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Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm on another freebie kick! Aren't you so lucky? In this round, I'll be giving away most of my What's Cooking collection. I'll be updating the templates just a bit to make them Commercial Use and putting them in the Kreative Design Studio. Keep reading to get the first part of this free collection. This printable card is new!

free recipe card

Keep scrolling for the link.

I have this Italian seasoning that I just love and for so long, I could not remember where the heck I bought it. I buy things from so many different places. The last time I was in Germany, I hit up the Globus and bought a few different packs of Italian seasoning and one of them was the one I was looking for. Whooo hooo! Since most of my fans do not live in Germany, I thought I'd share a recipe very similar to this one.

Check out the card for a list of the seasonings in the recipe. The first is tomatoes. That's dried, ground or rather finely chopped ingredients. There is no powder in my pack, but ya certainly could try powders in your own recipe.

Go down the list and put less and less of what's next in your mixture. Sugar was in the recipe, but I left that out because I never use sugar in my hot cooked, main meals. I rarely use sugar in any recipe, including baking.

Keep tweaking your recipe to perfection.

free kitchen printables

Click on this preview to get the printable conversion chart and get the links for the rest of the printables.

This was the kit and I'll be giving it all away, pack by pack. Stay tuned!

These were the original templates. The main, large appliance shapes are all mine. I'lll be putting the appliances separately in the shop and the templates pictured below will be only slightly altered so they can be used for Commercial Use.

kitchen templates

Here are the new templates.

cooking templates

The girls did a great job on their pages. I can't wait to see yours.

cooking scrapbook pages

There's my boys at their favorite sushi place. I love the black, white and yellow.

apron template

I love using my crockpot. In the summer, I put it in our outdoor kitchen. Not only does it keep our place cooler, we use our solar panels to generate it.

cooking scrapbook kit and templates

Muffins pans are SO handy!

Use them for mini meatloaves, mini custom omelettes and of course, all kinds of muffins.

backing scrapbook page

Get those kids in the kitchen! There is nothing more important than knowing what to eat and how to prepare it. Good food can heal illness and of course, it keeps us strong, mentally adept and healthy.

baking scrapbook page

Just look at all of these elements. They will be yours soon!

picnic basket template

I'm fairly sure the scrapbooking kit in this page below is from Sweet Shoppe. It looks amazing!

baking scrapbook kit

Here's the link for the free recipe card. 

You could use the new card as a tag and give the seasoning as a gift. Maybe print it on sticker paper and use it as a label for your jar of herbs or use it as a digital scrapbooking element. It's for Personal Use ONLY.

Come on back for more of the What's Cooking Kit and grab the updated templates and support The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!


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Start Building Your Wedding Scrapbook 36 Gorgeous Wedding Scrapbook Pages for Inspiration and a Lot of Tips

A very warm welcome to The Cherry On Top, scrapbookers, crafters and memory keepers.

Memory keeping is a wonderful hobby.  There are so many different ways to document your memories and scrapbooking tops the list. It is an awesome experience, paging through a scrapbook.  Each and every time you turn the pages, you’re flooded with cherished memories.

What an experience it is, designing your own wedding scrapbook.  Especially the one for your wedding!  You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing and reminiscing about all of the fun and memorable scenes as you work on your scrapbook.

It might seem like a daunting task.  We’re here to make the process easy, fast and enjoyable.  Check out these tips and tricks to beautify and speed up the process.  You will be totally inspired and itching to get started.

There are a lot of things to consider before you get going.  Let us help you hash it all out.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio and a Fun Front Page Idea

Things to consider for your albums:

  •  How much time do you want to spend on your album?

  •  How much money do you want to spend?

  •  How many pictures do you want to include?

  •  What kind of order do you plan to go in?

We’ll go over some details for all of these so that it will be easier for you to make a decision and we'll give you ideas for your album as well.  Hopefully, you’ll find new concepts, too.

Do you want to get this over and done with as soon as possible or do you plan on taking your time, enjoying the entire process and have zero time restraints?

Consider the style of your scrapbook and how much time you are willing to spend on each page. There are wonderfully easy and fast styles to scrapbook in.  Here is an example of an insanely efficient layout.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio and Look at all of the Photos

Above, I used a template to quickly crop in adorably fun photos of my niece and her “team”.  You can design a page like this in 15 minutes or less!  It’s also an awesome way to get a lot of pictures on one page. I liked up a similar template. If you are a Plus member, type in grid scrapbook template and you'll see a whole bunch of my template designs with this super easy style.

wedding papers for scrapbooks

The Cherry On Top Template and Designs from Aimee Harrison with a Monotone Look

If you plan on going more ornate or if you wear the cluster queen crown, then you’ll need to give yourself more time.

The above page requires more hours, for sure.  I am sharing a way to get around this further in the blog.  So keep reading if you want totally gorgeous, ornate pages quickly.

