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Tutorial on How to Scrap Fast With Just a Few Items

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If scrapbooking is one of those hobbies where you just can't seem to find the time.  Then you have to do some rescheduling!  Hehehe...How about if I told you, from start to finish, you can design a full page in under 15 minutes?  How about in under 10 minutes?!  Now don't even tell me you don't have 10 minutes!  5. minutes?!

Let me share with you some tips on how to scrap really fast and beautifully and I'll share a video link where we scrap a page in under 5 minutes with free goodies!

Let me walk you through a few pages and explain the process.

Keeping your page simple is an obvious way to save time.  Just over a couple of elements, only 2 papers and some artistic touches and you're done.

Twitterpated from Just So Scrappy

Get your background in there, maybe add an edge from the collection like you see here from Aimee Harrison.  Without the edge, my page was just a touch plain to me.  Clip in your pictures to some pretty frames, focus most of your time on a nice cluster, then copy, paste a few of the items from that cluster and start a new cluster someone where else on the page.  Use a bit of paint here and there to give it cohesion and you've scrapped!

Really take a peep, here.  A few of Aimee's fun edges, cute word art, a few strategically placed ellies and a tiny pic.  Anchor your clusters with some paint and if you've time to spare, add some thoughtful journaling.  Let your favorite papers take the stage!

Carnival from Aimee and Just Because Studio

Huge framed pictures can take up a lot of space and only a little time.  Go big on those elements in your cluster and you can have a great page in under 10 minutes.

Of course, templates can be an awesome time saver.  Not only is the entire page laid out for you up to the shadows, but you don't even have to think or plan what kind of layout you want to design.  Again, large frame, cute picture, a few embellishments, an edge...done!

This is actually a card I made for a neighbor boy who takes care of my girls when I'm away for an extended period of time.  Look at it basically, with me.  A background paper, two, thin frames with a paper cropped over, an alpha from the same kit, and some grass, chicks and chickens from Lou's kit.  Seriously, this was made under 5 minutes, printed out and brought over to my neighbor along with 10 Euros and a Toblerone.  Hehehe...

This is a template, Choose Joy from us.  All I did was merge all of the bottom /mat layers. *Be sure to first, copy the layer style, then delete style then merge and paste the style, again.  Otherwise, ya get a funky haze around your ellies.  Then do the same for the "photo" layer, crop in your one large image, your small, corner image, all framed up and design 2 very simple clusters using mostly the same elements to not only save time, but make your page more cohesive.

This page was hugely loved in one of the traditional groups I'm in.

Coastal Wanderer from Kim Cameron (Now retired)

Again, I'm showing off one of our templates that once you get exactly the paper choice you want, will save a lot of time.  Hehehe...It did take me some time to choose just the right papers and I still added a stroke around the circles for more cohesion.

The cirlcles on the templates are so huge, they take up a majority of the page, so once you clip in your papers to them, you're more than half way finished.  The enormous picture is taking up a lot of space. The only bit that needed finishing was adding Aimee's fun frogs, her word art and really just a few of the same elements with an ending touch of a sprinkling of bead scatter.

Most templates come with outlines/strokes and shadows so ya don't even have to do that!

Round N' Round Templates from TCOT and Frog'n Around from Aimee

I've mentioned the several times on the blog before and I'll say it yet again.  Yes!  You sure can use our templates as quick pages.  Many of customers do this and feel none the guilty for so doing.  This is our With Love templates and family picture cropped in.  Obviously, done in mere seconds!

Now, if you did have, let's say...3 minutes to scrap a page, you could take the above process just a touch further by simply adding a "style" to the layers.  I used some texture styles from SnickerDoodle Designs to our A New Start.

A New Start with texture styles.

If you want to watch me scrap a page in 2 minutes then take it a touch further in just 3 more, check out our newest video, here.

 New video how to scrap fast!  Really fast!

Just in case you are interested, I have another blog on how to scrap fast and there I include traditional scrapbooking resources, too!

I'll definitely be coming back with more blogs like this one.  Nothing like learning all kinds of tips and tricks to not only become a better scrapper, but a more efficient one as well.

 Freebie in the group

We've started our year long, Progressive Scrap in the group with the projected idea of finishing an entire scrapbooking album by the end of the year AND I'm giving away all of the materials you need to scrap it!  How cool is that?!  Pop over to our group to find out more.

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Happy scrapping!

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