Friday, December 27, 2019

Party Templates, A Few More Days to Use the Coupon and the Freebies Have Started

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I hope you've had a wonderful holiday so far.  We celebrated, as usual with our family, here in Belgium.  Actually, it's my husband's family.  Mine are scattered mostly up and down the East Coast and I've not seen most of them since 2003.  That's when I moved to Belgium.  I miss them dearly and think most often of them around the holidays and wish I could celebrate with them.  Hold your loved ones near and let them know all of the wonderful things they do that you appreciate.  Showing gratitude is actually very healthy for us and who doesn't love to have their horn tooted, right?

Check out what I've got new in the GingerScraps shop.  I worked really hard designing these and I've got alternative photo spots and an alternative banner to make these templates super versatile.  Enjoy all of the page inspiration and get scrappy this holiday!

 Celebrate templates

As you may have heard, Aimee Harrison joined my team.  I've been with Amy for nearly 10 years on her team and she's been admiring my templates for years and asked to be a Cherry!  Whoo hoo!  I think we make a pretty darn good team.

This is her new collection, Auld Lang Syne.  The colors are so rich and luxurious.  I did two pages!

 Celebrate Templates

 Celebrate Templates

Keep scrolling to see the alternate version of the banners template.

 Celebrate Templates

I teamed up with some other designers and we made this collection, With Love for our most wonderful CT's.  It's so pretty and bright!

 Celebrate Templates

 Celebrate templates
Celebrate Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe 

 celebrate templates
Celebrate Templates and A Reason To Celebrate Collection Find it at Kreative Design Studio

 celebrate templates
Celebrate Templates and goodies from Louise L.

 celebrate templates
Celebrate Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

Celebrate Templates
Celebrate Templates and goodies from Bella Gypsies

We're switching gears and I'm showing off a new page using our templates, Banner Bananas from Robin.

Banner Bananas

Here's a few new pages with last week's templates, Holiday Cheer.

Holiday Cheer Templates and goodies from On A Whimsical Adventure

Even Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics played with our templates!  YES!

 Celebrate Winter

If you're paying very close attention, you may have seen that our top selling templates, Celebrate Winter and Tinsel Toes were on sale for one day for only $2!  $2 Tuesdays at GingerScraps is a pretty awesome time to save BIG.  I've planned something for every Tuesday for the entire month of January and to finish up December.  So make sure you look for those each week.

 Celebrate Winter

I'm not saying when, but you might find these sometime in the $2 sale.  I used my Celebrate Scrap collection for these.  It used to be in the Scrappy Sisters shop, but now it's just sitting all alone in my external hard drive collecting dust.  Hehehe...I'll see about getting it in a shop soon.

 Celebrate Scrap

I recently added Flower Power to the GingerScraps Shop.  If time is of the essence, these are definitely a pack templates you'll want to add to your repertoire.  The huge elements make scrapbooking really fast and so easy when you even copy our shadows.  I felt guilty how fast all four of my pages came together with these templates.  Seriously!  You can scrap pages like this in about 12 minutes and if you copy paste one awesome cluster and perhaps just nudge and move around a few pieces, you'll be done even faster still.

 Flower Power

There is only a few more days to use our coupon code: Cherry50Dec at either shop to save 50% off of orders over $7.  That's only two packs of templates or a kit, paper pack....for huge savings.

Are you enjoying your daily freebies so far in the newsletter?  A huge thanks to all of you who recently signed up.  I hope you'll stay on board.  We give a lot of goodies to our subscribers and we only visit your mail box once a week.  Unless, we do something silly like give you a freebie for 12 days!  hehehe...There are still 9 little mini kits to go so it's not too late and who knows...maybe I'll help those out who come in late.

 Free For Subscribers

If you've got any questions about the pages on today's blog, questions about scrapbooking in general or if you have anything you'd like us to consider designing, send us an e-mail or pop over to our group on Facebook.  The ladies there are so knowledgable and they're family, too. We also share freebies, daily!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.

Happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Hybrid Holiday Cards How To With The Cherry On Top and Aimee Harrison Designs

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Hybrid Saturday.

After popular demand, Hybrid Saturday's are back and in full force.  We've had something for you this entire month.  It's the month with a lot of hub-bub and there are ample opportunities for hybrid projects whether it be cards, tags, gifts...doing things hybrid can save you time, money and a trip to the shops.

I've been focusing on cards, but the blog is full of all other kinds of hybrids.  I invite you to scroll through years of blogs and all of the scrappy goodness.

I needed to update my FB wear and I needed Christmas cards to send around this year.  If you know The Cherry then you know I'm all about the multiple birds with one stone thing.  So take a look how I turned my page using Aimee Harrison's Winter Woodlands collection and turned into an FB profile picture, wall photo, a card to send through the mail and more.

The profile picture should apparently be 320x320, but it's an annoying circle.  So if you use a square, you'll never get to see the entire thing.  Grrr...The wall photo should be  1200x628...

The profile pic was a no brainer.  I just used the page I already had and made zero adjustments.  I did try to cheat and just "crop" my page into the wall photo spot and change the pic, but that wasn't happening.  I duplicated my entire page, with all of the layers and just focused on the bottom of the page and those layers.  You can see that if you look closely at the above page.

I did slide down the handy photo spot and paper layers to neatly nestle between my scene.  I just took a few things away and moved some elements around a bit so they would all fit into the above dimensions.  See how my page and my wall photo is the same width, anyway?  Easy!

