Thursday, May 29, 2014

Father's Day Inspiration

Welcome to The Cherry On Top!

Father's Day is on it's way and The Cherry On Top has got you covered!  Check out all of the ideas.

Click on this image of these darling, little ladies and one heck of an awesome idea.  You're linked up to a blog with several good ideas and FREE printable props, too.


I love this next idea.  No link, just a great idea.  Put all of your hubby's favourites in here.  Their favourite lolly, beer, soda, some lotto cards or maybe tickets to a baseball game.  Sweet!

Here's another great idea for a daddy who loves his nuts.  Hehehe...  Click on the image and download the FREE Printable.  Recycle a glass or clear plastic jar or bottle and your set.  Low cost, but we all know the way to a man's heart.  LOL!

 free printable here

Maybe a little something easy from the little one? Right click and save to downloads if you like.


My hubby would love this grill and snack ensemble.  Hmmm....Hehehe...No link, just an idea.

Here a nice, FREE, card printable for dad.  Maybe you will make a combination of these ideas for pop.  This image is linked up.

 free card printable

If you wanna do something scrappy/ hybrid/photo book them you may want to consider some of these kits that would be perfect for Father's Day projects +.

 Father's Day Kit

This one, above is on sale at the moment for $2.50 at Scrap Takeout.  Click on the image to take a closer look.  I made these layouts from the kit.  They could easily be turned into a card. Adjust it to the size you need, print it on some nice card stock and you're set.

My Dad from The Kit Cart is also an awesome kit to make something special for the best dad in your life.  It's hooked up to The Studio.

 The Studio

Grandpa's Workshop from Touched By A Butterfly is also super for the hero in the family.  It's on sale, too!

 TBAB shop

A-Manda Creation has a digital scrapbooking kit as well as simple printables for you!  It doesn't get much easier and the prices are fantastic.

This is the bundle of digital scraps products.  You can make cards, tags, photo books, etc with it...

 A-Manda's Store

Hit up this Etsy link and see the tons of stuff A-Manda Creation has for Father's Day.  Printable galore and great for any daddy.  Wow!

 A-Manda's Etsy shop


So, there's a start to your hunt for the greatest gift for the greatest dad!
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ginger's Scraps N' Pixels, Beach Trip


Looks who is get'n scrappy?!  Yeeeeee haaaaaw!  Hehehe...

As you may know, I grew up on the beach in Florida.  So, when kits like this come out, they just call me.  They speak to me and this kit is no exception!  This layout isn't normally my kind of style, but I loved everything and wanted to use it all.  Hehehe...  The imagery is absolutely fabulous and every element smells of the sea.  How fabulous?!

Just look at these papers?!  I want to wall paper with them!  LOL!  If these were in my traditional paper stash, they would never be used.  Hehehe...

When you get a kit with this kind of quality and thought, you don't need 100 elements to make an exquisite layout or hybrid project.  I didn't use a lot of elements on this second layout, but I love it.  I want to put this on canvas and hang it on my wall.  The texture is die for!

Take a closer look at all of the different parts to Beach Trip and fall in love.







We gotta thank sweet Ginger for allowing me to make you a fabulous, FREE, quick page with her goodies.  Just plant your pictures in this baby and you're set!  Easy as that! (Click, then right click and save the image download.)

 FREE Quick Page

Visit one of her shops by clicking on any of the product previews above or check out her Facebook Page and grab another FREEBIE she has over there with a different kit!

Thank you for hanging with the Cherries!  Make sure ya do it again!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week #10 TCOT's Weekly Menu Planner

Welcome to week #10 menu planner!

Plan your menu's weekly to save time hassle and money.  Eat real food instead of prepared meals, restaurant and fast foods.  Just keeping away from that stuff will help you tremendously, live a healthier life.  Food should really be a priority in your life.  We are what we eat in the most basic of meanings.

I've got you all set with links and recipes for easy, quick-ish meals made with real food that you can find in nearly any grocery store.

Monday:  We are doing a meat, starch, veg here with fresh cordon bleu from our local butcher.  I don't think it's all that quick and easy to make, so I'm setting you up with a delicious recipe that IS easy!  If you are not a good sauce maker no worries.  Simply simmer 2 packs of cream cheese or 1 cream cheese and one pot of sour cream in a pan, stirring continuously until melted.  Then pour it over your mix.  Done!  Do not melt it in the microwave.  I would also dare to add peas or some broccoli to this for the veggies.  Frozen would be fine, but at the least, lightly thawed.  I take my frozen veggie portions, put them in a big bowl then pour hot, hot water over them.  They will be ready to go by the time your sauce is made.

By the way, this is a kid approved meal!


Tuesday:  Sloppy Joes

MMMM.....a definite family favourite served over toast, in a bun or the neatest way, in a pita!  Click for the recipe and be amazed at how easy it is to make from scratch.


Wednesday:  meat, starch, veg

You choose.  Keep it a flex night.  Grab some rotisserie chicken on your way home from work or some hoagies.  Heat up the left overs from a previous recipe or pan/grill up some Italian style sausage or brat worst, bake some potatoes and serve with corn.  Them tater's might take you some time unless you nuke them.  Microwave food isn't nearly as tasty and the micro waves are not good for you, but it sure is fast!  Check out this recipe if you like.


Thursday:  stir fry

Man, I love me some stir fry.  It's a great way to clean out your fridge, too.  LOL!  Choose your favourite veggies and just about any meat.  I scoured and scoured my favourite recipe sites and couldn't find anything like my really easy and absolutely delicious recipe.  I'm gonna foo foo finagle, again.

