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Super Cute Funny and Free Printable Gnome For All Seasons and Holidays Card

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.

If you love gnomes then you are so going to love this funny and free all seasons and holidays card.  I did go with the major holidays from the U.S.  Take a close look and find the ones represented.  I wanted to come up with a cute title for the card and was surprised that it didn't take me long.  Gnome One Wants to Miss a Holiday.  I've filled the background with glitter sprinkled, fluffy clouds, quirky pine trees, corn stalks and other flowers and foliage.  There are 6 different gnomes and a ton of other extras.  Obviously, this design took me hours to make and I used some of my all time favorite Design Bundles designer's goodies.

I've also included some links to similar products that I designed for Plus (Sadly, I'm no longer designing for Plus.) that might interest you as well as a link for last week's blog that has a free digital scrapbooking kit. Read about new tutorials. Both digital and paper projects.  Find out how to get started digital scrapbooking cheap and easy.

free funny gnome cute
This printable has a white background and comes in jpg format only.

free gnome card
Click here for the download link.

Here are a few products that you can find in Plus that I designed with the same style.  Go to the search and type in things like fall gnomes, spring gnomes, gnome printables... Maybe you'll find other awesome designs.

fall scrapbook paper
Think of all the things you can design with these papers.  Cards, tags, stickers...

cute gnome paper
This is another pack of papers.  Make sure ya get both!

spring gnome printable

I love, love, love these fun printable papers, above.  I made the cutest darn junk journal style book with them and so can you.  Quickly and easily! Download, print, fold and if necessary, cut off any extra.  Below is the 12x12 paper pack.  Above, 8x11 inches.

cute gnome paper

I wanted to amp up these super cute gnome designs and this was the result.  These frames are vivid, modern and mega fun!  Turn them into stickers.  Use them in planners, scrapbook layouts, cards...

fantastic gnome frames

If you are a last minute kind of person, you've still got some time to put together this cute Valentine's Day mailbox. There's a step by step tutorial on the blog.

printable mailbox
The shapes are easy to cut with scissors and ya only need glue.

Here's more awesome printables.

Valentine's Day scrapbooking
I've included an Easy To Print sheet for stickers and more.

digital scrapbooking kit
This is the Love Bug digital scrapbooking kit with papers and elements.

ladybug scrapbooking
There are TWELVE digital templates that coordinate with Love Bug.  Design an album!

how to digital scrapbook
Follow our videos on how to digital scrapbook.  It's crazy easy!

I've added a few more videos to our You Tube channel.  These two new videos take you step by step on how to get started digital scrapbooking using DesignScape.  This software is free to Plus members.  It's pretty easy to use.  Especially when you've got our videos showing you how to do it.  You'll love it!  

Just think!  If you want to get started digital scrapbooking how about getting a Plus membership? Download tons of digital scrapbooking items that I and other designers put in there. Then use them with the free software.  You're not obligated to stay a member so you can give Plus, DesignScape and digital scrapbooking a test drive for just a couple of bucks.  Programs like Photoshop Elements costs over $100.  So, think of the money you'll save!

Feel free to scroll back through our award winning blog.  We're celebrating TEN years of blogging consistently this year.  Whoo hoo!  I better design something totally awesome for it.  Leave a suggestion if you've got one.  We recently posted a free scrapbook kit and template. Feel free to download and show us in our group, what you did with them.  Go digital or hybrid.  We'd love to see what you do.  I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiration in our group.  Members post lovely inspiration all of the time and I often give away free goodies, too.

Thanks again for popping by The Cherry.  I hope you'll consider joining our newsletter and visiting our shop, Kreative Design Studio in Design Bundles.

Happy crafting!

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THE Go To Blog for the Best Scrapbooking Ideas For Beginners and Experts

 A very warm welcome, scrappers, crafters and creative enthusiasts.

Today, we are providing a wealth of simple scrapbooking layout ideas and 9 different scrapbooking concepts.  We are sharing scrapbooking ideas that are so simple, your pages will be made in minutes. These are no stress designs. You'll need very few materials.  So cost-effectiveness can also be achieved.

These are perfect scrapbooking pages for beginners.  It's scrapbooking made simple.

