Thursday, April 30, 2015

Crazy Freebies for NSD Weekend

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are getting totally scrappy, again.  All weekend long we will be sharing freebies, freebies and more freebies on all of our social outlets.  So make sure you bounce around and grab them all, all weekend long.

I've recently started playing with template design and well...I'm a bit addicted.  I had no idea it was so easy and so much fun to do.  I also didn't realise how popular they would be.  Yay!  Today, I've got another free template and it's a super, duper one.

I love, love, love to show off digital papers from my uber talented designers and what better way then to have your layout layered up with fun shapes.  As you can imagine it takes a long time just to get that background perfect.  Now, you don't have to fuss.  I've done the hard part for you!  You can always duplicate the template, delete all of the elements and start a fresh layout with just that awesome background.

We are freebie fiends at The Cherry On Top.  So of course it's only natural that this layout is designed entirely with free stuff.  Really beautiful, free stuff!  Specifically from, Vero a French Touch, LouCee Creations and Paty Greif Digital Designer through a mega newsletter drive with the Pickleberry Pop store.

That's my niece and her friend.  Boy am I grateful to have her in my life.  I'm continuously raiding her Facebook photos.  Hehehe...



This is a really literal translation of the above layout, but it doesn't have to be.  Feel free to change it up any way you want.  Select a portion of the cluster and mirror it or turn it upside down.  Delete some stuff or use every single piece.  I am loving those dandelion wishes.

 free download

Here are just a couple of promotions going on with my affiliated designers.  This weekend is definitely one of THE best times to grab digital goodies, participate in hops and challenges and maybe try something new.  Go hybrid and do both!  Hehehe...

 LouCees blog


 FB Dagi


This blog is full of freebies!  Scroll through and download until your heart is content.  Just remember everything here is for Personal Use ONLY and do not claim anything here to be your own.  Here are just a few of the most recent ones. We post free goodies every single day on our Facebook and Pinterest.

 free template
 free template free template

Free card for you!

 tcot on fb

Have a super happy NSD and we'll see you tomorrow with much more freebies!  If you want to check out more deals, head over to our Pinterest board, NSD.  It doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.  Hehehe...

Happy scrapping!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Free Tea Bag Envelopes and Template From The Cherry On Top and BoomersGirl Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Yet another, fantastic scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.  Mom's are in the spotlight, today!  As well as scrappy inspiration both digital and traditional and some news on a few fabulous new releases from Boomersgirl Designs and Brenian Designs.  Plus, a free printable and free template for our fellow crafting junkies.

How about the sweetness in this layout?  My mom and oldest son 10 years ago.  My, how time flies!  On our previous blog we covered templates and different ways to use them so you can get more usage out of your templates.  We've got another example right here.

Check out the first cluster in the below preview.  It's what I used to design the above layout.  What a fantastically fast way to get scrappy!  I layered up the photo spots and frames a bit different and instead of using four pictures, I scrapped up some beautiful papers from the kit, Mother from Boomersgirl Designs.  Then I blew up Brenian's entire cluster to fit nicely on a 12x12.  Simply grab a ribbon or borders like the light yellow one here and frame up the entire layout.  I added the flowers to each corner for a little more embellishment and to hide the overlapping borders.


I absolutely love thees cluster templates and can use them over and over again in the future. Click on the preview image to get to Bren's store and see more goodies. 

Here's a close up look at Lori's kit, Mother.  Full of her sweet cuties, lovely elements and a really gorgeous colour palette.  You can also click on the preview to see Lori's store. This kit will release on Friday, May 1st.


There's an awesome smattering of tea stuff in here and I just had to use it.  I whipped up these free, tea bag envelopes for you with Lori's permission.  Isn't she the best?!  She offers freebies with every one of her new releases.  So make sure you keep in touch with her.  Check out the Boomersgirl blog for more free goodies and get a look at more of her wonderful products as well as layouts from the Creative Team.

