Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Cherry On Top's Scrap-A-Thon Starts Today with Challenges and Free Stuff

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've been wanting to have a huge, scrap-a-licious event for years and I finally just decided, on a whim, to DO IT!  I'm kind of playing it by ear.  So, be patient if you come across a few hiccups. I'm going to pull the blonde card, again.  Hehehe...Design Bundles is also jumping into this event and offering ALL participants in the Scrap-A-Thon a FREE one month GOLD Membership for Plus.  Isn't that amazing? I've got tons of designs in Plus.  Now, is the time to grab them.

free vintage designs
We will be giving away parts of the Very Vintage Collection throughout the event.

I'm SO glad you decided to join us. I've got 20 challenges planned including a speed scrap.  I'd like to try and arrange at least one layout contest with voting and prizes, too.  The plan is to have a challenge every few days.  The challenge will be hosted right here on the blog.  Your pages can be dropped off in the albums in our group, left right here in the comments, or via e-mail.  You'll have to give me the privilege of downloading your finished projects and uploading them to the album so they can be a part of the voting process if you want to win the prizes.


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a NEWS FLASH! (insert smiling emoji ;) Today ONLY, for ONE HOUR, Design Bundles is having a Dollar Sale.  Here's an image of just a few of the design bundles that you can get for A BUCK!  These are my favorite, but trust me.  There are some mega bargains there.

Dollar Deals

I just love that card for mom and holy wow! 90+ Fonts for $1?! Which is your favorite? Those Easter designs are mega cute.  Love the colors.

Every blog will have explicit details for you to follow.  If you've got a question, hit us up in the group or via e-mail. I've long debated doing something on MeWe because rightly, so many people are getting turned off by FB, me too!  If that appeals to you, let me know and if there is enough interest, I'll definitely get a group started there. Just think, you could have 20 pages in one month!  If you're working on an album, this might really push you through it.

If y'all have been following The Cherry you'll know that I hate deadlines.  To win prizes, you'll need to obey the deadlines, but I'll leave up all of the awesome for a while.  So you don't have to rush.  Rushing through art is never a good thing and if you're rushing, you are more than likely not going to enjoy it, right?

OK, let's get into it!  I'm leaving you with this card to keep track of your progress with the challenges. I'll try to follow the card with the order to make it easier for ya.  You can totally do this personally and with no interaction whatsoever.  I'll spread the love all over so in case you're not on FB, you can still totally play along.

scrap challenge tally card

Simply download the card you prefer.  It's 6x6.

challenges for scrapbooking
This card is without ellies and might be easier to follow.

printable tokens
Here are your tokens.  Use a circle punch if you've got one or do it digitally! I'll have a png version of this along with the cards in the group on FB.

The card lets ya know what kind of challenges are on tap.  So, you can be thinking and planning.  I'll put up a new blog for each challenge and the Speed Scrap will be hosted on FB.  (Unless I can think of something else.) Each blog will host the challenge with full directions. Feel free to start an album in our group with all of your entries.

As you can see, a Template Challenge is first on tap.  That's my specialty!  Download this template and scrap it up with any kit you like.  Feel free to scrap lift if you're going traditional. It does not have to be from The Cherry or Kreative Design Studio.  If you've got nothing, peruse this blog.  It is full of free stuff.  You'll find kits, templates and tutorials on how to digital scrapbook. Share your pages in our group in the corresponding album to be eligible for a prize or leave it here in the comments or send it to me in an e-mail. (

I put up these four templates in our group.  The template that got the most votes is ready for you in the download.  It was a TIE!!! SURPRISE!!!  I'll be giving the rest away and more throughout the scrap-a-thon.

template challenge

Ok, that's the first challenge!  Come on back for the next one, later this week.  You may want to sign up for the newsletter if you are not already a follower.  I'll be updating you regularly there and also giving free things just for subscribing.

Thanks again for participating!


  1. exciting... thank you for the downloads. Hope to be able to take part all month long.

  2. Great! Good luck to all participants

  3. Thank you so much!!