Saturday, November 28, 2020

Free Holiday Tags and More Hybrid Scrapbooking Crafting and Amazing Sales

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Amazing, I've not bought one thing yet.  I got so sick of being on the computer yesterday.  Hehehe...I might have been a bit too impatient waiting for other sales to start, but ours is in full swing at all of our shops.  Our dollar deals at GingerScraps and at Design Bundles are totally kicking as well.  I just love getting goodies for just one dollar.

So besides the best sales from all year, we've also got some page inspiration, goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics selling at the Sweet Shoppe and a free hybrid that you can use for the holidays.

Here's a peek at SOME of what is only $1 at GingerScraps.  There's more so make you scroll through the entire shop so you don't miss those dollar deals.  Full kits are only $1 and there are several template packs also at just $1.

Here are a few pages using the dollar deal templates and or kits.

From the Artistic Minimalist Collection

More from Artistic Minimalist

Ruth scrapped a fun page with Gnome for Christmas.  Just $1!

Awe, what a cutie!  Sleigh Bells Ring kit for $1!

I've opened a Commercial Use shop at Design Bundles and I've got three items for $1 there as well.

Friendly Frames, Treat Bags and Circlicious are just $1.  These items are new to Design Bundles, but they are not new.  Be sure to check your stash for all of the dollar deals.

I've got several pages to show off with Clever Monkey Graphics goodies.  Tracey's shop is on sale and she's got awesome Black Friday deals, too.  Beautiful, full kits for under $5!  You'll just love her products.

This is the kit I used and...

these are the templates.  I love these!

Went a bit nuts!  There was just so many fun elements.  I couldn't help myself.

The kit I used and...

the template.

I finally could scrap with these awesome templates.

This kit with the adorable felt elements is just darling.

My ripped off templates were a great success.  Add them to your stash while they are 50% off!

Really fun festive templates for any time of year.  They make great cards, too.

I scrapped two pages with Jolly Jingels.  Above, is a great way to show off a lot of pictures on one page.  Scrap up a few small clusters and you can scrap really fast.  

Kit used and...

the templates with plenty of spaces for your pictures.

Hop over to Tracey's fan club and get the two free tags.

Tracey's products translate totally awesome for your hybrid needs.  She always has these great journal cards that are perfect for Project Lifers.

The Design Bundles shop of ours, Kreative Design Studio is 50% off.  This is a great opportunity to try out our Commercial Use products.

We've got a lot of goodies that are great for cuttable users, crafters and hybrid lovers.

I've started making mockups.  If you're ever looking for something specific in the form of mockups, then let us know.  I'm currently working on mockups for Valentine's Day as well as for crafting and scrapbooking so keep your eyes out for them.  I used these kitchen mockups of ours to show off our free printable.  It's a much more visually pleasing way to show off products and sales than a preview.

If you love freebies, check out some of our older ones. These are all mockups as well.

Here are our most recent freebies. Go back to yesterday's blog.

This freebie is on the Art & Life Scraps page.

Thanks so much for making time for The Cherry.  I'm sure we've inspired you with all of this scrappy goodness.  Consider joining us in the group and all of our other social spots found in the side bar.

Best of luck with all of your fantastic purchases and happy scrapping!


Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday Sales In All Three Shops, Dollar Deals and Two New Collaborative Digital Scrapbooking Collections. Let the Games Begin!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got like 10 windows open, ready to get some seriously awesome deals, this morning in between writing a few blogs.  Ha!  I better keep the coffee coming and the snacks close at hand.  It's going to be one heck of a day.  

I've so much to cover that I'll spilt it up today and tomorrow I'll bring you more scrapbooking and crafting goodness along with super fun hybrid ideas and more new freebies.  I'm uber excited about all of the festive ideas I've got on tap for the most wonderful time of year, too.  Including a very special series of gifts for our subscribers.  Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don't miss it.

For our super savvy scrappers and crafters, you are going to go nuts over the dollar event at Design Bundles.  I've got my list ready and I'm so excited to see what will all be in there.  I've got three items in the dollar event.  None of these items are "new".  Make sure you check your stash that you don't already have them.  Here's a peek...

I've got our cuttable, Circlicious digital template for just one dollar.  The treat bag template is really handy and a sweet deal at a buck.  Also, I generously put our most popular to date, up for only $1, Friendly Frames.  That certainly is our very best deal, next to free.  Hehehe...If you are not familiar with them, pop over to the shop and check them out.  I've got more images in the Design Bundles shop as well as a video where you can see them in action.  Though, I did have to take out two frames for copy right reasons from Polaroid and of course, those are what I used on the video.  Figures, right!?  It is on my list to update that video, but you still get a great idea how to manipulate these seriously versatile frames. I use these templates all of the time and so will you.  You may even recognize them from our many templates.

