Saturday, March 31, 2018

April's Free Printable Calendar from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We have moved to our site where our blog is our home page because I'm all about blogging.  Ya just can't shut me up and I've got so, so much to show you in hopes of inspiring you and getting you to get your craft on.  I hope you'll follow us at

Without further adieu, here is April's gorgeous, printable calendar. Eek!  I'm loving the calendars so far and I hope you are, too.  I even love the photo this month.  Birds are my thang.  These colours are so soft, pretty and have a wonderful natural feel about them.  After quite possibly, the coldest winter I've suffered, here in Belgium (coming from Florida), I look very forward to the freshness and sunshine that comes with spring.  The rebirth of the outdoors.  The birds singing gayly at the earliest of mornings.

The coordinating kit, Begin Again is also in the shop this week due to a goof up in the scheduling.  Hehehe...  You'll be able to design fabulous scrapbooking pages, cards, goodies are so wonderfully diverse.  You can design anything with them.  Ooh!  A springy banner would be gorgeous with this!

 free printable calendar for April

This is what Carol and Rachelle have done with Begin Again.  Honestly, I was scrolling through my wall and found one of Rachelle's pages and thought, "Wow!  That is so pretty.  I love that rose so much.  I wonder what kit this is?"  Then saw that the post was from my team's group.  DUH and BUAH!  Hehehe...

Isn't it just so lovely?!

These are our other coordinating calendar kits found in our shop, Kreative Design Studio.
 Pretty As A Peacock
Pretty As A Peacock

Amethyst Allegory
 Amethyst Allegory

 Revel In Retro
Revel In Retro

I hope you are enjoying our free monthly calendars.

Thanks so much for popping by The Cherry!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

1980’s Retro Fun Digital Scrapbooking Kit, My Muse

Welcome hybrid scrappers and other interested peeps!

I am SO, SO happy to show off The Cherry's and Made By Keuntje's printable scrapbooking pack. We had started with the templates.  Then it morphed into a huge digital collection and now evolved into a printable pack, too.  What a fantastic metamorphosis.   Hehehe...Let's take a peek, shall we?

 My Muse Printable scrapbooking Kit
All right!  All right!  You get 10 radically outrageous design papers on an 8x11 format so that anyone can print them, no matter the country in which you reside.  (I hope.)  The papers are in jpg format, as usual and like all off our products saved at 300 dpi for optimal quality and printing.
With your purchase, you'll also get 2 sheets of embellishments with over 2 dozen graphics.  These are also on an 8x11 sheet.  The embellishments like the words bits come on sheets of both png and jpg.  The journal or project life cards come on a sheet of 12x12 inches in png, so you can use them digitally or traditionally and we've also provided 3 separate jpg sheets for easy use.

 My Muse Printable Scrapbooking kit
Most of the elements are easy to cut by hand, if you don't have a fancy cutter or if our format doesn't work in your cutter.  You can decide to cut them out in blocks, leave a little of the white for a sticker effect or cut right to the edge.  Mix it up a little?!
I've made a video showing how I print these out with my Mac and Brother printer.  I also give tips for the best printing results.  I blogged that one up a while ago.  You might find it very helpful. 
Here are the packs up close.
 My Muse Project life Cards

 My Muse Word Bits
This is obviously a mix of the printables and the digital collection.  I used a coordinating template and added a few of the bellies from the kit for this digital page. The templates are cool enough to use as quick pages.
 My Muse Printable scrap Kit
Here's a step by step visual of how to print...
Look for your download.
I print from my preview.  It gives me more options and it almost always comes out perfect.
"Open With" and then "Preview".
Then go to "file" across the menu bar and choose "print".
For the best printing results, choose ALL of the right settings.  I chose "Print Settings".
and then choose the kind of paper you're using, if that's an option on your printer...sticker paper gives really nice results and of course glossy is best for your pics.
Another very important tip for printing is choosing "Fine" or "Best Results" selections.
My printer provides a spot for manual feeds.  Here I can insert just the paper I need.  When I played with these printables, I found it so much easier to work with a slightly rigid paper than the cheap, printer paper.  Especially, for fussy cutting and if you plan on using liquid adhesives, you'll definitely want rigid paper.  Think about the kind of weight you get when you purchase a pack from a well known company like, Graphic 45.
Check out some layouts and clusters I quickly put together to give you some ideas.
These are the templates.  You can purchase separately as well.

 My Muse Templates
The ellies from the digital kit.
 My Muse Ellies
All of the design papers on 12x12 in the digital kit.  There are solids included.
 My Muse Papers
and...some coordinating freebies from Made By Keuntje and The Cherry.
 My Muse freebie from MBK
 Dana's Freebie
 My Muse Freebie from TCOT
 The Cherry's Freebie
If you are all about hybrids or printables, then you'll love our Saturday Hybrid spot, here at The Cherry.  We've got a YEAR LONG project going on our Tuesday blog, where we scrap traditional, too.  We just posted Reason #3 this week and we've provided links for all of them so far.  Join us in our year long adventure?
 Free Printable Cards for 52 reasons
Did you know The Cherry has a printable section in our Kreative Design Studio shop on Etsy?  There is another smaller, printable scrapbooking kit for Florida along with other printables like planner printables, party printables, stationary, card making...

