Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More Scrapbooking Pages With Webster's Pages

 Welcome to Traditional Tuesdays with The Cherry On Top.

We are wrapping up this mini purse scrapbooking album using all Webster's Pages products.  Keep reading to see our newest page as well as some previous ones.

 mini pages

Above is a page from a previous blog.  Webster's papers are so beautiful, they make all of your projects just gorgeous.  I'm certainly not a top scrapper, but I think these pages are awesome.

This page was made in minutes!  I love when that happens.  I used the paper from the Warehouse Box sales, as is.  I just lined it up and cut on my page template and glued it down, BUT before gluing, I used an exacto knife and cut around the right, top corner of the frame and the top of the bird cage so that I could fit in a photo.  Doing it this way will allow for a larger photo, it helps bring the elements off of the page and adds more interest, overall.

After cutting around the elements on the paper, I wrapped up the wire stem from my tiny paper flowers to make this coil shape and used a large glue dot to adhere the flowers to my page.  Then I slid in my photo template and placed these very small pearl dots for a finishing touch.  

That's it!  I think this page looks just great and I did it in 5 steps.  Scrapbooking doesn't have to take hours to have a gorgeous page.  Especially, if you start off with fabulous products.

Here is my page from last week.

 Mini album

And these are some more finished pages.  Click on the image to see them up close.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.

Happy scrapping!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Free Scrapbooking Goodies From The Cherry on Top

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

I promised I'd be back with more from our Florida Page Starter kit.  Today, I've got printable word bits or as I like to call them, Wordies.  It's a part of our newest Florida Page Starter Set.  Keep scrolling to see what it's all about and grab the download.

Yesterday, we gave this free word art that coordinates with our Page Starter Kit and above is just one way that you can use it.  The shadows are only used in this preview so it will print out nicely, too and you can then use it traditionally if you like.

The Page Starter kit is just 1,99 and you get 7 papers, the word art title as well as 12 elements.  Again, print, cut and scrap or crop and scrap digitally.

 Florida Wordies Freebie

This is no longer free. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and so you don't miss any free stuff.

 Card Making Kit

If you are into hybrid, we've got quite a few things in our shop that might be of interest to you.  Like this Owl Always Be There card making or scrapbooking kit. Check out Kreative Design Studio, today!

Go back and download yesterday's word art freebie and get scrappy this weekend!  You may want to scroll through our blog and see all of the great free stuff you may have missed and then follow us here on FacebookPinterest and Instagram.

Happy crafting!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Scrapbooking Freebies, Florida Style

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm back with my Florida Page Starter kit.  In the kit you get a huge Florida title, great for a cover, 12 elements, shown below and 7 solid papers.  The kit is designed to be used digitally and or traditionally.  You could just print the png sheet out on sticker paper with the greatest of ease.

This is no longer free.  If ya don't want to miss the freebies, follow us here and our other social spots.

 Florida word art freebie

I designed this digital post card that would be nifty to send around to your friend's and family's mail boxes either digitally or traditionally.

 Florida Page Starter Kit

And here is an example of a layout you can easily and quickly scrap up thanks to the large word art included in the kit.

 Florida Page Starter Kit

I'll have these Florida Wordies for you, tomorrow in our hybrid edition.

 Florida Page Starter Kit

My next Wordies are all with the same rectangular shape for easier cutting.  

Here's a look at some of our templates in the shop, Kreative Design Studio.

 Moon and Stars templates

 Entitled Templates

 Heartful Templates

 You Rock Templates

 Revel In Ribbons Templates

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Scrapbooking With Webster's Pages, Mini Album

Welcome to Traditional Tuesday with The Cherry On Top.

Have you ever started something and didn't finish it?  I'm just terrible at finishing things off, but I'm awesome at starting a million new things!  Hehehe... I'm back with another page from my mini purse album that I started ages ago.  It was a vacation project.  Every time I went on vacation, I worked on this book.  I've only got a couple more pages to finish and it's done!  Of course, I still have to add photos.  I don't even know what I want to do with it.  I did want to make it for my aunt because I know she would appreciate all of the work put in to it.  I wanted to use photos of her family, but came up too short of those.  I still may use photos of me, my boys, hubs and maybe a couple of my mom and dad with the boys.  We'll see.

Keep reading to get some serious scrappy inspiration on a small scale because this mini is mega mini and it's not always easy coming up with layout ideas for such small pages.  I've also got a shot of some other pages, previously posted and a link to see much more.