These are no longer available, but we've got others that still are.  Check them out, here.

 free download

This is no ordinary template.  I've created a template to cut in a jpeg format for a traditional scrap project as well as one in a tiff format so you can do what I did above and design your tea bag envelopes with digital products and just print and cut.

 free download

Here's a look at my next blog feature.  An adorable mini album with a full tutorial with pictures on how to create your very own  mini album/gift card or money holder as well as another free template in both formats mentioned above for traditional crafters and digital divas.

If templates are your thing, then I invite you to scroll through the blog and see all of the wonderful, free templates we have for you.  This one is the most popular so far. Please, do Pin our images!

 tcot blog

Take a peep at this fun project!  I've designed an apron template.  You can use it to cut and use traditionally or once again, you can use the tiff format provided and create a digital apron like the one here.  Find out more about this project, see the tutorial and grab the free template so you can get scrappy, too.

 tcot blog

Don't forget about our Facebook page and Pinterest, where we post free goodies every single day!

The Cherry On Top's goodies are always, always, always free and for Personal Use ONLY.  Do not steal what is already free or claim for them to be your own, please.  

Share the link to our blog and leave us some love around our social outlets as a way to say thanks.

Have a super scrappy day and thanks a million for hanging with The Cherries!

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Versatility Of Digital Templates And Some Free Ones

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got another scrappy edition for you where we will be focusing on templates and how to use them in different ways.  We've got some super scrapbooking kits to high light, links to free goodies as well as a new, free template for our wonderful fans.

With a recent acceptance on two digital scrap teams specialising in templates, we thought we'd show off some less conventional ways to use templates so that you can get a lot of use out of yours.

Templates are also CHEAP!  Seriously, you can pick up templates for $1 and get really good deals on bundles of them.

This first layout is showing off the free template we have for you as well as the newsletter freebie from Mscraps and HeatherT.  Read further to find out more.

Cute, eh?  Click on the image of the preview and go grab it!

 mscraps freebie

Here's another layout using MagsGraphics, Praise kit and showing off Brenian's new templates, Sweet Days.  I've got a couple of screen shots to demonstrate more of what we did here.


This is Magsgraphics new kit, Praise.  It's linked up!

Here's the template in it's original state.  I'm a super weird aesthetic freak and perhaps a bit obsessed with 45 degree angles.  "If it's not a right angle, it's WRONG!"  Hehehe...  That's what's so great about templates.  You can delete anything you don't want, nudge, enlarge, rotate, mirror...

Check out the changes.  Pretty much just turned it upside down and took the two smaller background pages and used them to layer up the photo.

Here we have another layout using a template from Brenian Designs.  See how we changed this one.


Two pictures instead of three, cluster to the left instead of the right and the title at the top instead of the bottom.  Get a different view and use your favourites templates again and again when you change them.


Templates are a great way to get started on a project or layout when you're not really sure how to.  You can also use templates as a type of sketch.  If you eyeballing skills are lacking or your balance is out of whack, then templates are great for you.

Here's a super, awesome free template that you can grab at Gingerscraps.  Just So Scrappy whipped up this handy card/hybrid template and it's great!  You can click on the image to get to Gingerscraps where it is available in the forum under challenges.  (Hybrids start off on the computer and end up on paper!)


And here is how we used it.  We kept the basis of the template just the same, but enlarged one of the picture spot layers and inserted a journal card, then covered up the lines with another piece of paper, added a sentiment and kept the cluster in the corner.

The Cherry On Top is all about free and next to nut'n.  This pretty card was made with a free template and a free mini from ADB Designs that's available at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio's, Colour Challenge.  Head over there every month and grab the amazing free stuff they offer in their monthly challenges.

Here's another free template I picked up from the very generous, AK Designs.  You can find it on her FB Page.  As you can see, my layout is pretty different than the original.  Especially, at the bottom.



The above layout is using Boomersgirl Designs kit, Love My Ride.  Click on the image to check it out.

