Friday, September 10, 2021

Amazing Scrapbooking Freebies, Store Closing and Wonderful Scrapbooking Page Inspiration

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Big news scrapbookers!  I'm closing my shop at GingerScraps.  If there is a digital scrapbooking template or two that you never got around to getting, this could be your last chance.  I've not decided if and or what templates I'll be putting in Kreative Design Studio over at Design Bundles.

I'm offering 70% off at GingerScraps!  So it's a pretty good excuse to snatch up your cart.

I've decided to close there because I'm just too busy with my job, now. I'm working with Design Bundles and I've got a shop there.  Thank goodness my job is designing for Plus.  I hope you'll consider getting a membership for it.  The benefits are pretty awesome and they are making a huge push to get the scrapbooking category in order.

I've recruited a few fellow scrapbook designers to join over there and sell their wonderful products and Design Bundles does have absolutely amazing designers, too.  It's just that a lot of them do not categorize their wonderful products under scrapbooking and that's what they want to fix there.

Le-me-splain-u a little about Plus. Hehehe...

They offer different kinds of memberships.  Bronze, Silver and of course Gold.  With all of them you get monthly credits, access to the After Party for Dollar Events, which believe me!  You will need because perhaps, like me, you will miss them each and every darn time.  Hehehe...You get a discount off of ALL of your purchases and you earn points for purchases.

There's even more, depending on the plan you choose.  You can cancel!  So don't think you're getting sucked into something that you can't get out of.  The cool thing is, I'll be putting in new designs every single week!  You'll be able to get these with your credits!  Of course, you can get EVERYTHING in Plus with your credits.  Ya might go a little crazy.  I sure do!

Since Design Bundles really wants to draw more scrapbookers and crafters, they asked if I'd design some fabulous freebies and of course, you know me, I was THRILLED to do so.  Here's one of them.

Be sure to use the link I give you!  If you go to my shop, you'll have to pay for them.

This kit is mega awesome for Noobs!  I've provided a variety of shadowed clusters to scrap with.  You'll be able too crap SO fast.  No excuses, any more!  hehehe...I didn't draw these designs, but I sure do love this designer.

Just look at all you get for nothing!

Here's a better look at the clusters.

The papers...and...the page inspiration!

This template is 70% off at GingerScraps!

Didn't the team do such a great job?!

Here's another free kit for you.  

I've designed a sweet pack of layered flowers in Procreate and I'll be putting them in Plus!  If you like to color your own flowers, then you'll want these.  Designers can use them, too.  They are Commercial Use!  Add bevels, textures, outlines...whatever you need to do to make them all yours. They are PERFECT for making templates as well.

These are all of the things I made with them.  From lovely design papers to stickers, quick pages, borders and title or word art.  The options are endless!

If you are a crafting Divo or Diva, you'll love these designs for sublimation, cards, tags and more.

It's not just for scrapbooking!

I hope to keep up with my newsletter and blog.  Especially, now that I'm designing for Plus and getting so much fun stuff in Kreative Design Studio.  Just in case you are wondering, because a lot of people are asking. I called my shop at DB Kreative Design Studio because The Cherry On Top was taken.  It's always taken!  Hehehe...I did buy the domain though, for the blog.

When I teamed up with Paty Greif, for the Etsy shop, Paty wanted a different name that would represent both of us. I finally came up with this name and she liked it.  So when I opened at DB and TCOT was taken, I went for another name that's been out there for awhile.

Facebook no longer allows me to post download links.  Until I can figure out a way to get around it, I'll link up the Free Monthly Template Challenges on the blog.  If I think of it, I'll also include those links, repetitively in the newsletter.  Feel free to remind me if I forget.  Hehehe...

The September Challenge is up in the group!

I can tell you that there is going to be yet one more awesome free kit coming soon.  Please, keep in touch so you do not miss it.  Consider getting our newsletter for the best chance of not missing out.

If you do head over to Design Bundles, leave me a few hearts and Follow me!  It's a great way to show thanks for all of the awesome free stuff.  I do have nearly half of my store on sale at 50% off!  The sale will be ending this fall so take advantage of that.

I hope to see you for the last time at GingerScraps!

Take good care and enjoy scrapbooking this weekend!

Friday, September 3, 2021

So Many New Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Other Designs Are Waiting For You

Welcome, scrappers and crafters!

I'll be closing my GingerScraps shop, soon.  I am still keeping my shop at Design Bundles!

