Friday, November 29, 2019

Cyber Celebration, Huge Savings, Scrapbooking Inspiration, Freebies and New Goods in the Shop

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today, I've got some new templates in the shop, a huge sale at Gingerscraps, a sale in the Kreative Design Studio and the One Word Wonders Sale is also still going on, too.  Of course, we've got awe inspiring page layouts, some tips and tricks for card ideas, printables and...freebies!

Get comfortable and enjoy the blog.  We'll have another one, tomorrow!  I'll be focusing on more hybrid projects and Buffet goodies from GingerScraps.

 TCOT at GingerScraps

This will probably be the best time to shop!  Everything in our GingerScraps shop is on sale at 50% off.  The 50% off sale of our One Word Wonders Collections will end Saturday so be sure to grab those goodies while can get them at such a low price.

 Kreative Design Studio

I just had to make sure I had new templates in the shop for the big sale, just in case you've already bought all of the templates you love.

If you follow The Cherry, you probably know I have two boys.  They are both officially teens, now and they both have Autism.  They are an absolute treat!  I love making templates that reflect our everyday and these new ones, certainly do that. Of course, you can use these templates for any kind of photos or themes you want to scrap.  They are great for girls, too!  I have an example using our trip to Beilstein, Germany.  So you can see for yourself, how versatile they are as are most of our templates.

I used the Digi Scrap Parade's free goodies for my page above.

I wonder if you can see that I struggled a bit with this one?  I love these pictures of JJ playing in a tree.  I'll admit, the templates scrapped up really fast and easily, but it's the collaboration I struggled with.  It's Roots from The Lily Pad.  Perhaps it was a bit too eclectic for me?  Or maybe it would have been better suited with a feminine touch.  There were some cool artistic pieces and all of this brown so I thought it would go well.  Hmmm...

Here are some pages from my awesome team!

Teen Tude Templates
Teen-Tude and Kastagnette

I've put a lot of our holiday templates in the GingerScraps Shop.  Make sure you don't already own these.  They are included in the 50% off sale!

 GingerScraps Shop

I've got some new pages with the templates and some oldies that I love.

 GingerScraps Shop
Happy Christmas and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

 Nifty Gifities
Nifty Gifties and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Most of these templates will make awesome holiday cards.  If you need help with figuring out how to do that digitally or hybrid style, we've got several tutorials.  Here are a few.

 Card Tutorial

 Card Tutorial

Print out some extra ellies and paste them over the printed ones for a lifted effect like I did, above.  Below, you'll get more tips for designing and printing cards. Sorry if not all of the links within these older blogs are still live.

 Here are a few more pages with our holiday templates.

 This is Christmas
This is Christmas and ML Designs

 Tinsel Toes

 'Tis The Season

If you're not familiar with our Sleigh Bells Ring Collection, check it out!  It's full of traditional scrapbooking charm.  You'll find it in the Kreative Design Studio.  We've got a 30% off sale over there.  We also have a Gnome for Christmas Collection, too!

There's much more than is pictured and ALL on sale.

 Gnome For Christmas Elements

 Gnome For Christmas gift templates

 Here are some more pages from the team with our holiday templates.

 'Tis the Season templates

I've put some of our top sellers from the Kreative Design Studio over in GingerScraps.  Of course, you'll save more if you shop at GingerScraps.  Again, make sure you don't already have these in your stash.

New to GingerScraps

These are so darn cute!  Check out some beautiful pages from myself and the team.

FurEver Family Cats and Made By Keuntje

 Strip Tease

 Slimmed Down templates

 Slimmed Down templates
Slimmed Down and Maya De Groot

 Tag!  You're It! Templates

 Tag!  You're It! templates

 Tag!  You're It! templates

I've put our School Rules templates in GingerScraps.  There is even a bonus template so ya get five templates.  These templates are so thoughtfully designed, you could use them as quick page.  Switch out a few things and add some texture papers and you've scrapped.  Ya won't believe how fast you can get your pages finished.

 School Rules Templates

 School Rules Bonus Template

You can get the digital kit as well as the printable kit in the Kreative Design Studio.  The 30% off sale will last through Monday.

 School Rules kit

 School Rules Printables

There are a lot of goodies in the printable pack!  Including quick pages and journal cards.  Great for project life and pocket scrappers.

 School Rules Printables

I've got a few more pages with our templates from last week, Awesome Edges.

 Awesome Edges Templates

 Awesome Edges Templates

 Awesome Edges Templates

JoCee Designs also has new goods in the shop at GingerScraps.  I designed this page using our I'm Torn templates and Grateful.  Jo's colors and papers are so pretty and look, it's even off theme.  Our favorite chair and I mean everyone.  Even the pets love it!  

 I'm Torn Templates

Check out Jo's deals at GingerScraps.

 JoCee at GingerScraps

 Black Friday Deals

 4 bundles for $20

Jo is also very generous.  If you love freebies, be sure to join her group on Facebook.

 Jo's Group

Speaking of freebies...I've put up this pack of free printable calendars on a previous blog.

 Free Printable Calendar

This blog is full of free stuff!  Some links have expired and I've been around so long now, it's tough keeping up with them.  My apologies if some of the links do not work.  This free template is still live.  It's an oldie, but a goodie!

 free template

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If you have any questions about our work, the pages or anything from the blog shoot us an e-mail or even better, join our group and ask over there.  The ladies are exceedingly smart and helpful.  Take a look at the side bar and get linked up!  Our Pinterest is totally hopping!  We've got tons of gift ideas, tutorials, freebies...on our boards.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  I'll be back tomorrow with more new goodies, page inspiration and freebies.

Happy scrapping!