This is an awesome blog for seasoned scrappers, noobs and for those of you just checking to see what scrapbooking is all about. Whether you do it digi style or you're all about the paper and the glue.  You'll find something to use for your next scrapbooking endeavor.

We are also providing a free template, scrapbooking kit with free digital embellishments and free digital scrapbooking papers to get you started.  Pretty awesome, eh?

Concept #1:  Use a Small Scrapbook Format

There are so many advantages of scrapbooking with a small format.  

    * First of all, you don't need a lot of materials, which will save you money.  

    * Second, small or even tiny-sized scrapbook pages or layouts usually can be scrapped in minutes.                        

    * Third, a small scrapbook page is ideal if you do not have a lot of pictures or if your pictures are small.  

    * Fourth, they make awesome gifts and are cheaper to print and send.  

Here are a few examples of small and even tiny formats of scrapbooking for you to add to your repertoire of awesome. These scrapbooking page layouts are ideal for beginners. (I've linked up similar products for ya.)

This page is from a 6x6 chipboard album.  It is insanely easy.  I've got three photos, even!  Simply mat your photos, add a few fun embellishments and that's it.  Simple scrapbooking, indeed. I've got a series on blog outlining this entire mini album.  The image is linked up to one of them.

As you may have noticed, I used contrasting colors and I inked around my veneer photo frame so that it blended better with the rest of my page.  Tip:  repeating the same colors throughout your page layout will give you a much nicer, cohesive page.

Take a closer look and you'll see I kept the bottom on the yellow paper, straight or with pointy corners and I took a corner punch to the top corners for something a little different.

This is a mix of lovely goodies mostly from the warehouse box at Webster's Pages.

How about these lovely, small format scrapbooking pages?

Totally Eek-A-Licious!  This is a tiny format, actually.  The biggest part of the page is only 4 inches.

These pages are so tiny, you really can scrap fast and you don't need to put a lot of things on the pages.

1)  Apply your favorite background paper.

2) Adhere a few coordinating paper strips or border either across the top, bottom or middle.  Use all different widths for more interest.

3) Add some awesome ribbon, bling or pearls to give it some serious Wow Pow.

4) Place your pictures and you're set.

This small digital scrapbooking page measures 6x6.  It's actually my favorite size to scrapbook with. There's a blog showing off ALL of the pages in this album/hybrid gift I designed.

Let's look at just how simple this page is.

There's one very large photo.  It's matted and there's a fun background.  I've got two stamps in opposite corners and a large title.

That's it!

The beauty of digital pages is you can start at a 12x12 and then shrink it to 10x10, 8x8x, 6x6x, 4x4...You get the point.  Tip:  Always start big and then go small.  Don't go from small to large or you'll lose clarity.

Concept #2:  Use a Large Photo Format to Scrapbook Easily and Fast

Using very large photos is a totally epic way to scrapbook fantastic layouts.  I'm talking king-sized.  The picture should take up at least 1/2 of your page. You can scrapbook incredibly expeditiously in this manner.  You'll need very few materials and or details.  Consider a large title.  Borders work magnificently with large photos.  You can also add smaller photos along with the larger photo.  You may not even need embellishments or elements at all.  Like my example above.

Check out these page layout examples and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Here's a photo that takes over the page.  Well, in this case, it was a card I made for the person who takes care of our chickens when we are gone.

1) Choose an interesting background paper.

2) Use a delicate, coordinating frame if you like.

3) Add a large title.

4) Add a few embellishments or elements if desired.

5) Insert your picture and you've scrapped.

Concept #3:  Let Your Pretty Scrapbooking Paper Do The Talking

If you are one of those scrappers who hold on to that gorgeous paper until it's considered retro, I feel ya!  It took me years to realize that those beautiful scrapbooking papers are to be used.  Not sit in a Pamper's box!  Let those stunning scrapbooking papers be the main focus of your page.  You don't have to use photos on all of your pages.

Those kinds of papers are ideal for a cover or title page for your scrapbook.  If you want to use photos on them, keep them small and move your image around until you find just the right spot.  Consider matting your photo if you do want some contrast with your paper.  Also, consider using solid or plain paper that coordinates with your design paper.  This will lend cohesion to your page.

Here's an example of scrapbooking with gorgeous design paper.

(Digi Smash can be found in the Design Bundles shop at Kreative Design Studio.)