If money is of no consequence, then any style and format will do.  Lucky you!  If your expenditures are limited there are still a lot of options.  Scrapbooking digitally will save a lot of time, hassle and money.  Whoo hoo!  There are very few items you’ll have to purchase and depending on the size of your album and how many pages are in them, you can control printing costs.

You can choose to print at home and creatively bind or print on a smaller format if you don’t have a large 12x12 printer.  A super easy option is printing through a company like Persnickety or even a local store. There is typically quite some room to play, financially.  The more pages, the more it’ll cost ya.  Shiny pages cost more and the kind of cover you choose can also increase your overall cost.

If you have a lot of pictures and you want to save time and money, then go for a style like this.

Template and designs from The cherry On Top and Multiple Photo Idea

The page above scraps in minutes and I could use a lot of pictures.  You could go even smaller with the photo sizes if you have to.  That way, you could even double the amount of pictures on your page.

Important Notes About Your Wedding Pictures

As you can see with the above layout, the pictures are not great quality.  This is what happens when you use pictures from a cell phone.  Keep that in mind, for sure!  If you can afford a photographer to click all the way into the night, it is highly recommended.  Especially, if you are wanting a high quality, gorgeous scrapbook.

Size matters!  In regards to your pictures, keep size in mind.  If you are going to design your scrapbook from start to finish, all on your own, page by page, then just size the pictures as you go.  Let me show you what I mean.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio, Large Photo and Borders

If you were to print out all of your pictures professionally, in the same size, you wouldn’t have this kind of flexibility. This is not only a huge sized photo, but it’s crazy easy and fast to scrap.  It looks pretty amazing as well and the photo is significant enough to enlarge to this size, too.

Another tip about photos that will help with choosing a process, style and type of album, is picture organization.  Gather and group photos how you want them on the page.  You can do this physically as well as digitally.

Organize photos in an envelope and put a page number on the envelope (in pencil, you will probably change it a lot).  If you’re doing it digi then simply slide the photos you want on a new page and scrap later.  Each page represents a page in your album. That’s how I did mine.

Another thing to consider is where you want to start?  Will you start from when you were dating?  The proposal?  The bachelorette party?  The shower?  Will you simply scrap the wedding and reception?  Think about all of the things we already mentioned as well as this and the order you want to go in and you’re nearly ready to get started.

Chronological is probably the easiest way to scrapbook and organize.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio and an Album Cover Idea

Coordinating a Scrapbook for Your Wedding

Considering our above questions, it’s time to start thinking about the details.  If you are one of these mitchy matchy types, then I’d suggest purchasing an enormous digital (or physical) collection that would include: embellishments, journal cards, word art, borders, paints, paper and graphics. That's what I did.

This way everything and or all of your pages throughout the album will match.  This style is most often the one preferred by most.  If you notice throughout this blog, that was what I’ve done.  This is also a huge way to save time.  You won’t have to keep looking and searching for a style, theme and colors that all match.

Make sure you stay cohesive with your theme and style.  Cutesy, whimsical on one page and vintage on the page next to it, may not give you the affect you are looking for.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio with Large Photo for Impact

Look for a collection, coordinating packs with a fair amount of colors and elements.  This way, you won’t get bored by page 5.  If the color palette is extensive, it will go a lot further.

Here’s a selection from Design Bundles that would create a lot of pages for your wedding album.

The stationary or cards would make great matting and backgrounds.  The lovely built clusters and frame clusters would save you a lot of time, too.  There are papers and an alphabet in the pack.  That’s perfect for titles and word art.

I totally recommend sticking with a style.  Above is watercolor.  Use it throughout your album for the best cohesive look.  I’ll show off a few more examples on how you can pair up items from Design Bundles and Plus.

More beautiful watercolor designs from Plus that would rock your album.

All of these items are soft and similar in color.  They might even pair well with the big pack I posted above.  Now, that combination would definitely get you through an entire album.  If you’ve got just a little software savvy, you could tweak the colors in all of the different packs so that everything fits perfectly together with your palette.

A sweet ensemble of light colored papers that go well together.

Mix and match papers from Design Bundles and Plus to get your background and matting together.  Above, is a suggestion.  Again, alter your colors to match perfectly if you know how.  Though this match up isn’t too shabby.

Here is a different kind of style that might appeal to you.  I’d call it cutsie or whimsical.  Keep using this style throughout your album if that’s more your kind of thing.  Check out how that pink watercolor paper matches with it.  That sure would be a great paper pack to have in your stash.

For the above two images, simply make your own pack of solid, textured papers by color picking out the colors from the designs.  These ideas will take you through a lot of wedding scrapbooking pages.

Also worth mentioning, when you’re surfing around Design Bundles, type in different things in the search like, “romantic, love, wedding, bride, hearts…” and all kinds of different items will appear.