Yesterday, we put Revel In Retro in the shop.  It's a part of our monthly calendar and coordinating kit.  These bodacious colours will knock your socks off.  Click here to see yesterday's blog full of inspiration and of course, the freebies.
 Free Printable Calendar
free printable calendar
Thanks for checking out The Cherry!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Revel In Retro and a Peppering of Free Scrapbooking Goodies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Whoo hoo!  We made it to Friday!  It's been one of those hopping weeks, packed full, full, full!  I bet you've had weeks like that, too.  Today's blog will show ya just a little bit of what I've been up to this week.  Though the FIFTEEN pages I scrapped in the beginning of the week for a custom order, aren't even posted here yet.  Ha!

As the title says, I've placed new and older freebies throughout the blog.  Carefully read through so you don't miss any of the fabulous freebies I've posted for you, today.  Last week, we gave you a free printable calendar and today, we've got the coordinating kit, Revel In Retro to show you along with pages of inspiration.  I've also got a peek at what we released last week and pages using other designers goodies like Heart Strings Scrap Art, Aimee Harrison and more.
 Revel In Retro
In typical Pinterest fashion, I was inspired by this colour palette.  Usually, I'm blind sided by so many colours, but for some strange reason, this one totally shook my soul.  Allow the colours to wake you and rouse your creativity.  For the calendar, I used all of the colours and the trick to making them work all together is repetition and spacing them properly, but if that's all a bit much for you, then grab the colours that grab you and make something extraordinary.  Check out what I and my awesome team have done with Revel In Retro.

I chose to use the bright, bold colours for this page.
 Revel In Retro
Totally contrasting with the more modern, bolder page is this softer, warmer elegant page.  I went for totally different colours here and a more natural touch.
How about a page with class and extravagance?  You can do that too with this highly versatile kit.  What's more classic than black and gold?  I liked the punch of bright white for a fresh pop.
For my final page using Revel In Retro, I went for an artistic look.  There are a lot of elements in this kit that have an artistic edge.  Several stamps, all kinds of stitches, doddle borders and paint will all provide you with a page with artistic flair.
Here are some pages from the team.  See how they used this broad and daring palette.

Carol totally mixed it up and used the borders brilliantly.

Carol also used the modern edge.
Chris wasn't afraid to throw it all in there, either.
 Rachelle, used the natural colours for her pretty page.
 Carol has another example using all of the colours.
Hilary did a great page with all of the colours, a pretty mask and a great photo.  So perfect for this kit.
Rachelle also did a touch of artsy with her masks and paint.
Revel In Retro is sold separately.  Papers in one pack and ellies in the other.
This is the free calendar from last week.  It will be available all month long as will all of our monthly calendars.  Come on back for April's, at the end of this month.  They show up on our Saturday spots, the weekend before the new month begins.
 Free Printable Calendar
We released My Muse last week.  Outrageous templatesword bits, awesome 80's ellies and radical papers.  Such a fun, fun collection to add to your stash.  It certainly isn't just for your throw back photos.  There are a lot of everyday elements in there.
 My Muse Collection
I wanted to show off how our teams used the templates, specifically.
 My Muse Templates
 My Muse Templates
 My Muse Templates
 My Muse Templates
My Muse Templates
 My Muse Templates
 My Muse Templates
Personally, I find the templates so cool, I just cropped in my photo and added a few extra ellies and my page was scrapped.  You can do that with all of the templates and have a sweet mini.
 My Muse Freebie from TCOT
 This was my freebie.
 My Muse Freebies from MBK
This is Dana's freebie on her blog.
On to other designers and my pages with their new goodies.  This is a store collaboration from Daises and Dimples.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait for warmer days.  It's been freezing here for weeks.  Warm up by checking out all of the fantastic goodies in this large, store collection.

 Sunny Days Ahead

Aimee Harrison has a few new collections this week and as usual they are so beautiful.

This is my little guy and his cousin.  They looks so similar.  Definitely a family resemblance going on there.  I used an unreleased template.  They will be releasing later this month.  Keep your eyes out for them.
 So Springy
So Springy
 Bloom and Grow Freebie
 Freebie on Aimee's blog.
 Bloom and Grow Kit
This is another collection from Aimee, Bloom and Grow.
I got the opportunity to play with templates from Heart Strings Scrap Art, again. Her templates go great with Aimee's collections.
Bloom and Grow
This is what spring looks like in Germany.  Can't wait to see those spring flowers, again.
 Heartstringsscrapart Templates
Bryony's beautiful templates.
This is the other page I did with Bryony's template.  I tried not to use flowers, but it was impossible!  Hehehe...I just wanted to show off what her templates look like with out a tons of flowers.  If flowers aren't your thing.
Here's an older freebie using Paty Grief's collection, My Buddy Dino.  Click on the image to get to the blog for the free download.
 free quick page
Here are some other freebies from around DigiLand.  They won't stay free for long.  Grab them while you can!
 A freebie from the Digital Scrapbooking Studio
 A pretty awesome, free template from Fiddle Dee Dee.
 Free Digital Goodies
How'z about a TRAIN of fabulous freebies?  Start at Dani's blog.
 52 Reasons #3
Free printable 52 reasons card.  Join us in the year long project!
 New Group on FB
If you are totally into groups on Facebook, then check out this new one.  It is dedicated to digital scrapbooking and will be yet another fun place to hang and show off our awesome goodies.
I sure hope we've inspired you, today and that you'll find time to get scrappy this weekend. 
If you have any questions or just want to chat it up with The Cherry and my friends and fans, join our scrap-a-licious group on Facebook.  I'll be putting up a new challenge for March and all of the previous monthly challenges will remain live all year.  It'll be great to have you join us, there!
Thanks for hanging with The Cherries!