I went a bit nuts designing this paper with my collaboration of Art & Life Scraps, Digi Smash.  All I had to do was add an extracted photo of my kitty, the title and then I went around the edges with a few small elements of flowers, curly ribbon and sequins.  That's it!  Let that fabulous paper do all of the work!

Another idea with this concept is using large, page-sized cut files.  This is a somewhat newer style for both traditional and digital scrapbooking.  One of my favorite things about this concept is you can customize the cut file to match your photographs. 

Tip:  If you really want the most flawless, coordinated result on your scrapbooking pages, then it's essential that the colors in the picture match the colors of your papers and elements.  Using black and white photos is an alternative if you can't match the papers with the photos.

Take a look at these amazing pages using the cut file concept.  Clip in your desired paper to the cut file, leave it white, paint or ink it to coordinate with the rest of your layout.  You'll not want to add too many elements or you may get a page that looks busy.  Unless you want busy!

Designs from Made By Keuntje

Here are a few more page ideas using cuttable backgrounds.  Above, the page might not look all that simple and indeed that cluster is no easy feat.  However, the background is just clipped in papers over the template or cut file, Flower Fever.  Add buttons for centers, which is a very clever idea and that's really simple, right?  You could always make the cluster more simple or not even bother with one.

Above are Fancy Flakes cut files or digital templates paired up with Flamzing Christmas.  Also found in the Kreative Design Studio shop at Design Bundles.  They come in svg format along with layered psd and png formats, too.  This way just about anyone can work with them.  Use them to make cards or scrapbooking pages, as you can see, above.  I used very few elements and large titles.

Below are more pretty cut file pages.  These might look rather extraordinary.  That's only because of the awesome background, cut file.  If you look scrutinizingly at each page, you'll see it's just a matter of a very large photo and only a few elements.  Those purple flowers are huge!

Remember above about using large photos?  Here are two more examples, coupled with the concept of awesome backgrounds or cut file backgrounds.

Designs from LouCee Creations and Made By Keuntje

Yet another terrific scrapbook concept with paper in mind is stacked shapes.  Layered shapes that take up most of the background is another really easy way to scrap.  Again, it could be time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be.  Digital templates are perfect for these kinds of pages because the designer has done all of the hard work.  All you would have to do is clip in the papers, add your pretty scrapbooking elements and photo or photos and you've scrapped.

Here are a few examples of easy digital scrapbooking pages using stacked layered templates.  Once you've clipped in all of your pretty papers and photos, all you have to do is sprinkle a few embellishments here and there.  It may look hard, but it's really fast and easy scrapbooking, for sure.  That's the beauty of using templates.

Template from Kreative Design Studio and Designs from Neia.

This page got a whole lot of love.  I mentioned the importance of matching photos with your kits and collections and this is just a perfect example of the effect or impact it can have when done just right.

Even if you were to delete the clusters, your digital or traditional page will look stunning!

Kreative Design Studio Template and Kit from JoCee Designs

If you wanted to use this concept traditionally, it will be a touch more work, but I've got a few tips to make it easy peasy for you.

Tips:  Punches or cuttable nests will totally speed up the process.  A cutting machine would be awesome, too.  If you fill a sheet with all of the shapes required and have the machine do all of the hard cutting work, then you can scrap really fast this way. Digital templates often provide png format for this!

Concept #4:  Pocket Scrapbooking or Project Life Styles Are Super Time Savers and So Easy

Another fairly newer concept of scrapbooking is pocket or project life style scrapbooking.  There are so many advantages to this style of scrapbooking.  

    * One, it is super fast!  

    * Two, you don't need to be very creative.  

    * Three, Only limited materials are necessary.  So, it has the potential to be very inexpensive, too.

We will definitely be writing more in-depth about this style in the future.  It ticks off so many boxes for people who want to keep their memories in a scrapbook format.  Maybe you don't have time, creativity or the desire to get down and scrappy.  Add it to your list of easy scrapbooking ideas, for sure.

Here is a traditional example of a pocket page.  You can purchase these special pocket scrapbooking sleeves and simply insert your photos in the pockets.  You may accompany your photos with cute journal cards or pocket cards as well as popular digital scrapbooking elements. There are even collections you can buy specifically for pocket scrapbooking.  Glitter, sequins and confetti are also nifty additions for inside the pockets.

