Friday, February 27, 2015

Fabulous Freebies With Feli Designs

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

I got a bit giddy over Feli's fabulous kit, Everlasting Love.  I don't always do multiple layouts with kits, but this one is so versatile, I had to show off the different sides.  Sometimes when you look at a preview, you can't always pick out the individual pieces like you can when you're setting up your gallery to scrap.  This is what I found!

Two super sides of wonderful.  A fun, light side like this first layout.  The clouds and bubbles come from other kits, but you surly have those in your digital stash.  I just adore this bouquet of balloons.  (I actually spelled bouquet right without spell check!  That's a first.  Hehehe...) 


Then you can pull out all of the elements and paper with a more dramatic, pow!  Wow!  Great for a nice, romantic shot of me and my top babe!


I got so lucky with my timing on this one.  This bundle is on sale for 55% off, right now at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  Head over there and get a closer look at this stunning kit.


I really, really liked my frame cluster in my second layout.  Tip:  The couple is a stamp, but I used it as an element.  It looks a bit like a vellum piece.  Kind of cool, eh?  Use stamps as ellies.

Here is your freebie with Feli's super fantastic kit, Everlasting Love. Just click to download.

 free download

As always, The Cherry's goodies are for Personal Use ONLY.  Share the blog links and if you're on the hunt for even more freebies, then head over to our FB page where we post free stuff every single day!

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Nutella Bake N' Free Recipe Card Printable

Welcome to a Foodie Edition of The Cherry On Top!

We've been experimenting with Nutella.  Actually, I use a generic brand that's even less than half of the price.  This recipe rocks!  Not only are there very few ingredients, there are few dishes, it only takes a couple of minutes to whip these babies up AND you can make cookies, muffins or donut shaped cakes.  How cool is that?!

This recipe is screaming The Cherry.  As much as I love eating and serving healthy home made food, I'm not into spending hours at a time on what I'm cooking.  It's got to be fast, inexpensive and relatively to easy to make in order for me to post.  Ha!

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  It wasn't really a recipe as much as it was a list of ingredients.  So, I've made a recipe card that you can add to your collection of The Cherry On Top recipes and I'm giving a full tutorial for the folks who may not know what temperature or how long to bake these goodies.  I guessed and thankfully, got it right.

A basic mixing bowl with the three ingredients of:  2 eggs (warm if possible), 3/4 flour and 1 cup of Nutella.  The actual image on Pinterest said 10 tablespoons.  I thought it was an unusual measurement.  So, I put it in a measuring cup to see just how much 10 tablespoons measured and it was 3/4 cup.  The only rational thing I could come up with why they chose to put 10 tablespoons was because perhaps it is easier to remember than 3/4 cup?

I also thought the mix looked really dry.  I added 2 tablespoons of milk and it was perfect.

My boys go crazy over doughnuts.  Any time I can use this handy doughnut pan, I do.  Thanks, mom!

I greased my pan with this fantastic Portuguese olive oil.  My friend sells it in his shop, here in Belgium.  It is absolutely fabulous and a good price, too.  Fino Porto is fabulous!

I put a drop of oil where the hole is supposed to be and use my silicone brush to smear it in.  No yucky chemical, fat garbage and no wasteful paper towel.

My pan was full and I had just a little bit left over so I turned those into cookies.  My cookie baking pan doesn't fit in my small oven.  In it's place I use a pizza pan and my silicone mat.  I also make it so the baked goods turn in my combination oven.  This guarantees even baking.

I wasn't sure about the temperature or the time so I checked to make sure they were done by inserting this skewer into the middle.

As you can see, it came out perfectly clean.  That means it's finished.

Only one little guy didn't want to come out when I turned the pan over, after 5 minutes or so of cooling.  No worries!

Use your ultra thin and slim spatula to go around your baking dishes so as not to scratch the surface.  It works like a charm!

To save on dishes, I used the same spatial to remove my cookies from the baking sheet. Hehehe...

These were all of the dishes there were!  That's pretty darn good.
(Note:  I also use a silicon mat in my huge sink.  I can't find a sink mat to fit.  They are all too, small.  It also works great when you fold it and allow the water from the tap to go through and clean out the sink.)