I customized this entire collection to match the colors in my niece’s party. Tip:  If you’re finding it difficult matching the colors exactly, go for a palette that is neutral.  Perhaps mostly white, off white, light grey, beige and slip in some colors that coordinate with the colors in your pictures.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio, Keep it Simple

See how colors like these might go with any kind of wedding photos?  Super light colors and or black and white is versatile, too.  Also note the color repetition.  It’s a great way to keep a cohesive look on your page.

Save Time Designing Your Scrapbook With These Tips

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio, Change it Horizontally

How’s that for a sweet double pager or side by side layout and a fabulous time saver? Just change the juxtaposition of your page, plug in different photos and finished!  You can do this a few times throughout your album.

Another awesome time saving tool for scrapbooking your wedding album or any album or page layout are templatesTemplates are amazing!  Shave off hours of scrapbooking time and you don’t have to think about “how” you want to scrap your page because the design has already been laid out for you.  Fantastic, right?!

Nearly all of the pages I designed for my niece's wedding were from my templates.

Template and Designs from The Cherry On Top and Kreative Design Studio, End Page Idea

Gather as many packs of templates that would look awesome for weddings and change them up when you can, by turning them on their head or even just 45 degrees to the right or left.

Consider journaling because you won’t remember everything.  Trust me on this one.  Leave some space to journal, use quotes, poems and even things that your guests may have said that brought a laugh or warmed your heart.

Choose a font or three and stick with those for a more cohesive look in your album. Consider the style of text you are going to use. This font would be just dreamy for a wedding page layout and album.

Designs from Design Bundles Plus for a Journal Card and Elements

Another cool way to save time and get creative is by using svg’s geared towards romance, love and weddings.  Here are a few examples from the shop and how you can use them on a scrapbook page from your wedding. Use them for titles and more.

Design quickly, easily and inexpensive with designs from Plus.

I quickly put together this page using a beautiful svg from Plus, just a few elements, shapes from Photoshop Elements and some texture.  Add your gorgeous picture and you’re all scrapped.

Check out how you can use a “card” shape from Plus and a romantic svg to design a page.

Quick pages are scrapbooking pages that are 99% finished.  All you have to do is add the photos. 

wedding journal cards

You can also purchase the journal cards from Plus that I've designed. I love the Mr. & Mrs. Design.

Check out all of the wedding quick pages I made in Plus by typing in Wedding Scrapbook.

Hiring someone to design your scrapbook might seem like a great idea.  Let me point out some pluses and minuses with that.  You will still spend time gathering the photos you want the designer to use.  You’ll still have to choose colors, themes and give information like dates, names and perhaps help with titles and journaling and tweaking it all together at the end.

It is very expensive and after all of that, you might not even love the end result because it isn’t all yours.  The process of scrapbooking is very fulfilling.  You don’t have to be an expert or have a lot of experience or supplies. You just need a little guidance, some examples, great templates and fabulous designs for your album pages.

I design professional scrapbooks for people and it costs $40-$70 a page! You can choose your style, colors...I can even design an entire scrapbooking collection for the pages like I did for my niece, but it'll cost ya! Hehehe...And it will take a few months to complete. Then you have to pay for the printing and the cover choice.

Consider joining Plus.  Especially for crafting and designing large projects like an entire album or collection.  You’ll have thousands of amazing designs to choose from and even design editing software for you to use, DesignScape. Totally awesome, right? I started making videos on how to scrapbook in DesignScape, too. So, you'll be set to get started!

You can spend as little or as much time and money on a scrapbook and get great results with our tips. Check out other blogs from our Design School and learn more about digital scrapbooking.

You can totally do this!  Start planning your wedding scrapbooking album, today.  Peruse shops for templates and designs that appeal to you.  Look through our YouTube channel for helpful tips and pop over to our community to ask questions and get ideas.

Gather those pictures, write down some memorable quotes, look for fabulous designs and get your crafty scrap on.

If you still need more inspiration, take a look at the rest of my pages and I've got a super fun run through of the album in a video, too. See it quickly and all at once, here. You might be surprised how nice a digital album comes out. I know I was!

I'll quickly run through the next pages and add tips and tricks where I can to help you even further.

wedding layout

Above, is just a really pretty paper from the collection, a fun frame also in the collection and a very few elements arranged in the corner.  1, 2, 3...and you are finished!

layered scrapbook page
More from the Framed templates pack.

Slip in some papers, use our word art with your coordinating papers and add a few other elements if you even need to.

manly scrapbook page

How quick and easy is this page?! 5 larger photos, one journal card from the Reason to Celebrate collection and a lovely pic of the bride.  This is a pretty sweet arrangement to show off the entire wedding party on one page.  A great idea if you've got tons of pics or want to keep the album smaller.

