Friday, November 1, 2019

New Digital Scrapbooking Shop Opening, Jaw Dropping Page Inspiration and 12 New Template Packs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Such exciting news to share with our awesome fans.  I'm guesting for one month and hopefully longer, at GingerScraps.  To celebrate I've got a dozen new packs of templates.  Yes!  Nearly 50 new templates in total and an awesome sale to boot.

Continue reading to see the new templates, lovely page inspiration, tips and tricks with the new templates, videos and of course, freebies.

 GingerScraps Shop

Feast your eyes on all of these NEW templates!!!

 GingerScraps Shop save 40%

These are found only at GingerScraps.  They are not available in our Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio.


Y'all, my team has been working so hard.  They have produced more pages than I can put on one blog or newsletter so I'm spreading it all out.  I've got a blog tomorrow as well and yes, there will be more pages and more exclusive blog freebies, too.  So come on back tomorrow for another look.

Take a gander at the totally awesome pages from my amazing team.

If you loved our Planned and Planned Again templates, then Re Planned is writing for you.  They are my favorite pack out of the 12.  The team really did a great job with them.  Here's just a few.

Jenni knocked me out with her fabulous page using Kristin Cronin Barrows goodies.  These colors are just amazing and Jenni's compositions always impress me.

Tammy is also a super star scrapper.  More terrific colors that inspire and tickle the creative bone.  She also used more goodies from the Sweet Shoppe.

Wendy's notebook looks SO real.  That's one of the things I love about these templates.  More goodies from Sweet Shoppe.

Cindy made a super fun page with a travel theme.  I love scrapping travel pictures.  Guess where these goodies are from?  Yip!  The Sweet Shoppe strikes, again.  Hehehe...

Cindy's knocking out the templates, too.  She used vibrant awesomeness from The LilyPad.  Love all of the black and white and the chick with the glasses is a striking resemblance of yours truly.  That bright just makes this page ZING.

Did your jaw just drop?  I know mine did when I first saw Cherry's page.  Delicious!!!  Sweet Shoppe inspired, again.

You might see a trend...Wendy also used fabulous goodies from the Sweet Shoppe in the most fitting of pages for said shop.  Hehehe...A see page overall, I'd say.

I love the way Jenni turned my template for her frolic page using new goodies from LouCee Creations.  These you can find at the one and only GingerScraps.  I played with this A-Moosing kit, too and used my, Tag!  You're It! templates.

Just look at my silly boys.  A-Mossing, indeed!  As you can see, the nut does not fall far from the tree.  Hehehe...

Here are a few more pages with, Tag!  You're It!  I really love the crafty feel and it's been on my craft endeavors list to do one of these cool, mason jar time capsule, scrapbooking thing-a-ma-jings.

Robin's page is so great and the natural feeling is pretty awesome, too.  See how the picture hangs from the lid in the biggest jar?  Robin also used products from the Sweet Shoppe. That's how I intended to do mine.  Let me show you a few examples I found on Pinterest.

See how cool?!  It's where I got my idea for the templates from.  I was looking for ideas with tags.  I love tags.  I love making them digitally, hybrid and traditionally.  This blog is full of ideas and free tags.

Tammy scrapped her lovelies in such a tactile, natural feel.  I wanna just touch it.  If you guessed she used goodies from the Sweet Shoppe, you'd be correct.

Though, I've barely scratched the surface of the new templates and pages with them, I'm going to show off a few more sets because there is something important you need to know about them.

This template is from the Piece By Piece pack.  On the preview, I used some really cool folded styles from Mommyish to show you how awesome your pages can look when you use this style.  The thing is...when you clip your paper into the piece, the folded shadow disappears.  There are several things you can do if you want to keep that style.  I made a video demonstrating how to use the style and move your piece.  What I found was when I moved my piece or element, without simplifying the shadow to the piece, the shadow would stay perpendicular and only my piece would move.  Meaning the folded shadow does not move with it.  On the template you will get the background or drop shadows as always, but you won't be able to customize the folded style unless you buy it and use it like I did.  They are about $5 which is a great price for a style that you'll use over and over.  You can find them at The Lily Pad.

Tammy didn't use the folded style and her page looks totally awesome.  The contrasting colors are huge help to make this page pop.  No folded shadows needed.  Let me show you one with the folded shadows.

This is Wendy's page.  Can you see the difference?  It's really quite slight and subtle.  This is what instructions I got to attain the shadow effect.  Jodi swears it only take a couple of seconds for each piece.  Hehehe...  "You need to desaturate the leaf before you pull your paper in. Desaturate until it's grey.  Clip your paper to it and use the overlay blend mode. If you want to brighten the leaf, brighten the leaf layer after you clip your paper to it."

Then there's this book.  I put an outline on the pages in the preview for more contrast.  You can either add and or change the stroke or clip in your paper and remove or adjust the stroke as usual on my templates.  Delete it if you prefer.  Play around until you get the look you like.

I designed more hand painted templates and there is no better way to see what I mean than Susie's page.  She removed the black outline to revel the hand painting underneath.  I SO love the crafty feel it gives my pages.  If you don't dig it, keep the outline and customize the outline just how you like it.

Can you guess which Scrappy Sister did this page?  If you guessed Cindy, you would be correct.  This template was such a challenge and SO much fun.  I got totally addicted to coloring digitally.  When I find something new, I go at it.  Hehehe...

The hand draw look gives your pages a nifty artistic or even mixed feel. 

Take a look through our shop and find brand new templates, templates you haven't seen for months and some oldies, but goodies ALL at 40% off.


Have you been collecting the year's worth of freebies in our group?  Most of the links will be live until the end of the year.

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This will be our exclusive blog freebie for tomorrow.  So come on back for more page inspiration with the new templates and freebies.

Thanks so much for popping over to our blog.  I hope to see you at GingerScraps and in our group.  We just love seeing your pretty pages.  Check out the side bar, at the top for all of our social hot spots.

Happy scrapping!!!