Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Big Photo Templates

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

It's my birthday today, but you are getting the presents!  I've got four more free templates for you.  This is the third series of free templates.  If you haven't got the others, you can find the first one here and the second series, here.

I love big photos!  That's what scrapping is about to me.  A little bit about the art and a lot about the pictures, despite my terrible camera skills.  Hehehe...  Here's a look at the next series of free templates as well as the layouts that inspired them.

Over the next couple of weeks or maybe days depending on participation, all four of these babies will be yours, for nut'n.  As scrappy divas post their layouts using these templates, the next template will become available.

Wow!  The last template was unlocked and a lot faster than I thought.  Scroll down for the last of the series, freebie.

If someone has already unlocked a template, you may still show off your layout.  Please, do!

 free download

Here are the layouts that have inspired these templates.

This first one is from Amanda Creation and the kit is Cache Me.  One of my favourite kits, for sure.  This image is linked up to my board especially for Amanda.  I've been with her since the beginning. So, you will find a lot of lovelies there.  Printables, too!

 Amanda Creation

This layout is from BooLand Designs and the collection is from The Digital Scrapbooking Studio, Misty Morning.  It's so gorgeous.  I've got another blog featuring this collection with more inspiration and a freebie, too!  Find it here.

This image is hooked up to The Cherry On Top's Studio board on Pinterest.  Follow along with us there for new releases, freebies and a lot of inspiration.


This one isn't exactly like the template.  The templates are loose interpretations for the most part.  However, the basis of the last free template is a great way to get started making a layout that will turn out like this one.  You could just make one fantastic corner cluster, enlarge it, then copy paste it, turning or changing it horizontally to fit properly in all four corners.  You could then go in-between the corners and place all kinds of goodies, too.

This kit is from Over The Fence Designs.  Find the kit here.  If you click on the  image, you'll get sent over to the Studio's gallery where you can find more of The Cherry On Top's layouts.

 tcot @ the studio

The key to getting a sweet look like this is largely balance.  Start of with some clusters spread out around your photo, evenly. Then fill it in with all of those sweet elements.  Shrink them down or blow them up.

This fabulous kit is, Better Together from Paty Greif Digital Designer.  Click on the image to see her fabulous shop at Digiscrappers Brasil.


Don't forget!  When someone posts a layout using the the template, the next template will be unlocked.  It's easiest if you post on our Facebook Page, but you may post here as well.  I hope you'll show us what you make with the templates.  Even if you think it's not good enough, trust me, it is. :)

The second templates has been unlocked!  Thanks to my gal, Vicky for unlocking this beauty.  If yo want the third template, make a layout with this one and post it here or over on our Facebook page.

This is Vicky's layout.  Great, isn't it!?

Look at this adorable layout a Cherry Fan designed using the second template and unlocking the third.  Her gorgeous fur baby!

Linda's Layout Love with template #3

Vicky's layout love with template #3

The goodies from The Cherry On Top are for personal use only.  Share the links to my blog, please and thank you!

All four template are still free and available by clicking on the first image of all four templates at the beginning of this blog.

Now, go get scrappy.  You deserve it!

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