I shared a freebie with you not long ago.  Do you remember it? This gnome collection is beyond fabulous. Just look how I used it?!  I tweaked the colors a touch.   Then, designed some phe-gnom-enal tags.  Ha!  I just made that up!  Hehehe...You can use them to adorn your pretty digital or traditional scrapbooking pages or your actual gifts.  Oh!  The round ones would look pretty on an ornament as well.  I've provided quirky quotes as well as blank tags so these printables might even take you a bit further, creatively.

Here's our Flamazing Christmas Collection in action along with Fancy Flakes Cuttables.  Again, scrap traditionally or digitally.  How about a card?  They work perfect for cards, too.  Whoo hoo!  Oh!  Pull some of the colors from the gnome tags and put them on these and pair them up.  Not a bad combination at all. I paired them up with Flamazing Christmas.

Did I mention Kreative Design Studio at both ETSY and Design Bundles are 50% off?

Now, ya know that GingerScraps will also be fully in action as well.  I've got some serious dollar deals going on in the shop.  Keep in mind again, some of these are new to GingerScraps, but not new to The Cherry.  I've brought over some festive favorites from ETSY.  Check your stash, first.  I just peeked over to see how the dollar deals were doing and they are hot!  Hot!  Hot!  So make sure you are a part of it, too.  You can get full kits for just $1!  You won't believe it!

My image below, doesn't even show all of the dollar deals.  I added a few later.  You should at the very least, scroll through the first few pages of the shop to make sure you get ALL of the dollar deals.  Look for BoHo Chic, Sumptuous and Ethereal kits as well.

I'm going to show off just a couple of pages with the dollar deals.  It is SO hard to restrain!  Hehehe...

A lovely page from Roxana using Gnome For Christmas.  Just $1!

Here's Rox, again with Sleigh Bells Ring and Artistic Minimalist templates #3.  Both on sale for $1 each.

Here's our #5 Artistic Minimalist templates and goodies from JoCee Designs.

Remember BoHo Chic?  I SO love these colors.  The template is from Bits N' Pieces.

OK!  Make sure you are paying attention because things are going to get very interesting.  Cindy from Art and Life Scraps has teamed up twice with us.  We've added to our Flamazing collection, another huge bundle of festive goodies that match perfectly with it.  You will so love combining both collections for the mega of all megas.

If you are like me and just love huge collections with tons and tons of goodies, then look no further than our collaborations.  I'll admit and give all of the blame that it is Cindy's fault!!!  She goes absolutely nuts and puts so many elements in her kits.  Hehehe...It is a bit refreshing to be the conservative one for once.

Before I show off the flamazing pages from myself and the ladies, I'll show you our other collection, Seize The Day.  I only contributed the templates.  All of the rest if all on Cindy.  The ladies made jaw dropping, very inspiring pages with it as well as Cindy's free with purchase...

November Rain...You'll get this FREE when you buy the product in the GingerScraps shop that has both the Flamazing Christmas and Seize The Day collections.  Do not buy them separate or you won't get the freebie.  Use this link to make sure you get it right.  You'll see on the packaging as well.

Brace yourselves for the gorgeous pages.  Again, I've used restraint.  You can see many more pages in the GingerScraps store gallery.

Theresa used the template and collection from Flamazing Christmas.

Jenni used the template and collection as well.

Cindy's page with the templates and collection.

Most of the ladies used November Rain in the most artistic of fashion. It sure is a great kit to get in your therapy.  These days are extremely trying for so many of us.  Scrapbooking is an excellent source to heal.  Immerse yourself in your designs and forget about all of the crap out there that's pushing out the light.  The sun always shines, again.

Here are some pages with Seize The Day.

I was so thrilled when Danica shared her page.  She not only did a bit more of traditional page with the kit, but she also used our Spring Fling templates and our favorite little fury baby, Charlotte.

I promised it was going to get interesting.  We are offering the amazing sweet deal of Flamazing Christmas and Seize The Day for ONLY $9.99 AND you get November Rain FREE when you buy the pack with both collections.

Enjoy this fun freebie and use it along with the collection.

Pop over to Cindy's group and grab her freebies, too!

Skip back to our previous blog and get this coordinating, FREE, Commercial Use paper.  It also combines with Flamazing Christmas.

Our blog is full of scrapbooking goodness and freebies galore.  Scroll around and feel right at home.  Don't forget our group either.  Share your projects, designs, ask questions and be inspired.

I just love that you gave The Cherry a bit of your time.  I hope we'll see ya tomorrow.  We'll have more scrappy awesomeness, more freebies and hybrid ideas for you.

Happy Scrapping!