Here is the finished product!

Liam finds them both fantastic, but apparently, not fantastic enough to stop watching The Amazing World of Gumball.  Oh, well!

Here is your handy recipe card.  Right click and save the image.  I've got other recipe cards that you can collect, print and scrap up for a friend family or for yourself.  Find them here: 

Have a fun, easy and stressless time baking this recipe.  Seriously!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

PattyB Scraps & The Cherry On Top's Freebie

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

We've got another scrappy edition.  Shoo wee! We are surly staying busy.  PattyB Scraps is in the spotlight today and I'm showing off two of her newer kits and offering a lovely freebie, too.

I  made this layout of my two boys with Patty's newest kit, Heartland.  I pulled out all of the more natural colours and textures from the kit.

Here is a closer look at the kit.  It's hooked up to the link at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio where you can see even more editions and more layouts, too.

Another new kit from PattyB is Love You More.  The colours are so dramatically romantic, don't you think?  Very pretty!  I love this picture of my girlfriend Eve on her wedding day with her lovely parents.  It's the sweetest!

 tcot @ the studio

Here's also a look at the kit's preview.  Click on the image to see it up close and check out other layouts as well.


This is The Cherry's gift for you.  A pretty frame cluster with the goodies from Heartland by PattyB Scraps.  Great for nearly any picture!  Enjoy and remember it's personal use ONLY.  Share the link for my blog so others can download it.  Pin it, leave a comment, Google + as a way to say thanks.

 free download

Thank you for stopping by The Cherry On Top.  Have a super day!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Big Photo Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

It's my birthday today, but you are getting the presents!  I've got four more free templates for you.  This is the third series of free templates.  If you haven't got the others, you can find the first one here and the second series, here.

I love big photos!  That's what scrapping is about to me.  A little bit about the art and a lot about the pictures, despite my terrible camera skills.  Hehehe...  Here's a look at the next series of free templates as well as the layouts that inspired them.

Over the next couple of weeks or maybe days depending on participation, all four of these babies will be yours, for nut'n.  As scrappy divas post their layouts using these templates, the next template will become available.

Wow!  The last template was unlocked and a lot faster than I thought.  Scroll down for the last of the series, freebie.

If someone has already unlocked a template, you may still show off your layout.  Please, do!

 free download

Here are the layouts that have inspired these templates.

This first one is from Amanda Creation and the kit is Cache Me.  One of my favourite kits, for sure.  This image is linked up to my board especially for Amanda.  I've been with her since the beginning. So, you will find a lot of lovelies there.  Printables, too!

 Amanda Creation

This layout is from BooLand Designs and the collection is from The Digital Scrapbooking Studio, Misty Morning.  It's so gorgeous.  I've got another blog featuring this collection with more inspiration and a freebie, too!  Find it here.

This image is hooked up to The Cherry On Top's Studio board on Pinterest.  Follow along with us there for new releases, freebies and a lot of inspiration.


This one isn't exactly like the template.  The templates are loose interpretations for the most part.  However, the basis of the last free template is a great way to get started making a layout that will turn out like this one.  You could just make one fantastic corner cluster, enlarge it, then copy paste it, turning or changing it horizontally to fit properly in all four corners.  You could then go in-between the corners and place all kinds of goodies, too.

This kit is from Over The Fence Designs.  Find the kit here.  If you click on the  image, you'll get sent over to the Studio's gallery where you can find more of The Cherry On Top's layouts.

 tcot @ the studio

The key to getting a sweet look like this is largely balance.  Start of with some clusters spread out around your photo, evenly. Then fill it in with all of those sweet elements.  Shrink them down or blow them up.

This fabulous kit is, Better Together from Paty Greif Digital Designer.  Click on the image to see her fabulous shop at Digiscrappers Brasil.


Don't forget!  When someone posts a layout using the the template, the next template will be unlocked.  It's easiest if you post on our Facebook Page, but you may post here as well.  I hope you'll show us what you make with the templates.  Even if you think it's not good enough, trust me, it is. :)

The second templates has been unlocked!  Thanks to my gal, Vicky for unlocking this beauty.  If yo want the third template, make a layout with this one and post it here or over on our Facebook page.