More products from Kreative Design Studio and Art & Life Scrapbook, Bee Loveable.

Another traditional option is to use the format of pocket sleeves, but not use the sleeves.  Personally, I love this idea.  There are zero limitations and it will save you a lot of money because you don't have to buy the sleeves. Ka Ching!  You could simply slide them in a regular sleeve if you like those.

Tip: Draw in the stitches to give it an even more authentic look.

Here's an example for you.  Look, Mom!  No photos!!!

Journal Junky templates from Kreative Design Studio and Designs from On a Whimsical Adventure

Above, you can see how stunning products make absolutely gorgeous pages.

Here are a few more examples of digital scrapbooking ideas.  The beauty of digi style project life pages is there are many more options.  The actual pocket sleeves are more limited in format choices.

This page below got some serious attention in a few of the scrapbooking groups I'm in and Pinterest.  I felt terrible because it scrapped up SO FAST!  I used two concepts from the list, today.  Large photo and project life style.  The template made this page possible to design in less than 15 minutes!

Kreative Design Studio Template and Designs from Kim Cameron

Tip:  Use a lot of pictures to take up most of your space and then if you wish, add a few fun elements.  You can always use journal cards or pretty papers in place of the photo spots.

Templates from Kreative Design Studio and Designs From LouCee Creations

Concept #5:  Creative Photo Arrangements For Your Scrapbooking Pages

A really cool scrapbook layout idea is caterpillar cutting and placement.  Well, that's what I have termed this manner of photo placement.  The idea is to take one photo and cut it in a way that it becomes the feature of your page.  It looks so cool and modern and depending on the size of your photo, it can take up a considerable amount of space on your page, too.

Matting the photo will enhance the effect. Templates for photos formatted like this are easy and time-saving.

Take a look at this example. The image is linked up to the free template.

Free Template from The Cherry On Top and Retired Designs

Tip:  Think really hard on the kind of picture that would work best with this method.  Not all pictures are ideal for this kind of style.  Also, consider exactly where to cut.  Using a scenic photo is ideal.  A photo with little details is also advised.  Often, a peopled photo with considerable background works best.

Here is another digital layout with a stacked effect rather than a spread out one.  Digital scrapbooking templates are highly recommended for this style of page layout.

The Cherry On Top Free Template and Designs

Another very helpful tip when using this method is to make sure you don't cut down the middle of a person's face.  It can look really weird.  Add or include more background so you don't do this.  You always want to make sure your cuts are at less important parts of the photo.

Concept #6:  There is Nothing Square About Using Squares on Your Scrapbooking Pages

Squares are the easiest way to go as you see with the pocket style pages.  There is no shame in going with a square look.  It's very satisfying for those of you who like everything at a right angle.  Using large and or mixed-sized squares is a very easy and fast way to scrapbook and it's yet another way to scrapbook simple.

Tip:  Matting is an excellent way to introduce a new color, add contrast and add lift or dimension to your pages.

Here are a few different scrapbooking pages using squares for the basis of the page.

Designs From Made By Keuntje

Designs from Kim Cameron

Here's another brilliant idea for you.  You can always turn a template into a quick page!  If the template has enough fun aspects and appeals to you, this is totally doable and people are doing this more and more. You can see it done, below.  Nearly all aspects of the page on the right are the same as the page on the left.  Find the differences.

Some more interesting papers were clipped in along with a few photos.  Some of the ellies or elements were moved around and duplicated and a few pieces from the kit that coordinates with the template were added along with a fun, new title.  This was scrapped up really easily and fast.

Concept #7 Angled Effect:  Here's a Super Cool and Modern Style of Scrapbooking

This style of scrapbooking is way easy.  Of course, all of the scrapbooking ideas for beginners that I've given so far are great for both digi scrapbooking as well as traditional and hybrid styles. Templates are excellent for this style simply because they save you so much time. You just clip in your desired paper and photos in the spots and if you like, add some elements, word art or journaling and you're all finished.

I would highly recommend using matting with this kind of page playout.

Check out these pages using this modern layout style.

Again, you don't have to add elements.  Just some pictures and contrasting papers and matting would make a really great page.

Fun Designs From Connie Prince and our templates.