On to the cards.  I measured a standard European envelope and opened a blank document with those measurements which were, I believe 7x4 inches.  A pretty good size for a card and one that can easily be printed through your own printer.  Yes!

I could fit 2 on one piece of paper, even better yet.  Again, copy the document with the layers and just slide everything around to fit in the new space which really isn't all that much different.

To make things go even faster still, I set up all of these printables so I could just stick them on the reverse of the card and on the envelopes.

I used a really light box for my template, you can always choose to remove the lines before printing, but I wanted them so I could cut them properly with my paper cutter.

Don't forget to use good paper and or sticker paper to expedite the process and check those printer settings.  I used the same cluster over and over again, to save time.  So you're looking at the other side of the card, sending addresses for on the envelopes and my return address labels.

Some ink and a couple sheets of paper, maybe some sticker paper and you're set!  Custom goodies made quickly and inexpensively.

My terrible image.  My camera fell off of a very high shelf and broke.  I tried to use a cell phone, but I'm not familiar with phones that do not have buttons so I'm struggling.  I'll do my best to get better at the pics because these are just terrible, but at least you can see how easy it is to cut everything because they are all just simple squares which will save you even more time.

Here's a close up of Aimee's gorgeous collection.

We had a totally kicking blog yesterday with a lot of free stuff. Pop over there and check it out.  There's so much to talk about and to show you.  If you've any questions, head over to our FB group.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday and that you're able to relax and enjoy it.  If not, take a deep breath and keep the wine nice and cold.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Save 50% With Our Coupon Code, Check Out The New Multi Photo Scrapbooking Templates and Grab Those Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Are you totally stressing right now?!  Have the holidays got you all tied up so that ya don't know which direction you are going?  That would be me!  Let's take just a few short minutes to breathe, relax and look at the pretty pictures.  Hehehe...I've go some seriously gorgeous page inspiration, a coupon code to save on all of the templates I've just in the GingerScraps shop and I've posted several of our freebies, too.

That's right!  Deep breath...enjoy...

 GingerScraps Shop

Don't forget that code!  cherry50dec  This will save you a whopping 50% off your orders over $7 at GingerScraps or Kreative Design Studio.  Don't forget that I don't have any kits or collections and such at GingerScraps yet, but the Kreative Design Studio still has it all and the coupon works there as well. It is a one time use coupon for the rest of the month.

 Ginger Scraps Shop

I've put some of my favorite template packs in the GingerScraps store.  There are a few that are from Scrappy Sisters so you've not seen them for awhile.  Free Time, Journal Templates and Celebrate Scrap are back and available.  Whoo hoo!  Those Celebrate Scrap templates are so, so fun!  Remember the cool hybrid project I did with the Journal Templates?  Here is the video.  I had this travel journal made so quickly!

 how to digital journal templates
Look how happy I am!  You'll be happy too when you're finished.

Here are a few pages with some of the templates I just put in the GingerScraps shop.

Here are our new templates, Holiday Cheer.  Actually the only thing holiday related is this cute little sloth and those holiday lights.  You can totally use these templates for any scrapping ya wanna do.  We mixed it all up.  Check it out!

 Holiday Cheer

 Holiday Cheer

The intention was that you could use these templates when you have a lot of pictures you want to scrap.  I take a lot of pictures during the holidays so I need templates like these.  I've kept the outline all on one layer for something different.  I gave this particular page a bit more pop with that outline by using some dramatic shadowing.  Obviously, the darn dog is terrible at taking pictures!

You can use the spots for papers if you prefer or if you don't have a lot of pics.  My husband actually calls himself the Grinch and it's why I bought this kit.

 Holiday Cheer
Holiday Cheer and a kit from the Sweet Shoppe and Flergs

Look at Cindy's page.  No picture necessary!

 Holiday Cheer
Holiday Cheer and Bad, Bad Day from the GingerBread Ladies

 How gorgeous?!  A mix of both!

Holiday Cheer and River Rose's New Goods

Holiday Cheer and a collection from Aimee Harrison

 Holiday cheer
Holiday Cheer and Scrap De Yaz

Tinsel Toes and LouCeeDesigns

I love this Tinsel Toes template, too.  It's the second time I used it.

If you're new to The Cherry you may have missed our most recent freebies, though the blog is full of them and our group and page also offers all kinds of digital freebies nearly every single day.

 Free Printable Calendar

Sign up for our weekly newsletter and get this entire collection for free.  I'll send ya a link for part of our BoHo Chic collection for the 12 Days of Christmas.  I had to look it up!  It's the 12 days starting with Christmas.  I wasn't sure and now you know.  If you're still not signed up, let's change that.  Join The Cherry Family and reap the benefits.


Have you heard the big news?!

These are the templates I put in the GingerScraps shop, last week.  Scroll to see the cool hybrid mini albums I made with them.

 Scrapbooks Templates

This book prints out small if you leave it as is, but you can totally adjust the size when you use the digital templates.

 Scrapbooks Templates

The mini's scrap up so fast.  You won't believe it when you're holding it in your hand.  I've got a sweet tutorial on last week's Hybrid Saturday blog.

Scrapbooks Templates

Tomorrow, I'll be back with yet another one.  If your'e all hyped up about hybrid, then check out all of our hybrid blogs.  They often contain fun free printables, templates, handy tips...

I'll show you how to quickly and easily change up a page and turn it into a card that you can send in a standard, long envelope.  It won't cost you much money or time.  Ya gotta love that!

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!  I hope to see ya over in the GingerScraps shop and in our group.  The group is a great place to go if you have questions.  We're quite a friendly family.

Happy Scrapping and happy holidays!