Friday, January 27, 2012



Don't you just love making tags?!  They can really be the cherry on top when giving a gift.  It gives a personal touch to your token of appreciation and might distract them from the actual gift. hehehe... I often put a piece of magnetic tape on the back of my tags so that people can hang them around.

The other great thing about tags are you can use all of your scraps to make them.  Since the tags are typically smallish, they do not require a lot of materials.  Often when we receive a multipack of embellishments we get these tiny frames, like the one you see here.  They are perfect for on tags, but often a bit too, small for larger scrapbook projects.  I also have many letter stickers that get drowned out in bigger scrapbooks, but they fit nicely on tags.

Above, you will see the tiny clothes pin with flower embellishment.  This is what I used to attach the tag to the gift and of course, the receiver of the gift tag can use it for the same purpose.  My ribbon remnants were just right for this small tag.  Fabric ribbons and flowers give the tag softness and dimension.

This layout is full of tags.  There are three small tags across the top and the pocket is full of tags, too.  On the front of each tag is a sport picture.  The design for the tag is more like a frame so that when you take the tag out and turn it over you will see all of the information on the other side of the sport picture.  Name, year, team name, etc.  GOAL!!!!

These two tags are directly attached to the page and cannot be removed.  The tags with card stock background gives the project more dimension and fun, of course.

More fun with tags and pockets.  You can put notes on the back of the tags or information about the picture as well.  Tags are a great way to be able to take a picture from the project and hold it in your hand or look up close making the layout even more personal because you can feel it, too.  These tags have been reinforced with card stock and each have a different fastener.  Eyelets, brads, buttons and much more can be used to fasten your tags either directly to the page, the ribbon or other material that you may use to lift the tag from the layout.

Tags are excellent embellishments.  You can buy them already made or you can make them yourself.  Use them with gifts or for in your scrapbooks and cards.  Big or small, thin or thick, lavish or plain, tags are totally fan-tag-stic!

Inspiration to go and make some tags of your own?  TAG!  You're it!