These large spaces are great for photos, papers and journaling.

Designs from Neia and our templates.

Just look at all of these fabulous photos and displayed in a very eye-catching manner.

Concept #8:  A Minimalist Scrapbooking Style is Fresh and Modern

To say that a minimalist scrapbook is easy doesn't really seem fair.  A minimalist style page might take hours to design, but it certainly doesn't have to.  As you may have inferred, minimalist scrapbooking is using very few papers and embellishments or elements.  More often than not, there is a lot of white space or blank space.

There are artistic styles of minimalist scrapbooking as well as traditional, basic styles.

Take a look at a few pages of minimalist scrapbooking and I'll walk you through the process and concept.

Now, here's a whole lot of white space and a simple scrapbooking layout.  Some simple borders and few embellishments is all you see.

Designs from Connie Prince

Most of the artistic aspects from these pages comes from the templates and others are stamps from a kit or collection.

Designs from Miss Fish and Sheppard Studios with A Cherry Template

Simply clip in your color choices to the template shapes and paint, add your photo and embellish as you like. 

More Designs From Connie Prince and a Cherry Template

Minimalist style scrapbooking layouts are fresh, clean and modern.  You can see how this is very appealing and they make super simple scrapbook layouts.  They often require few elements and can scrap up quickly and easily.

Concept 9: Starburst or Sunburst are Bursting With Fun and They are Super Easy to Scrap 

Last and certainly not least are sunbursts or starbursts.  I love using this concept on my scrapbooking pages.  It is really easy.  Especially, if you use a digital template or cut file, which I will be providing for you.

I suppose this could have gone under concept #3.  You could totally just use a paper of a sunburst background, but it is so much more fun building or designing your very own starburst so that it fits perfectly with the kit or collection you are using as well as with your photos.

Starbursts can come at all kinds of angles which makes them super versatile.  Use this kind of paper, design or concept when you want to focus on a particular photo or two.  Once you have scrapped up your sunburst, all you have to do is place your photos and embellish them if you wish. This kind of page and the concept of really fabulous papers are great for showing off quotes, journal cards and they are ideal for a title and or cover pages, too.  Pimp it up by using digital scrapbooking elements or traditional ones. Pretty awesome, right?

Here are a few pages showing off the concept.

Go big with those photos and elements and it all gets scrapped up fast and easily.

Template from Kreative Design Studio and Designs From Chere Kaye

You could go a bit smaller.  A template will save you time.  Add a few bellies or elements if you want.  However, this kind of impact from the starburst and all of those lusciously layered squares and pictures on top will give more than enough impact and interest on your page.

Template from Kreative Design Studio and Designs from LouCee Creations

Here is a template for traditional scrappers.  Just cut out these basic shapes and trace around them on your chosen papers and or photographs.  Place the rays as close together or as far apart as you like.  Cut off any excess and don't worry about over-lapping that will go under the photo.  (Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this traditionally.)

This is what a traditional finished product looks like. No fancy machines are required. The image below is linked up to another step by step blog.

Here is a digital version using a starburst template and the free goodies we are offering you, today.

Here is your free kit and sticker sheets. I've got a tutorial on how to use them set up for next week.

We've provided more free scrapbooking printables in the form of a sheet of elements in both jpg and png format as well as a mini digital paper pack that you can print or use digitally. Now, you can scrap even further using this concept or use them how you like for your very own scrapbook pages.

Here's a page with a template and the goodies.  Scrapped in mere minutes.

Here's what I did with the free goodies using some of the concepts above.  

I kept these last scrapbooking pages as plain and simple as possible. Now, it's YOUR turn! I'm getting together a video on how to digital scrapbook in DesignScape. That's the free software that comes with your Plus membership at Design Bundles.  Until then, I've got another blog and video with more scrapbooking freebies and a in-depth step by step on how to digi scrap with Photoshop Elements. Elements is an insanely easy software program similar to DesignScape.

I hope you've enjoyed all of the wonderful easy scrapbooking page layouts we've provided for you.

Our blog is FULL, FULL, FULL of scrapbooking inspiration, tutorials and loads of freebies.  Scroll back and get caught up!

We'll be back with many more tutorials, tips, tricks and gorgeous page inspiration.  Until then scrappy trails!