Saturday, October 17, 2020

One Boo-Tiful Digital Scrapbooking Halloween Collection and a Fun Free Treat Bag

Welcome, Hybrid Hipsters!

I had to blow the dust off of my printer, today.  I'm been so busy with digital designs and haven't squeezed in any time to print it out, until today.  I got to play with such a fun, fun collection from Clever Monkey Graphics and WendyP.  It matched super with my new Kooky Spooky templates.

Check it all out!

Lately I've been seeing a lot of inspiring SVG's in digital shops like, Design Bundles and Creative Fabrica.  I drew these witches and then something delectable for them  to drink.  Hehehe...I love the sass in the saying and this collection is certainly full of sass.  The colors are just perfect, too.

I scrapped two pages.  I couldn't wait to customize these boots and broom.  Speaking of customization...I have several blogs on decorating for Halloween.  I made this chic broom and designed some really fun, pointy and curly witch boots as well.  Another fun idea witch related, was a huge cut out I put in the window.  You can find the tutorial and pictures for this, right here.  

The only thing I actually purchased for this custom was the hat and wig.  I just put on all black stuff, this fancy scarf then made the boots from some boots of mine.  (No worries!   You can totally "undo" the pointy bit and wear them again if you do it right.) The broom was just all stuff I had laying around the house and actual twigs from outside.

Here are our new templates.  So fun and festive!

There will be a coordinating FREE kit with these!  Stay tuned!
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I wanted to show you a few more pages from Tracey's team to give you more ideas on how you can use the new collection.

You can go soft and silly...

or scary!

Find Shabby Chic Halloween in the Sweet Shoppe.

Another idea for ya, are these treat bags.  I don't know what Halloween is going to be like this year in regards to this virus and the kind of rules in your area, but it might just work if you prep your bags, put them in a huge box and then let the kids, one by one come up to the box and grab a bag.

These are super for parties or to just hand out treats to your colleagues, friends or even students.  Find a template on line or check out Pinterest.  The shapes are very basic, you could even sketch it out yourself.  You could also simply click on the preview image and get the automatic download for these lovely treat bags.

I've got a full tutorial on how to do this really simple project linked up in the image, below.  It's SO easy!

Feel free to peruse our blog for years and years worth of Halloween projects.  Use the search at the top of the blog or visit our Pinterest boards.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Rainbow Inspired Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got more rainbow inspired templates in the shop, today.  Our usual scrappy inspiration is simply amazing.  You won't believe how some of the ladies interpreted these templates.  I'm so sure you will be inspired.

We'll be having another blog, tomorrow for our Hybrid Hipsters series with a freebie.  So come on back for that.

Let's dive in to these new templates and some new designs from some of your favorite designers.

I'm totally digging this quirky combination of colors and I like the extra embellishment on the hearts.

Products from the Sweet Shoppe

And now...for something soft and sweet...

G & T Designs

How about a touch more drama and a precious picture?

More gorgeousness from the Sweet Shoppe.

I think it is so awesome that the rainbow theme in my templates didn't affect the ladies one bit!  I find the rainbow part a bit challenging, actually.

More from the Sweet Shoppe.

How clever of an idea is this, from Caro?  The ink or paint smudges are very subtle and she switched out for the hearts for these lovely butterflies.  Great thinking!

Yip, more from the Sweet Shoppe!

Ahhh...I was relieved to see a few rainbow inspired pages and I really love it.  It's SO fun!

Goodies from Blagovesta at the Sweet Shoppe.

I called Cindy a rebel for this one!  We were all absolutely captivated by her page.  There is so much to look at albeit sad content, it's something we can all relate too.  Just look at all there is going on in this page.

Digital designing is a great form of expression.  It isn't always about the pictures.

Awesomeness from Valentina.

Felicity's page is a great example of contrast and fits super with her picture, too.  This bright rainbow display in the middle of the city.

A perfectly matching kit from Dandelion Dust.

Products from Laura Burger

ML Designs

Here's another lovely literal translation for the templates.

Connie Prince's kit is looking like a great match up, too.

How butt kicking is this page?!  

Synergy Ink!

Designs From Alexis

Give the template a turn.


Pretty goodies from JoCee Designs at the Sweet Shoppe.

Magical Scraps Galore

LouCee Creations

Dorian thought perhaps her page was a bit too plain, but I think it's pretty great.  We all have very different opinions on just what too much is. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with keeping it simple. Especially, when you really want the photo to be the star and stand out.

Andrea Gold

If you do like rainbow themes because let's face it, rainbows are so awesome, I've got these other templates with a similar theme.  They are fairly artistic and great for any kit or pictures you've got.