 Mini Purse Album

Do you know about Webster's Pages warehouse boxes?  They are short from amazing!  They are packed full of gorgeous papers, ribbons, fabric, buttons, flowers, stickers...and all for a spot on price that ya just can't beat.  I've ordered two so far, years ago and I still have SO much stuff to work with.

Here's a look at my most recent page.  It was so cold in my attic crafty spot!  I'm glad this page went pretty fast.  Hehehe...  It isn't ideal to keep your scrappy stuff in a place with fluctuating temperatures. Just so ya know!

There is a completed page on the back of this card so I traced the template shape and finished the page before applying so as not to squish or mar the other side.

It's crucial that ya don't forget the holes at the top.  I found out the hard way, in the beginning of this project.  Hehehe...

I started with that green paper.  Then I just used a glue pen and made the shape I wanted for my twine.  I wish I would have stayed a little closer to those holes.  I did like the swirl at the ends.  It filled in the corners nicely.  I started with my twine at one end and very slowly and carefully, placed it to my glue line.  It went really well!

Above, you can see where and how I cute out the swimwear.  Easy embellishments!  I only used glue at the VERY TOP of each garment because the photo needs to slide under them.  Before the glue dried, I took my template photo shaped paper and slid up and under the laundry to make sure there was no glue where it didn't need to be. Fussy cutting scissors made this job very easy.

I needed more pizazz on my page so I added my favourite, BLING.  How much cuter are these flip flops with the tiny gem stone at the toe?  I used larger gem stones on my wash line, too.  This helps give the page a more cohesive feel.  Repeating colours and elements is great for that.

You can see right where my photo can slip in.  I used a small glue dot at the top of each flip flop so that can happen.  I applied this tiny strip of the cloth ribbon from the box for an added touch of fabric and I have these cute clothes pins, but they were just a touch too big for my page.  Darn!

 Webber's Pages mini purse album

There's a look at my other pages I've done.  Click on the image to get to the blog to see more detail.

I'm so closed to finishing, I just have to push on through.  So, you can expect to see another page next week.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry.

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

February's Free Calendar Is Ready

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

Yesterday, we showed off several new digital scrapbooking freebies.  Today, I've got your monthly calendar ready.  I'm early this time!  Hehehe...Keep on a' reading to see what you've missed this week.

Right click to download the calendar.

This calendar is sponsored by Throwing Some Scraps Around.  Jodi has an awesome membership deal.  Just $25 for A YEAR'S worth of beautiful digital scrap stuff! Her kits are really amazing.  Head over to her shop to see what kinds of things you are going to get!

 free January Calendar

This was last month's well, this month's calendar.  Hehehe...Click on the image to get to the blog so you can enjoy it for the next couple of days.


Now, let's see what ya missed!

 freebie from Aimee Harrison

This is a page designed with Aimee Harrison Designs FREEBIE.  Click on my page to find out how to get it!

 Sun Moon and Stars Digital Scrapbooking template

Here are a couple of layouts with my newest templates, Sun, Moon and Stars.  Above, Magalie used this template just perfectly!  Plug in photos or papers or both!

 sun moon and stars digital scrapbooking templates

My two, little angels. Hehehe...As if!  Love them to the moon and back, for sure!

This was my latest page for my Traditional Tuesday blog.  I've got several pages designed with Posh from Simple Stories that you'd might like to see.  Head on over there and see the other pages.  There's also a free template, too!

 free template

Here are the newest, free templates you can find on the blog.

free template

Well, alrighty!  You are all caught up.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry!  If you enjoyed it today, consider following us here, on Pinterest, Facebook and now Instagram.  (I'm an 80's lady, so it took awhile!  Hehehe...)

I hope you have a super scrap-a-licious weekend!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Amazing Scrapbooking Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry on Top's Freebie Friday.

As usual, we've got a blog packed full of fantastic free scrapbooking goodies.  Free templates, free Commercial Use, inspiration and well...keep reading and see!

The layout above is made with Aimee Harrison Design's newest Facebook Freebie.  Isn't it so bright and cheerful?  Just what I need on these cold, rainy, grey days.  Click on the preview to get to her page and grab this lovely freebie.

 Aimee Harrison FB Freebie

Speaking of Aimee Harrison, she has a gorgeous new collection out, Heroic.  the colours have such an impact, don't you think?  Here's what I scrapped up.  It's a photo of me and my hubby taken by my, at the time, 8 year old child.  Not bad, eh?