There, I can add all kinds of other designs besides scrapbooking products.  I'd love if you popped over to Design Bundles and took a look at all of the new stuff I've put in. I've got a lot of stuff for 50% off!
I've got these two new packs of templates at the Kreative Design Studio at Design Bundles.  You'll be able to use these over and over again.  I've also got them on sale for 50 % off!  For around $2 each, you can get a lot of templates!
Designs from the Sweet Shoppe.
I've made a few changes to my graduation kit, if you've not grabbed it yet.  You get quite a bit of different things in there like a card, template...I did a fun example page at 8x11 that might be a good idea for you.  It scrapped up really fast!

Here are a few pages from the gals.
You could even use it as a party or other celebratory scrap kit!  This is my page.
I've got two new designs ready for your next sublimation project!  These would look great on so many things!  Mugs, pillows, t-shirts, yard flags...They are also just around $2 each as well.  I am working on an entire collection with these colors and ellies.  Stay tuned!  It's nearly finished!

Fun free templates are waiting for you!

Don't forget the Love For Layout Templates blog train!

It's in the group!  Go have at it!

There is going to be an unbelievable FREEBIE next week at Design Bundles. Make sure you are following us in the group on FB or somewhere so you don't miss it!

Thanks so, so much for sticking with me through these trying times. I love you for it!
(Excuse my near copy paste from the newsletter.)

Happy scrapping!

Friday, August 20, 2021

How To Design A Basic Digital Scrapbooking Templates PhotoShop Elements

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, crafters, hobbyists and scrapbookers!

Here's a simple tutorial on how to design a very basic digital scrapbooking template.  Anyone can do this kind of template.  Trust me!  In a few minutes, you'll be scrapbooking your precious memories in just the format you chose. 

Let's jump right in!

First, open a new, scrapbooking sized document in PSE.  PS will be very similar if not the same for most of these steps.  Personally, I find PSE much quicker to design templates in.  It's amazingly user friendly and I'm no computer genius.

Go to graphics and slide or click in a square, rectangle or whatever shape you want.  You could duplicate the background if you want a square or rectangle, as well.

I already had the color picker set on grey for my shapes.  I'll show ya further down how to do it, yourself.

Once you've got your shape just how ya want it, go to the layers panel and duplicate it.

Size that shape how you want it and repeat...

If you are a perfectionist, go to View, Grid and nudge to perfection.

If you are going to sell this kind of template, rename your layers how you like.  I number mine.  Easy!

You could leave it at that or add shadows by going to FX and choosing a shadow.  These are purchased shadows, but PSE also has a few to choose from and you can even customize those.  They are under Drop Shadows.

Perhaps you'd like to add a stroke, outline or matting to your photo spots?  Easy peasy!

Go to the effects menu or panel, choose strokes.

Select the size you like.  Again, you'll be able to customize the size.

When you quickly double click on the little fx icon in the layers panel, you'll get this pop up box.  You can slide to change the stroke size.  You can also click on the little black box and change the color of the stroke.

As you can see, opacity, bevels, glows and shadows can all be adjust here.  Cool, eh?!

You'll get the little color dropper that looks like an eye dropper when you click that black box.  You can either go right to your page or document and pick a color from it or choose one from the houndreds they provide.

If you'd like all of your photo spots to be the same, go to the layers panel and right click on that layer you want to copy, choose copy layer style...(Make sure you add a shadow before copying.  If you want shadows.)

Then paste that layer style to the other layers.  You can do them all at once by selecting all of the layers.

You can stop there OR you can learn how to get that outline on another layer.  There are a few methods.

If you keep that outline, your photo spot will not be on a separate layer.  If you plan on putting a shadow on that layer or you'd like to clip a paper on to it, then keep on reading.

I always work with with a color palette that I just drag on to my document as I'm working or I use a stash of solid papers from the gallery. (I'll be showing you how to make solid papers very soon.)

If you duplicate your square or shape then enlarge it slightly, you can recolor it.  This doesn't work great for all shapes, but squares, circles and rectangles are no problem.

You can use the color picker to recolor your layer or you can slide in a paper from your gallery and clip it to the layer by selecting, create clipping mask on the layer you want to clip.

Click on the paint bucket in the toolbar and color your layer.

Straighten it out and you're all set!

See how easy that is?!  Can you just imagine how far you can take these steps?!  If you know The Cherry, we taken it to outer space.  LOL!

Planner templates are the bee's knees!  Use ours and save so much time!

We'd prefer if ya just bought ours, but sometimes ya just can't find exactly what you are looking for, right?

Thanks so much for checking out this tutorial.  If you've got any questions, you can hit me and my team up, in our scrap-a-licious group, follow us via e-mail or all of the other trendy social media platforms found in the side panel.

I'll leave you with our newest free template.

Happy scrapping!

There are SO many freebies on this blog!