Monday, February 9, 2015

Freebies From Feli And The Cherry On Top

Oh, boy!

Another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top for you with some design inspiration and a freebie.

I redesigned my packaging breaking every rule there is and for now, I don't care.   Hehehe...   I know, we're not supposed to take away from what it is we are trying to sell, but I'm NOT selling anything!  I'M GIVING IT AWAY!  LOL!  That is my rational for this fun, bright and totally reflective of my personality packaging.  Hehehe...

I wanted to test it out right away.  So, I perused my trusty Commercial Use stash and as always, I was drawn to my stash from Feli.  She is an amazing designer!  I've got her store at the the Digital Scrapbooking Studio all hooked up for you so you can get a more in-depth look at what she has there.

Here's a look at her newest release of Personal Use. It's on my wish list. Is it not just dreamy?!


This is an example of Feli's commercial Use.  (It's also on sale at the moment for 40% off!!!)  You will love her prices.  Even at regular price, they are still a steal.  Click on either image to get to Feli's Commercial Use store.

 feli cu

 feli cu


And here is my crazy, breaking the rules, packaging with new freebie.

 Free Download

Thank you for checking out The Cherry!  We've got loads of free goodies on the blog.  So grab a cup of hot jo, kick up your feet, scroll through and pimp up your digi stash.  The previous blog also has a word art freebie from Amanda Creation's new release you can download, too.

If this still isn't enough freebies, then head to The Cherry's Pinterest and Facebook Page where we post freebies every single day.  That's right!  Every day!

Spread the word.  Get happy and get scrappy!

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