Monday, February 23, 2015

Nutella Bake N' Free Recipe Card Printable

Welcome to a Foodie Edition of The Cherry On Top!

We've been experimenting with Nutella.  Actually, I use a generic brand that's even less than half of the price.  This recipe rocks!  Not only are there very few ingredients, there are few dishes, it only takes a couple of minutes to whip these babies up AND you can make cookies, muffins or donut shaped cakes.  How cool is that?!

This recipe is screaming The Cherry.  As much as I love eating and serving healthy home made food, I'm not into spending hours at a time on what I'm cooking.  It's got to be fast, inexpensive and relatively to easy to make in order for me to post.  Ha!

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  It wasn't really a recipe as much as it was a list of ingredients.  So, I've made a recipe card that you can add to your collection of The Cherry On Top recipes and I'm giving a full tutorial for the folks who may not know what temperature or how long to bake these goodies.  I guessed and thankfully, got it right.

A basic mixing bowl with the three ingredients of:  2 eggs (warm if possible), 3/4 flour and 1 cup of Nutella.  The actual image on Pinterest said 10 tablespoons.  I thought it was an unusual measurement.  So, I put it in a measuring cup to see just how much 10 tablespoons measured and it was 3/4 cup.  The only rational thing I could come up with why they chose to put 10 tablespoons was because perhaps it is easier to remember than 3/4 cup?

I also thought the mix looked really dry.  I added 2 tablespoons of milk and it was perfect.

My boys go crazy over doughnuts.  Any time I can use this handy doughnut pan, I do.  Thanks, mom!

I greased my pan with this fantastic Portuguese olive oil.  My friend sells it in his shop, here in Belgium.  It is absolutely fabulous and a good price, too.  Fino Porto is fabulous!

I put a drop of oil where the hole is supposed to be and use my silicone brush to smear it in.  No yucky chemical, fat garbage and no wasteful paper towel.

My pan was full and I had just a little bit left over so I turned those into cookies.  My cookie baking pan doesn't fit in my small oven.  In it's place I use a pizza pan and my silicone mat.  I also make it so the baked goods turn in my combination oven.  This guarantees even baking.

I wasn't sure about the temperature or the time so I checked to make sure they were done by inserting this skewer into the middle.

As you can see, it came out perfectly clean.  That means it's finished.

Only one little guy didn't want to come out when I turned the pan over, after 5 minutes or so of cooling.  No worries!

Use your ultra thin and slim spatula to go around your baking dishes so as not to scratch the surface.  It works like a charm!

To save on dishes, I used the same spatial to remove my cookies from the baking sheet. Hehehe...

These were all of the dishes there were!  That's pretty darn good.
(Note:  I also use a silicon mat in my huge sink.  I can't find a sink mat to fit.  They are all too, small.  It also works great when you fold it and allow the water from the tap to go through and clean out the sink.)

Here is the finished product!

Liam finds them both fantastic, but apparently, not fantastic enough to stop watching The Amazing World of Gumball.  Oh, well!

Here is your handy recipe card.  Right click and save the image.  I've got other recipe cards that you can collect, print and scrap up for a friend family or for yourself.  Find them here: 

Have a fun, easy and stressless time baking this recipe.  Seriously!

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