The layout below is actually half of a double layout template from Boomersgirl Designs.  We changed it up a lot, too.  Take a look at the original further down.


This layout was made using the bottom example.  Just a few similarities, but it got me started on a nifty layout and the above layout was made with Wild Wild West.  A favourite!


THIS TEMPLATES IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Make sure you are following us so you don't miss out on the freebies.

This is the free template we've got for you.  It's simply a cluster frame that you can use again and again on your projects and in your layouts.  Move the cluster to a different corner, mirror all of the layers, whatever you like.  Enjoy the versatility of templates.

 free download

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.  Now, get scrappy!

All of the items you see on this blog are for personal use only and are not to be sold or claimed as your own. :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dirty Laundry Do's and Dont's

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We're starting a series on laundry.  There are just so many aspects of laundry and we want to cover them all.  Laundry is a huge part of our lives and we're here to see that it's not the most difficult or dreadful part of it.

We will cover the basics and go in the order of the entire washing process. From storing, to washing, detergents, alternative soaps, folding, ironing, putting it away and even more.

We will start where the laundry starts, as soon as it leaves the body.  Where does it go?  On the floor? In a basket or hamper?  The very best place for the dirty washing is a well ventilated, easy to carry basket or hamper.  Damp laundry, if left in a non ventilated contraption will not only smell, take forever to dry, but may also draw mildew.

Be sure it's everyone's habit to get all of the dirty wash in its proper place.  This might be the one and only thing I can actually get everyone in the house in to do.  I have hampers in everyone's bedroom and the bathroom, too.  So, there are no excuses.  No one goes to bed at night if there is laundry on the floor.

Here are some awesome ways to store dirty clothes and we'll start with the kids.
These are mostly from Pinterest and you can find the links to them on our Clean  Clean, Clean board.

This is super cute, bright fun and certainly has incentive.  (Just not super for ventilation or larger clothes items.)


Here's another fun, upcycle idea.  This one isn't great for ventilation either, but if the clothes are relatively dry, it's no biggie and it's REALLY fun!


This is what I use for the boys.  I bought them at Ikea for under $5.  They are super for ventilation, flexible, light and can be used something really cool to play in.  Only negative point is if you put something wet or damp in the basket and it touches the floor, you may have a problem. Keep that in mind with any kind of system similar to this one.

This is a pretty sweet system, too.  Sort white, lights and darks, handles, ventilation just be careful for dampness and your floor.

This one looks super awesome, but once again, if you can't get to your wash daily it will discolour from sweat, damp and wet clothes and linens and of course, you'll have to be able to wash the bags, too.  I had something like this and had to throw it out.  I got holes in it from the washing and the mildew was really bad, too.


I also had a basket just like this one and it too succumbed to mildew.  That's some tough stuff and I even wash twice a week.


This my friends, is THE best way to store your dirty laundry.  I've been through several systems and this one is by far the best.  There's a solid bottom so my floors are never ruined.  Plenty of ventilation is available through all of the holes, it's very light and the handles are great, too.  With a conventional laundry basket like this, you can also use it for toting clean laundry, it cleans easy and you can use it to carry other things besides laundry.  Tip:  I actually use my laundry baskets instead of luggage!  Pack the clean clothes in the baskets, put them in the trunk, empty the clean clothes in to draws and cabinets then fill the basket with our dirty laundry and when we get home, it goes right into the garage.


Our bathroom furniture does not set on the ground and I put my matching, plastic laundry basket right underneath the sink.  It's somewhat camouflaged and really easily accessed. 

Keep in mind how much laundry you need to store before you get around to washing it as well.  Some systems are so small, you can't even get a sheet or a couple of towels in there.  Consider how far and what obstacles are in the way.  If you have to go up and down stairs, then a basket with wheels isn't going to get you very far.  I bought this huge, cylindrical, metal hamper and I could hardly pick it up once it was full, let alone carry it all the way to the garage.  Hehehe...Duh!

