Saturday, March 28, 2020

What's Cook'n Free Printable Recipe Card from The Cherry On Top and Layout Love From Your Favorite Digital Designers

Welcome back to The Cherry On Top.

Yesterday, we had a hip hopping blog full of fabulous page inspiration, a lot of freebies and I started talking about healthy eating and our fun game we are playing in our group.

Today, I've got more on that as well as new goodies from other designers.

Do you recycle templates?  I sure do and a lot!  Just putting a different kit or collection on a page can make a big difference.  I'm recycling our Celebrate Scrap templates with Clever Monkey Graphics, Book Lover. What a super fun kit and a great pack of templates that you can use over and over.

 Celebrate Scrap Templates

I gave the letters on the template some puffy styles for more bad'a bing.  A little paint behind the letters also makes the page more interesting.

 Celebrate Scrap Templates

Book Lover

Also new in the Sweet Shoppe is this great collaboration with Tracey and Wendy.  Again, I'm recycling templates.  This time, Live, Laugh, Love.  Super versatile templates great for anything you want to scrap.

 Live, Laugh, Love Templates

I bet it's the same in your house.  When one is sick, they're all sick!  I'm looking rather optimistic for all of these sick kids.  Ah, youth!

 Doctor's Orders

Here's another new page with some older templates, Live Laugh Love and JoCee Designs, Ice Cream Shoppe.

Live Laugh Love Templates and Ice Cream Shoppe

Jo's also got this pretty new kit, Gone But Not Forgotten.  I scrapped up my precious, boy Puka.  He was my very first furry pet I've ever had.  He was the best cat ever.  I'm on my 5th cat and none come close to Puka.  He was the sweetest kitty and I can't believe how much I miss still miss him, years later.

I used my Got Ink templates.  They are a very artistic set of templates and obviously not just for tattoos.  This is the kind of kit that's perfect for them.

 Got Ink Templates

 Winter Chill Templates
Winter Chill Templates and Fly High from Aimee Harrison

Winter Chill Templates

Aimee Harrison also has something new in the shop and again, I recycled some older templates, Winter Chill. Not just for winter as you can see.  Some really cute pictures of my precious babies and the hubs, too.  Look at all of those fun outdoor elements.  The boys had so much fun that day.

Here's a look at the kit we are all working hard to get.  Well, not that hard.  It's really fun!  Come over to the group and join in and get all of the parts of this.

Free What's Cook'n Kit

I'll be blogging a bit about healthy eating for the rest of the month and into next.  It fits with our newest freebie and it's really important, right?

I'd like to give you this free printable recipe card and I'm hoping I'll get some in return, all filled in with a favorite, maybe healthy-ish recipe of yours?  Then we can put them all together and make a book!

 Free Recipe Card

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Free With Purchase Scrapbooking Goodies, Layout Love and A Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I hope this day finds you well.  There is so much going on in our world that scrapbooking seems to be so trivial.  However, it is a great source for distraction and it's also an excellent way to document what is going on.  Let The Cherry help you through it.

We've got more circus inspired templates in the shop along with a great deal. When you buy both packs, you'll now get the entire kit for free.  That's a lot of fun goodies and beautiful, texture rich papers for nothing.  Enjoy the deal and scrap happy with The Cherry.

I've got page inspiration and an update on some of our most recent freebies as well as a look at tomorrow's freebie.  Find out how you can also get an entire kitchen kit for free and join us in some fun and games over in our group.

 Circus Goodies!

Here's my page with one of the new templates.  If you don't like the jester's hat, you can always delete it and still have a pretty template to work with.

 Circus Of lIfe Templates

It is most obvious that my team favored this template above all of the others.  You can see it as many things.  I saw it as a ring of fire.  It could also be the sun or a flower or whatever you want it to be.  I'll say it again, templates are here to get you started.  To give you a basis.  Change them up however you like so they fit your needs.

 Circus Of life Templates

 Circus Of Life Templates

 Circus Of Life Templates

Also new in the shop this week, for the Survivor game at GingerScraps, are my Master Chef templates.  They are really fun to play with.  Just look at all of the pretty pages from myself and my awesome team.

 Master Chef Templates

Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and our Free What's Cook'n Kit

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and Baker's Dozen from Aimee Harrison

 Mater Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and our free kit, What's Cook'n

 Maser Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and Shmooangel

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates  and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and retired goodies

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and goodies from Kirstin Aagard

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and kit from Pat's Scrap

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and GingerBread goodies

 Master Chef Templates

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates and designs from TraceyB

 Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates a mix of stash

Master Chef Templates
Master Chef Templates more mixing

Such a great variety of how you can play with Master Chef.

