes seem to be declining, but with a little effort you'll get as much as you need.  Deep breaths, appreciating the little things and making the time to do what you love will make any day brighter.

Take care and happy scrapping.