I don't know if you noticed the details?  I used the awesome, dark navy background paper from the collection, which was ideal for the dudes.  Then I took a paper with a wood look to match the wood in the pictures and tweaked the colors to match perfectly.  I really, really recommend trying to match the colors of your pictures with your papers and elements you use on your pages.  I'll talk more about that as we go.

wedding layouts

I knew, well in advance, what the colors were going to be so I could make them match perfectly.  I didn't know about the truck until I saw the pics, after the wedding.  I quickly designed this truck to match the one in the pics. It was a nice vintage, manly touch.  I consider the subject of the pictures when choosing papers and ellies for a layout.

vintage wedding layout

Another technique to save time is to duplicate a cluster and move it around the page.  Change the position if it looks right and tweak to perfection.  Notice the color coordination?  It's what helps make a scrapbook page look exceptional.

gorgeous scrapbook layouts

Another very simple page designed quickly.  Large photos take up most of the page so I only need a few elements to finish it off.  The ellies match the colors in the pic, the papers...All things to consider.

wedding scrapbook album

I used a template for the page above and some huge, light shadows to make my pictures and elements seem to float.  Use shadows from your software program or buy great ones in the form of styles.

elegant scrapbooking

The album in its entirety, is fairly square which helps with the flow of the book.  I am a fan of right angels.  Play around with the papers until you get the perfect combo.  Use the matting to contrast your pictures and make them pop.

wedding scrapbook

This page wouldn't be all that easy for a beginner unless you had a great template!  Hehehe...Templates are an awesome tool for your scrapbook pages and albums.

wedding pages

Sometimes, you're in the middle of a page and something just isn't right.  It's often a contrast problem.  I was a little stuck on this page until I added that black outline to the journaling.  Use shadows and outline when ya need more poppage.

scrapbook pages

I used the same people for this page and the hearts were turned into envelopes. Jodi did the design for this page.

wedding quick page

You can purchase this page and 5 other ready made quick pages in Plus. Type in the search, "wedding quick page" and they will all come up.                                         

wedding cake template

This album was designed a few years ago and I feel my designing has come a long way since then.  I might have to take another attempt at a template like this, but this one is ok.  If you find it too busy, delete some of the decorative bits on the cake.

wedding quick page

This is a similar page I designed for Plus that you can grab.

gorgeous wedding pages

It doesn't take hours to make a beautiful page!  Pump up the size of your ellies and use a large picture to save time.  Sneak in a smaller picture to get more pics on one page in a fun way.

floral designs

Here are some designs from Plus in Design Bundles that you can purchase.

wedding templates

Using the same elements repetitively is another really good scrapbooking layout technique.

wedding templates

See how the colors from the picture match everything around the page?

wedding templates

More templates in use. Too bad my shop is no longer open at GingerScraps. My apologies for this terrible inconvenience. If you're really wanting anything from this blog in the form of templates or the huge collection, send me a shout and I'll see what I can do. Many similar items can be found in Plus.

wedding scrapbook pages

The black on gold is so luxurious, no? I only used a few elements on the page, above. Copy, paste and position to perfection.

wedding scrapbooking pages

multiple photo page layouts

These pages are a great way to get a lot of photos on one page. Change the juxtaposition of the template and use it over and over again.

wedding scrapbook pages

wedding scrapbook pages

Go big with those elements and use dramatic shadows for pop.

how to design a wedding scrapbook

How you crop your photos depends on the space you've got when it comes to getting a lot of pictures on one page and depending on the template shape form. Ya may have to get a little creative at times. Just don't ever distort your pictures. Leave some extra background or maybe even cut off part of a person. Look carefully above at what I've done.

black and white photos for scrapbooking

Every now and then I get stumped on a page and I just can't get it to look right. Rarely, I go for a black and white photo and it's just what the page called for. This is a unique look for a page, right? 

wedding scrapbook pages

Don't be afraid to put stuff over your pictures. Use smaller pictures over photos where you've got too much background or over unimportant or even unwanted details. Same goes for elements.

wedding scrapbook page set up

I started this blog months ago. There may be wonky links and it sure as hell isn't easy to manoeuvre around Plus for my goodies. I linked up what I could from there and along the way I found a lot more gorgeous designs for weddings.

I hope you've found this blog helpful and by all means, take a peek at the video with all of the pages and the actual, printed wedding photo album. It's really, really awesome. There are also more pages than shown in the blog.

wedding album flip through

I've got loads of tutorials as well as, Watch Me Scrap videos.

bride designs for scrapbooking

I just designed the above wedding products so I could give ya a freebie. If you want them all, pop over to my shop and make them yours. CLICK HERE to see which design is today's freebie.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

Good luck with those wedding albums. You can always hit me and the ladies up in our group for questions you might have. We can seriously help you with any of your scrapbooking questions and needs.

Happy scrapping!