There's our a start to the series of Dirty Laundry Do's and Don'ts.  You've got some links, ideas and inspiration to get this laundry thing right. 

How many of you wish for this?  Hehehe...I'm framing this one up and adding it to my laundry area once it's finished.  That's a story for another edition of the Dirty Laundry Series.

Thanks for checking us out!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Key Lime Digi Design and a Free Template

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

Templates are hot and we've got another free one for you as well as a gorgeous, free quick page, a touch of inspiration from The Cherry On Top and an absolutely gorgeous kit from Key Lime Digi Design, Best Friends.

This kit is in no way a kit just for girls.  It's really versatile.  Sandy has the  most versatile kits in the market.  Full of tasteful elements and papers that can be used on any kind of layout and her goodies are excellent for hybrid/paper projects because they are top notch quality.

Aren't they just so cute?!  Fur buddies!

Tah dah!  Pretty amazing, right?!  Take a good long look at all of that fantastic gorgeousness.  This kit and the bundle is on a fantastic promotion for the moment.  You can get ALL of the goodies for under $6.  I know, right?!  Click on any of the previews, below and grab these goodies while they are this cheap.


A nice variety of alphas.  I used the puffy, polka dot and the green gel ones in my layouts above.


Find out how you can get a hold of this absolutely stunning freebie, quick page by clicking on the image.

 kldd blog


Here's that free template we promised created with Sandy's wonderful colour palette.  It is for personal use only.  Be a doll and share around the blog link with your scrappy friends.

 Free template

We got many more free templates on the blog.  Scroll down and grab the goodies.  Pop over to our Facebook and Pinterest for tons more free stuff, posted daily!

Have a super happy, scrappy weekend and thanks so much for popping in on The Cherry.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spirit Within From LouCee Creations And A Free Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We got a start to another series of free templates for you, scrapping inspiration and a look at a gorgeous new kit from LouCee Creations available at PickleBerryPop.

I was taken the moment I saw these colours and gorgeous goodies in LouCee's newest kit, The Spirit Within.  So rich, luxurious and unique.  Totally dreamy elements and fabulous papers, too.

This was actually my second layout.  I used some of my favourite photos from a trip to Germany last year with the camper.  This boat still sits deep in my heart.  I want it!  I just saw it again last weekend and was hoping it would have a for sale on it.  Hehehe...No luck!

This is how my layout started and I prefer this one over the first layout,  It's not quite as extravagant as the layout above and it also illustrates how versatile templates can be.

You don't always have to use every thing on a template.  Delete elements, papers, shadows, turn them, rotate them...the possibilities are endless!

If you are not familiar with how to use templates or you don't even know what the heck I'm talking about, take a look at the blog I wrote up for The Pixel Loft here.  You can find out what they are and learn how to use them in various software programs.  They save a ton of time and are a great way to get your mojo going when it needs a kick.

Let's get an in-depth look at this beautiful new kit from LouCee Creations that's exclusively at PickleBerryPop.








Not all kits are created equal and this one stands out from the many.  LouCee has provided a wealth of fabulous papers or backgrounds, beautiful, inspirational word art and totally unique elements in all of the basic format shapes a scrapper needs.  Long, short, round, oval and dangling.  I love dangling ornaments and they are often hard to find.


As promised, we have a free template for you using LouCee Creations gorgeous colour palette provided by PickleBerry Pop.  Take away some of the triangles if it's too much.  Experiment with templates and if you have any questions about them, feel free to ask, right here.

 Free Template Download

We have a lot of freebies on the blog, including more free templates.  Scroll through and grab a ton of free goodies.  Our Facebook Page and Pinterest is also a fantastic resource for free stuff.  We post every darn day!  All of our freebies are for personal use only.  Please, share the links for our various social outlets.

Here's a look at the most recent freebies as well as a future, free template.  Stay tuned and thanks a ton for hanging out with The Cherry!


 tcot on FB

Future, free template.