Saturday, November 7, 2020

Adorable New Scrapbooking Templates, Layout Love and a Free, Adorable Printable Card

Hello, Happy Scrappers and welcome to The Cherry On Top.

In our usual fashion we've got plenty of layout love, tips, tutorials and a new freebie for you hybrid hipsters.  

Today's new templates are really a joy to work with.  I just couldn't help myself and my team totally knocked me out with their pages.  You're going to love them and the coordinating, free card, too.

My little fox is just the cutest.  There is so much you can do with her.  Keep scrolling to see what we do with her and the other templates.

I love how Caro used a Christmas theme with the templates.  A super idea!

What a great quote and another page off theme.  Always, always, always look outside of the theme when it comes to kits and templates and your stash will go a lot further.

This page blends so well and really looks awesome!

Lou Cee Creations

Don't be afraid to use patterns.

Loue Cet Creations

Made By Keuntje

Have some artistic fun and never feel like you always have to use a photograph.


Look how creative Esther was!

Paula Kesserling



In Theresa's page, the fox is just a touch understated by using similar colors, which makes the photos stand out.

Heart Made Scrapbook

I went off theme, too!  The kit was about sunsets, but the colors went great with my neighbors gorgeous flowers.

You can also use our templates to design cards, bookmarks...So easy!  The hard part is all done.  You have to just clip in your pretty papers, adorn and size it just the way ya want.

Check out how we designed our card.

Delete the photos if you're not going to use them.  I didn't want a cluster in the middle so I ditched my ellies.  Don't ditch them if you need their juxstapositioning or the shadows.

I added these fun dots and ready made cluster from my Commercial Use stash...

Then I turned the black facial features to brown by using the color picker and sucking up the colors from my cluster so it matches perfectly.

You can see I moved my cluster, duplicated it and placed it as shown.

Add and or customize a shadow if you like to your cluster (s).

We're going to customize the facial features more. You can duplicate our background layer...

and color it how you want your outline to be...I used the color picker and paint bucket, again.

Make sure you clear the layer style of the layers on top after duplicating them.  The eyes, nose and mouth.

You'll need to simplify those bottom layers...That way the stroke you added to them will "stay" when you clip in the gold paper you created for the outline.  You could also choose to just color the stroke with the picker, but they you lose any texture or sparkle you might want to add.

Then slide that background you duplicated over that layer...

and clip it in for a sweet outline just the color you want.  You could add texture or a paper from your stash.

I did the color picker and duplicated the background again for the paper for the cheeks.  No texture needed there.

That's it!

Add any journaling you'd like and maybe some shadowing.

Click here for the download.

If you are like me and never buy without a sale or great deal, then look no further than our Buffets at GingerScraps.  Every month we put a pack of templates in the shop for just $2 and leave it $2 all month long.  Don't forget $2 Tuesdays as well.

Danica scrapped up her fur baby with a kit also from the buffet.

Just Because Studio

I either leave you with the designer name or shop where you can buy the kit shown on the page.  If you ever need more information, leave us a comment, message or pop over to the group and ask there.  We are always happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Pretty Patterns can go so far.  Take a look at Felicity's page.  She totally blended her background and I think it looks stunning.


Jenn is such a super scrapper and look at her gorgeous daughter! I am SO digging Lou's new goodies.  Look how refreshing and bright they are.  I was looking at Pinterest's colors for winter and was like, meh. This is more my style and certainly what we all could use in these darker times.

LouCee Creations

I'm loving Roxana's cluster and her background.  It's nothing like Felicity's and equally as awesome.  Looks like she ditched the shadows which is yet another way to use the templates.  Now, it looks like one sheet of paper instead of pieces.

Blue Heart Scraps

Just look at all of these patterns!

Magical Scraps Galore

Theresa did such a bang up job on her page.  Matching the picture perfect with all of those fab goodies.

Connie Prince

Heart Made Scrapbook

Heart Made Scrapbook

Made By Keuntje

Xuxper Designs

Cindy always knocks it out of the park with her pages and designs.


A huge shout out of thanks to all of you who grabbed our Kooky Spooky templates.

I used them for my page, below.  No Halloween required!

You've only got over a month to finish your yearbook and get all of this for FREE.  Ya get winter for free.  Find it in the album in our group.  Scrap three pages, tag me and I'll send you the links for spring and so on.  We've got quite a few ladies that are nearly finished with their Yearbooks.  Yay!

If you are ever feeling lost, get to our group and ask away.  You might be surprised at how helpful me and my fans are.  They are just amazing and we love to help.  So don't hesitate.

We've got ya all set!  Free goodies galore, new templates and inspiration.  I'm thrilled you gave us some of your time to check out the blog.  We'd love to see you in the GingerScraps forum and in the group.  Check out the side bar for all of our hang outs.

Happy scrapping!

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