They go great with our freebie in the group.  The fans are working together to unlock free mini kits every other day.  Come on over and join us. We're talking food all the while and sharing recipes.

Healthy eating might be more important than you realize.  Boosting your immunity now and learning which things that can really make us ill is essential.  If you've got time, read and learn how to eat well so you and your loved ones can be well, too.  I highly recommend the book, The Great Cholesterol Myth.  Not just for cholesterol, but health in general. It was a real eye opener and written by a few of the finest experts.

The first thing we all need to realize is, you are worth the effort.  I watch people put so much dedication and hard work into their jobs, their homes, their relationships, but not into themselves.  Think how you and others will benefit if you are in top shape.  Also important, it's never too late.  You might be very surprised how quickly you can get well through a proper diet and avoiding foods that make you ill. I thought I understood what eating healthy was, but I was very wrong.

I totally recommend trying all kinds of diets to find the one that is right for you. We're all different and respond differently to various food.  Just keep an open mind to all of it.

I'll be back next week with foods that you definitely should stay away from and more tips.  I was gobsmacked when I found out the hard way, just how terribly food and particular ingredients can make us so sick.

 Free kit in the group

Tomorrow, I'll have this free recipe card on the blog.  I left it blank so you can fix it however you want.

This will be free on tomorrow's blog.

Here are few other recent freebies.

 Free Cluster

 Free Quick page

 Free Cluster

Thanks so much for giving The Cherry a little part of your day.  I sure hope we made it a bit brighter. I wish you health and safety and as always, happy scrapping.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sassy Scrapbooking and Hybrid Hip with The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We're here again this week with more beautiful page inspiration, new products around DigiLand, a fun hybrid idea and a few fabulous freebies.

Yesterday, I blogged up my newest scrapbooking templates and coordinating kit, Clown'n Around.  In times of all of this seriousness, I needed some fun and to vent off a bit of this anxiety.  Scrapbooking is excellent therapy.  I had to look through funny pictures and that's always fun.  Then having fun goodies to play with is a plus, too.

 Clown'N Around Kit

This is just a quick look at what's new in my shop.  Yesterday's blog has a lot more page inspiration as well as tips, suggestions and a new freebie from yours truly.

 Clown'n Around Templates

I went with a more grown up kind of circus appeal.  A bit melancholy maybe, dramatic definitely!  Get creative with The Cherry!

I've got three new pages with new goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.  They will certainly brighten your day and make you smile.

Like this one with my little guys being cheeky.  I have plenty pictures of sass in my stash.  Such fun vibrance is exactly what the doctor ordered.  I used my Good Times templates for this page.  It's a great pack of templates that I keep going back to because it provides a lot of super layers and they are very versatile.

 Good Time Templates
Good Times grant hem at GingerScraps or my own Etsy shop.

I'm so glad these star or sun bursts are still so in style.  I used them in our new circus templates and on this other page I designed for Clever Monkey Graphics.  This picture, though?!  Just look at my little guy's faces!  They did not want to stop playing in the playground for a second so I could take a nice family picture!  Hehehe...


Also new in the Sweet Shoppe is JoCee's, Spring In Bloom.  I paired it up with my, A New Start templates.  Seems most fitting, wouldn't you agree?  Such pretty, sweet, soft colors and I loved the goose and rabbits, too.  I took these pics last spring of some blooming trees on one of my walks with my dog.

A New Start Templates and JoCee Designs, Spring in Bloom

 A New Start

Look at this cute hybrid project from Tanya using Little Shark from Clever Monkey Graphics. You can have your very own custom cards made in a few minutes, digitally.  I've got several blogs dedicated to designing your very own cards.  Here's one and feel free to use the search and look for several more.  You'll find free ones on your search, too!

 Little Shark

Here's a great freebie you can find in the Sweet Shoppe Chatter group on FB.

 Free Sample

Here's another beyond fabulous free template you can find in the Sweet Shoppe when you go to the Free Samples section.  Load up your digital stash and get to know the designers there.

 Free Samples

If you love free stuff, then you are in the right spot.  This is my newest freebie from yesterday's blog. It coordinates with a gorgeous new kit from LouCee Creations.  Find out more about that and grab the new freebie.  We put freebies on our FB page and in our FB group, nearly every single day AND I've got all kinds of free stuff in the group, too.  There is a Progressive Scrap where you get an entire year's worth of freebies when you participate and I'm starting something new next week with freebies, fun and games.  Don't miss out!  Join us over there and have some fun!

I found this freebie from another designer at GingerScraps.  It's even Commercial Use!  That's tough to find these days, so enjoy.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!  Stay healthy and stay safe!