Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joyce Paul Designs and TCOT

Welcome to The Cherry On Top and the second to last edition of my iNSD celebration!

I won't miss blogging everyday, that's for sure and I do have a great line up of future blogs that you'll want to come back and check out.

Did your mouth just drop a little when ya saw this image?  Kind'a takes your breath away, doesn't it?  So rich, luxurious, a classic yet hints of modern elements with that lovely turquoise and touch of bling.  Sweet!
I bumped into Joyce on a Facebook Page and immediately loved her design.

Let's check out this kit, how I used it in my layout and grab those goodies you came here for!


A nice mix of sticker elements and traditional elements for those of us who like to mix up or for those of us who don't.  There is something for everyone who likes all kinds of styles of digital scrapbooking.  How does she even do that?!

See those elements that to me, look like stamps?  They were labeled brushes.  Well, I haven't exactly Aced my brushes exam in Photoshop.   So, I used them as stamps and even changed the colours on my layout.  What a cool option!

The kit is on sale 40% off!!!  I'm sure it won't stay that cheap!  Ya better click on either image and grab it before it's too late!


I'm loving the texture of these papers and I know that in a year or two or even more, that these will still be beautiful.  That is very important for my scrap stash!

On my Facebook Page, I gave my fans a chance to choose their FREEBIE.  It was a tough race, I'll tell ya that, but "B" got a few more votes.  Since it was so close and my fans were totally awesome in the number of responses, I decided to give them both!


Here's my layout.  I wanted to give a bit more of a classic feel with a touch of romance and nature.

This frame cluster was the winner!  Thanks for all of you who responded and to those of you coming to The Cherry for a visit.

Click on this image below, to head to The Cherry on Facebook where both of these pretty frame clusters are waiting for you.


Joyce Paul Designs also has two FREEBIES on her Facebook Page.  Grab them while you're at it!

Enjoy your FREEBIES and I'll see ya tomorrow.  Same time.  Same place, for another FREEBIE.

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