The last few blogs were totally kicking if you missed them, you'll really thank yourself for popping back to them.  I've got a lot of free stuff including a free kit. There is so much more layout love, too.

Thanks for dropping by The Cherry.  I really love when ya do that!

If you need any more information about these pages or if you have some scrap related questions or ya want to share off your pretty projects, then join our group and share and ask away.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, October 9, 2020

More Digital Scrapbooking Templates With The Torn Look and Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I hope you had a great time last weekend with all of our Digital Scrapbooking weekend celebrations.  I sure went a bit nuts and made several purchases, too.  Not typical for me, but I wanted to amp up my stash just a bit and grab a few items I've been wanting for awhile.  Now to unzip and organize.

I'm in love with this week's templates!  Per request, I've got even more torn look templates.  We've got several packs of templates like this and apparently, not enough.  Hehehe...Check out I'm Torn and the entire Strip Tease series at GingerScraps.

For a super realistic look on those tears, use a paper rich in texture.  Check out all of these amazing pages from my team.  You can find the name or shop where the designs can be found under each image.  If you need more information, hit us up in the group.  There is always someone that can help out.

The Nifty Pixel

Sabrina's Designs

Kim's circles really stand out thanks to shadows with impact.


I love the delicious texture on Michal's page.

Again from The Nifty Pixel

How fabulous is Caro's page?!  Em's collection is also very impressive.

Products from Kristin Cronin Barrows

Gorgeousness from Valentina!

Cindy always comes up with the most unique photos if she even uses them.  Scrapbooking can also be about thoughts and expressions.  Consider using an area of a photo or a photo taken from an outside of the box angle.

A beautiful collaboration from Tami Miller and Aimee Harrison.

I like the border tucked under the tears.  The colors and overall aesthetic of Ella's page is simply stunning.  She's such a star scrapper!

More goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

Recently, I started seeing pages in our group from Esther and loved them.  I couldn't resist to ask if she'd like to join me and the team.  You can see why!  She's also ultra creative and a totally outside of the box page designer.

Designs from Connie Prince

Again, some gorgeous colors and I like the match up of papers in Felicty's page.  The plaid, then the more plain basic background and more details in the circles.  A solid outline around the circles keep it from getting too busy.  You may notice, that the texture on light to white papers is difficult to see.  The texture has to be very intense for it to stand out. Keep that in mind when cropping in your papers for the tears.

Beautiful products from Simplette.

Have you ever noticed how Jarmilla's pages just seem to float and blend so well.  Using like colors with similar hues and lighter, higher shadows contribute to the effect.

Something different from BoomersGirl Designs.

You could consider using the same paper for most of the layers for a blended look like Jillian did.

More from Connie Prince.

Lisa really did a great job working her colors on this page.  They match her picture wonderfully which helps bring the page together and gives it a cohesive feel.  

Wow designs from Simple Pleasures!

This is another page from Esther. Isn't it it so awesome?!  Love that extracted photo and her shadowing is just how I like it.  It's a touch intense and lends to a more dimensional appearance that I really like.

Love these colors and goodies from Heart Made Scrapbook.

Theresa is a totally rock'n scrappy sister with all of her double pages.  I love double pages for my albums, too.  Again, a great job pairing up her papers and Ngoc's kit looks SO fun!

I've put a little gifty in today's newsletter.  Keep your eye out for it if you receive our weekly e-mail.  If not, consider joining us.  I like to sporadically gift our readers.  I used the new Fall portion in our year long progressive challenge from the group.  If you are playing along with the challenge look in your messages for the links for this portion.  I've given away a HUGE collection this year.  I'm so glad so many people are doing the challenge.  At the end of the year they'll have enough pages to compose a sweet album and all with free goodies.

Just For You

I'm leaving these templates at just $2.  A grateful thanks to those of you who have added them to your stash.

Pretty goodies from Neia.

Alexis Design Studio

Don't forget our Kreative Design Studio shop!  You'll find these templates there, exclusively.

Find this unique pack of templates exclusively in our ETSY shop, Kreative Design Studio.

Laura Burger


Above, is our free template from the bi monthly train and below, our newest free kit and template.  Check out the blog for the link to the step by step, video tutorial and we can scrap together.  I'm explaining all of the steps in detail so that you can learn to Digi scrap for free!  It's so easy!


Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherry.

Happy Scrapping!

One Boo-Tiful Digital Scrapbooking Halloween Collection and a Fun Free Treat Bag

Welcome, Hybrid Hipsters! I had to blow the dust off of my printer, today.  I'm been so busy with digital designs and haven't squeez...