This is a peek at her collection.  It's on a super promotion at The Studio.  Click on the preview or my layout to get there.  Aimee's collections make scrapbooking fast, easy and beautiful.  I used a fabulous, new template from Lissy Kay!


Do you get freebies from MyMemories?  They give out weekly freebies and much more.  You don't have long to grab this one, but there are always others when this one comes down.

 limited time freebie

My gal Dana from Made by Keuntje has some free Commercial Use on her blog and if you scroll through, you'll find a lot more.  Click on the preview, below to get there.

 free cu

This image is linked up to Palvinka's blog where you can sign up for her newsletter and get lovely freebies like this one.

 newsletter freebie

Here are my newest templates.  Since the sun one is a touch simple, I'm just giving it along with the moon template.  That's right!  You get two templates for just .99 cents.  Check out what the ladies have been doing with them.

 Moon and Stars templates

Magalie shows off that you can use papers and or photos in the moon.

 Moon and Stars templates

Throwing Some Scraps Around did a bang up job using her kit, Look At Him.  To see more from her store, click here.

 moon and stars templates

Of Wishes, Hopes and Dreams collaboration from the Lilypad is what Dana used for this lovely layout.

 moon and stars template

Look how creative Magalie got with this template!  Templates can be great to get you started and you don't have to follow everything.  Put your own stamp on your layouts.  Fannette's instantly Captured Moments kit is pretty stunning.

Sun and Stars Template

Check out some of our other freebies on this blog.  The images are all linked up for you.

 free template

 Free frame cluster

If ya just love the free stuff then you have to follow us here, on Pinterest and on Facebook.  We share free stuff nearly every single day!

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Traditional Scrapbooking Challenge

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Traditional Tuesday.

Today's post presents a scrapbooking challenge for you.  I know there are a lot of scrappy sisters out there who are on the fence in deciding whether to give digital scrapbooking a try and I'd love to encourage that.

There are a lot of positives when it comes to digital scrapbooking.  I certainly am not trying to talk you out of traditional scrapbooking.  I love it, too.  Hybrid scrapbooking is a fun way to make a slow transition and The Cherry will even help you to do it free and with guidance.

Read further to learn about our challenge, grab a free hybrid template, see some inspiration, our finished, traditional lift and take a look at some new goodies in the shop.

I recently started selling digital scrapbooking templates.  Most of the templates can be used as quick pages as well.  Of course, you can always "lift" the idea and make it your own.  Above is one of my recent templates and I thought I'd show off to traditional scrappers that you can just as easily lift a digital layout as you can a traditional one.  First of all, I lifted this template from a traditional scrap.  Hehehe...

I started with these hearts that I cut out of "Posh" paper from Simple Stories.  I've got several other pages using this collection. Click here to see more.  As you can see, I bent the heart, softly in half to bring them off of the page.   I used a tiny glue dot, right in the middle of the heart to adhere it to my page.

Then I had to decide what paper I wanted to back the array on.  I thought I'd share the process, here.  I loved the printed, words paper.  It really resembled my digital page, but I felt it was just too busy.  With the black and white background, it felt like the hearts didn't pop enough. So, I went with the beige.

I used a thick double sided tape for the medium, pink hearts and an even thicker foam tape for the tiny, green hearts.  Notice the dimension it lends to my heart cloud?

Add a few, dots, bling, beads, buttons...to put in your mix.  You could spray, splatter or stamp before you get started, too.  I kind of wish I would have done that!  Especially, on this plain paper.

I couldn't get my printer to connect so I had to fudge my whole thing!  Hehehe...However, I have provided you with a template to use on my previous blog.  I'll put it here as well.  You can use the template as is or cut out each shape and trace it on to the paper of your choice.

Here are my templates.  All three are just 1,79!

 Heartful Templates from The Cherry On Top

I also just put these wordies in the shop.  Print them out or use them digitally.  Print on sticker paper or whatever paper you choose.  Sticker paper and paper with a slight gloss, gives the best results.  Don't forget to check your printer settings that they are on "best" quality, too.

Ya get all four sheets in png format for just .99 and the beauty is, you can print them out as much as you need.  Ya gotta love that.

 Everyday Wordies from The Cherry On Top

If you do take our challenge and use our template, I'd love to see what you do.  Head over to our Cherry group.  We'd love to see ya there!

Thanks of checking out The Cherry!