Friday, January 14, 2022

New Digital Scrapbooking Products, Super Fun Scrapbook Page Layouts and a Freebie

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

My apologies for not being great at keeping up.  I spend so much time designing that I just can't wait to get my butt of my chair and move.  Hehehe...I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

I'm having an absolute blast designing for Plus at Design Bundles.  I've been getting at least three templates in the shop every week along with nearly a dozen other fun, new and inspiring scrapbook designs and lately even educational resources.  Keep on reading to find out more about that.

I had so much fun designing this Travel Collection.  There are 8 packs that coordinate with it.  You can see them all in this preview.  Just type in Travel Collection in the search at Plus in Design Bundles and they should pop up for ya.

You can do so much with this collection.  Beautify your planners, agendas, scrapbook, make cards, invitations and tags...

The word art make scrapbooking really fast and simple.

Printable sticker sheets will bring these digital designs off of the screen and on to your physical pages.  Now, that is super scrap-a-licious fun!

Using journal or pocket cards for scrapbooks is a fantastic idea!  If time is of the essence or your scrappy skills are lacking, this is a format of scrapbooking that might appeal to you.

Just look at all of these lovely colors.  They are so bright and inspiring.  Your travel photos are going to look terrific with them.

There are a lot of printable sheets in this collection.  Including these awesome planner printables.

Go big with your elements, keep it simple and scrap quickly and beautifully.

Quick pages or ready made scrapbook pages are ideal if you've not got the time or energy to scrapbook.

Now take a look at all 12, Year In Review templates in Plus.  There is a funky font and a whole heck of a lot of photo spots for all of your monthly memories.  Perhaps you'll choose another year besides 2020 to scrap?!  I certainly don't want to remember any of it!  Hehehe...Type, "Year in Review" at Plus, in the search and these will appear like magic.

Dun!  Dun! Daaah!  Here's an eek-a-licious series I've designed for the Pet Collection featuring one of my favorite pets, cats.  Y'all probably have seen plenty of pictures of our gorgeous kitties.  Show off your kitties in our scrappy group.

I've also designed some basic templates to coordinate with the collection.  That first template just might look super in a light box.  If you do this, by all means, show us the photos!

This is kind of how it might look like...If you've not seen light boxes, head over to Design Bundles and check them out.  There are some absolutely gorgeous ones.  Maybe you'll find a new craft!

Here's a page example with the template and the, I Love My Cat series.

A bit more plain...

and mega changed up!

We've sold so many of these Valentine designs and to think I didn't really even feel like designing them.  Until...I got started.  I had a somewhat limited color palette, which I do often prefer, but ended up having an absolute hoot designing all of this and it is showing in the sales.  Take a look to see the fun I had with this collection.

More fun quick pages!

I've been asked to help out with educational resources and though it has been awhile since I've been before a class, I'm going for it.  I'm doing all kinds of levels and keeping special needs in mind with the designs.  I also give hints, tips and alternative ideas for teaching with the activities in the product descriptions.

As you can see, I'm using attractive, eye catching colors and fun designs that I find in Plus or that I design myself.

I know a lot has changed and I'll tell ya, it is going to keep changing.  Hehehe...I've got so many new and craft-tastic ideas I've yet to design.  My notebooks are bulging!  It is on my agenda to get some glue on my fingers.  I hope you'll join with me that.

If you've got a design idea you'd like to share or see if I can design, hit us up on FB or send an e-mail.  We'd love to hear from you and see what you've been working on.

Here's a new fun freebie!  Give the, I Love My Cat series a try!

Y'all, take good care of yourself.  Keep positive and keep love in your heart.  Make sure you put yourself in other people's shoes and constantly remind yourself about all of the things you are grateful for, both big and small.  It's good for the soul.

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry and happy scrapping!