This is Vicky's layout.  Great, isn't it!?

Look at this adorable layout a Cherry Fan designed using the second template and unlocking the third.  Her gorgeous fur baby!

Linda's Layout Love with template #3

Vicky's layout love with template #3

The goodies from The Cherry On Top are for personal use only.  Share the links to my blog, please and thank you!

All four template are still free and available by clicking on the first image of all four templates at the beginning of this blog.

Now, go get scrappy.  You deserve it!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Freebies From Feli And The Cherry On Top

Oh, boy!

Another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top for you with some design inspiration and a freebie.

I redesigned my packaging breaking every rule there is and for now, I don't care.   Hehehe...   I know, we're not supposed to take away from what it is we are trying to sell, but I'm NOT selling anything!  I'M GIVING IT AWAY!  LOL!  That is my rational for this fun, bright and totally reflective of my personality packaging.  Hehehe...

I wanted to test it out right away.  So, I perused my trusty Commercial Use stash and as always, I was drawn to my stash from Feli.  She is an amazing designer!  I've got her store at the the Digital Scrapbooking Studio all hooked up for you so you can get a more in-depth look at what she has there.

Here's a look at her newest release of Personal Use. It's on my wish list. Is it not just dreamy?!


This is an example of Feli's commercial Use.  (It's also on sale at the moment for 40% off!!!)  You will love her prices.  Even at regular price, they are still a steal.  Click on either image to get to Feli's Commercial Use store.

 feli cu

 feli cu


And here is my crazy, breaking the rules, packaging with new freebie.

 Free Download

Thank you for checking out The Cherry!  We've got loads of free goodies on the blog.  So grab a cup of hot jo, kick up your feet, scroll through and pimp up your digi stash.  The previous blog also has a word art freebie from Amanda Creation's new release you can download, too.

If this still isn't enough freebies, then head to The Cherry's Pinterest and Facebook Page where we post freebies every single day.  That's right!  Every day!

Spread the word.  Get happy and get scrappy!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Studio Challenge and A Freebie

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

Are you scrappy enough to partake in challenges?  I love doing them!  Why not join me at the Studio for this current, border challenge? Snickerdoodle Designs designs absolutely lovely goodies and her Border Buddies are no exception.  You can download this Border Buddy (one from many) over in the Challenge Spot at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  Click on the image to get there.  I've hooked up Snickerdoodle's Commercial Use store where you can find more Border Buddies.  You're gonna love them!

Never done a challenge?  No worries!  You'll see participants of varying levels and don't be shy or think your work is not good enough.  We all have to start somewhere and it's a great way to improve your skills.  Learn from other's designs and build your own style and never be afraid to ask.  We love to help.

 The Studio

Keep scrolling to see more creative fun and grab your freebie!

Here is what I did with Snickerdoodle's Border Buddy and Amanda Creation's new release, Sweet Nothing.  I absolutely love the way this one turned out and that doesn't happen much.  Hehehe...

Click on my layout to go to the gallery where you can see more gorgeous entries for the Border Challenge at the Studio.  The layouts over there are very inspiring.


Here's the kit I used to make this layout.  Fabulous, right?!  Amanda is a top designer who has been around for a while.  She knows her fans and interacts with them religiously.  She's a great designer to follow either at the Studio, on Facebook, her Fan Club or Pinterest.  She stays very current and is continually producing beautiful kits and printables.

 Amanda at the Studio

Here's another example of a border challenge entry.  We had free reign.  I love those kinds of challenges.  Hehehe...  I used Over The Fence Designs absolutely stunning kit, Enchanted Evening.

 my gallery

I told you it was gorgeous!  Click on the preview to see a lot more and be ready to be wowed!



Here is your word art freebie designed by The Cherry using Amanda Creation's, Sweet Nothings kit.

 free download

Don't forget, The Cherry On Top's goodies are always for Personal Use ONLY and no part of them should be sold or claimed as your own.  Thanks!

Enjoy and get scrappy this weekend!  You deserve it!