Tip:  PREP EVERYTHING!  This goes really, really fast once you have all of your ingredients out.  So, ya gotta be ready.  My kids go crazy over that long, egg noodle pasta.  It's made in less than 5 minutes, too!

Sauce recipe:  1/4 soy sauce
                      2 TBSP honey
                      chill sauce
                      ginger either 1 tablespoon fresh grated or dried, 1/2 tsp  this also depends on how much you like.  Ginger is really good for you!

I've found that the kind of chill sauce you use is really important.  The best is a sweetish chill sauce that isn't too spicy. If you have something like this, then you can use 1/4 cup.  If you are going to use something like Sriacha, then only use a 1/2 tsp unless you like the fire!

Tip:  If ya wanna save a whole lot of time, buy your meat already sliced and grab that fresh wok mix they have in the fresh fruit and veg section of the grocery store.  Super easy!

This link has 15 different recipes!  Just watch all the sugar they require.  Ugh and yuck!


Fun Food Friday: taquitos

I'm not super keen on the cooking method.  Coconut and olive oil are always your healthiest choices to try.  I might try parchment paper and the oven, grilling and turning for a couple of minutes at the end.  You could use hamburger, chicken, ham...all different kinds of meat in these.


Saturday:  smoked salmon sandwiches

This is a totally awesome sandwich.  I'm not a super fan of smoked salmon, but this sandwich is amazing.  I also would not use the Feta cheese they suggest in the recipe.  We use herb and garlic cream cheese.

If this isn't your thing, make a tuna sandwich instead.


Sunday:  Fish, starch, veg

We try to eat fish at least twice a week. Make it with rice, rice or egg noodles, couscous, quinoa...I'll be making quinoa, again and I love fish with broccoli.  It's also one of the few vegetables both my boys can agree on.  Hehehe...Don't forget, putting the rice, fish and veg all in a steamer is a really easy and fast option as well.

Here is a fantastic recipe that you can use on just about any fish.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Boutique Cute Doll and Free Stuff

Hey there, Cherries!!!

I love teaming up with Boutique Cute Doll!  Today's blog is full of everything you and I want in a blog, FREE stuff and inspiration.  Yay!!

Take a look at the gorgeousness of this kit.  Great, eh?!  Know what makes it even better?  Yip!  That's right!  FREE!!!  LOL!

Click on the image to get the newest BCD blog I put together.  Grab this lovely baby because you're gonna need it for the amazing challenge I have planned in a couple of days and you're gonna wanna grab the other FREEBIE over there that is super, duper great, too.

 BCD Blog

Here's the FREE word art I made available on the BCD blog.

This is the free cluster I designed for my fantastic fans!


I'm a bit of a mitchy matchy.  So, I pulled out the like colours from the free kit for this layout and stuck in a picture of three wonderful ladies.  Don't be afraid to go big on those gorgeous embellishments, either!  Blow up that word art or slim it down.  There are so many options!

As for that challenge.  I'll give ya a hint.  BCD fans will be the ones making the FREE stuff and that means YOU!

If you're here for the FREEBIES, then you better take a look at my previous postings.  TCOT is FULL of FREEBIES!!!

What better reason to come back again?!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

3 Freebies, Please?!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top,

I've got more FREE goodies for you!

MyMemories has so much stuff for us.  Freebies, tutorials, printing services, excellent customer service and SOFTWARE!

Check out my two most recent layouts made with Touched by A Butterfly's kit, "April Showers".

 mm store

 mm store

I whipped these up, in a flash with the MyMemories Suite 5 software.  Here at TCOT, I'm all about honesty and fabulous deals.  This is how I can promote for MyMemories.  They have a unique and amazing service as well as tons of FREE stuff and totally affordable, easy to use software for scrapping your memories.

Check out this coupon and use this code: STMMMS18837 to get $10 off the already low price.  Click on the coupon below to try a trial version or buy the software and get scrap'n!


Here are three more reasons to get on board at MyMemories.  FREEBIES!  They are only available for a week.  So get them while they are live!  They will go right into your MM stash which makes scrapping organised and easy.

Click on each preview for the link to download.  You'll be glad you did!




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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Throwing Some Freebies Around

Hehehe....Throwing Some Freebies Around!

A super, happy day to you!

I've got Throwing Some Scraps Around back in the spotlight.  There's a new kit out, "Owl Love You Always" and of course, we rustled up some fantastic freebies that will go great with the kit!

Let's take a look!


Owls are so popular in the scrappy world and that's because everyone loves them.  They are so cute!

Here is a closer look at the papers available.


Check out the sweet mix of textures in the solid papers.


I am totally dig'n this classic,matching alpha, too!


In good 'ole TSSA fashion, she's got the busy folks all set up with these four beautiful quick pages.  Just put your pictures in and your scrapped!


I recently posted this sketch I got from Pinterest, on my Cherry On Top, Facebook Page.  It is what I used to make one of my layouts for this kit.  Why not give it a try yourself?

I've got another free quick page for you and so does Jodi.  I turned my layout into a quick page because I just loved it and wanted to share with you.  Click on the image to download.

 Direct Download

You could have one nice book with these FREEBIES and the quick pages from the Etsy shop and all for a couple of measly bucks!  The prices in the shop are insanely cheap.  Grab the kit, the quick pages and these freebies and show us what you do!


You can find Jodi's FREEBIE on the TSSA FB Page.  Click the image to get there.

If FREEBIES are your thing, than head straight to the TCOT FB Page.  I've got four freebies in the tabs and I post FREE stuff everyday!

Thanks for hanging out at The Cherry!  You come back na, ya hear?! ;)