Saturday, May 25, 2024

Graduation Scrapbooking Inspiration and Free Printables

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got some graduation inspiration for ya, today. Scroll through and get a look at some of our graduation products available in Plus and grab the fun, free money cards for your graduate.

graduation scrapbooking kit

I worked hours on these pretty papers. What do ya think?

graduation scrapbook page

All I did was drag in some papers, scaled them back and added my pics. Scrapping in minutes!

through the years template

These templates have been downloaded hundreds of times. Get them for your stash.

graduation template

I've got quick pages, too. All ya have to do is add your photos.

gorgeous grad page

Here are more basic templates.

graduation template

The kit is still available in Plus.

adoral girly scrapbooking

I made some fun printable cards.

graduation money cards

free graduation printables

Listen, will y'all pop over to my shop and like this product I'm giving away free as a way to thank me? If ya want the Commercial Use version, you can purchase it from Kreative Design Studio at Design Bundles.

Thanks for checking me out. Next time, I'm sharing things for dad. 

Happy crafting!

Friday, May 24, 2024

Whimsical Digital Scrapbooking with Magical Cute Unicorns

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Today, I've got the third free template ready for ya. There's a bit of digital scrapbook page inspiration and a quick look at a few freebies you may have missed.

Keep scrolling for this free template.

Today's free template will be great for any kind of page. Even a masculine page would look great. Here's an example of a way you can change it up. I love these colors and the goodies. I'd even just crop my pics in and be done with the page. 

This is a glance of the collection. Scroll back and grab all of the parts you missed. We're almost finished.

Here's a simple, gorgeous page with the collection and template. I love that title!

More easy pages. It's so fun scrapping with templates.

I just love pictures. Even ones that aren't mine! Just look at Robin's little cutie.

If you'd like the Commercial Use collection of Cute Unicorns, click on the image, below.

Here's some freebies from the blog you may have missed.

Look for printables, stickers, paper, word art and a lot more.

I love this huge theme park collection. You can get a sample of it by clicking on the below preview.

Grab the printables and alpha at the shop. I've gotta make some minor changes to make the rest, Design Bundles legit.

Are you missing that famous wintery holiday? I sure ain't! I'm still anxiously awaiting spring. Here's a fun, fun feline freebie I put up for you, last year. Click on the preview to grab it and see the rest of the collection.

Pop over to Design Bundles and check out Plus and all of the great freebies.

Here's a super cute FREEBIE from Design Bundles Freebie Section. Check it out!

Come on back for next week's freebie and the last one from this collection.

I'll be focusing on food and summer, next. Stay tuned.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, May 17, 2024

Your Second FREE Unicorn Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top,

I'm back with another free template from the Cute Unicorn Collection. How are you liking what you've downloaded so far? Tell me in the comments. This is the 6th freebie I'm giving away. Why not say thanks by leaving me a nice comment and sharing around our social hot spots like the group and Pinterest. Even better, visit our Kreative Design shop at Design Bundles.

free template

What a fun template! Change up those photo spots. Merge all of the elements in the middle and move them to the top or bottom of your page for something different.

rainbow template

Here's the template in action with the rest of the collection.

free digital scrapbooking collection

These are all of the goodies.

free printable stickers

The stickers are super fun! Scroll back and find them.

I'm still in business at Design Bundles if you want to support The Cherry.

Below are two of my favorite items in the shop.

funny car stickers

You know I love all of the cheeky, sarcastic quotes on these stickers. I can't choose which one is the funniest. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

I spent months working on Wizard World. I've got a large collection in my shop and I designed a lot more items available in Plus.

wizard world scrapbooking

Above, is the collection in my shop. Below, is a Wizard World item in Plus. Not familiar with Plus? Boy, are you missing out! Join Plus and grab dozens of items each month worth way more than the membership. I've got blogs full of ways to use items from Plus. I use Plus all of the time. I'd guess that butterfly from the free template is from Plus. They gave me a link to use for a FREE MONTH of PLUS awhile ago, but I don't know if it still works. Let me know?

wizard bookmarks
These printable bookmarks have been downloaded hundreds of time. 

Did ya miss the last Love for Layout Templates train? Click on the preview below to get the download and do the rest of the train.

free template

I started adding more entires to the Ausumness blog if you were following, see what's new. If you've never visited, it's a blog dedicated to people caring for Autistic people. Both of my sons have Autism and I and my hubs have found a lot of things to minimize symptoms and there are tips that will also help with prevention.

I'll be back with the third template, next week.

Thanks for stopping in for a peek.

Happy scrapping!

Friday, May 10, 2024

Free Unicorn Template and Pretty Digital Scrapbook Page Layouts

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are still in the process of giving away the entire, Cute Unicorn Collection. You can find a smaller, Commercial Use version at my shop in Design Bundles. I'll be adding designs and templates to this shop. For now, it is the only shop you can find Cherry designs. We've got templates, sublimation designs, printables and so much more.

Keep scrolling to get today's free template.

free unicorn template

Here's a more recent collection found in Kreative Design Studio.

soccer designs

Print some cute stickers for your agendas and planners.

soccer printables

Scrapbook beautiful sport pages.

soccer scrapbooking

These are the goodies you've missed. Scroll back and find them all. We've got THREE more templates to go.

unicorn designs

So, let's get a closer look.

magical digital elements

digital paper

unicorn printables

The printables are super cute.

free unicorn stickers

Add text or names on these stickers.

unicorn frames

Today's the fifth part.

pretty unicorn freebie

Templates make scrapbooking SO easy and gorgeous!

unicorn scrapbook page

Kait always makes such super pages. What a talent.

beautiful scrapbook pages

Leave a comment, visited the group, visit the shop at Design Bundles. Design Bundles has a huge section of free designs, too. Ya might even find more of my designs there, too.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry. I'll be back with more digital designs, scrapbooking, crafts and foodie blogs real soon.

Friday, May 3, 2024

Adorable FREE Unicorn Printables from The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top, unicorn fans and creative peeps.

Now, don't get all excited looking at the GingerScraps preview. My shop is closed by now. I'm just using the preview. My shop at Design Bundles is still open and HEY! If you don't have the financial means to help support The Cherry, you can pop to my shop, heart products there, follow me in the shop and in the group and comment where ever possible. This helps a lot, too! Don't forget Pinterest. I just love Pinterest. Don't you? I get a lot of my inspiration there.

unicorn designs

So let's get a closer look.

Above, is the digital scrapbooking collection. 

There's a nice selection of paper and ellies.

magical digital elements

Here's the elements on their own.

digital paper

And here are the papers.

unicorn printables

I'm also giving away the printables, today.

free unicorn stickers

Add inspiring text or names on these stickers.

unicorn frames

Scroll back for all of the parts you've missed. Today's the fourth part.

Don't forget, if you're into sublimation. These designs work great!

adorable unicorn designs

pretty unicorn freebie
Here are just a few pages with the templates and or the collection. 

free unicorn collection

Hold out for all of the goodies and scrap beautiful pages.

digital scrapbook layouts

Templates make scrapbooking SO easy and gorgeous!

free templates

digital scrapbook layouts

Leave a comment, visited our group, visit our shop at Design Bundles. Design Bundles has a huge section of free designs, too. Ya might even find more of my designs there, too.

free digital scrapbooking kit

free designs for spring sublimation

Enjoy all of the free stuff and be sure to scroll back to see all of the freebies you've missed over a decade.

Happy scrapping and crafting!